October 31, 2009

Commento problemo.


Halloween night was a blast! It went out almost perfectly! The only flaw was there were too many houses to 'trick or treat' from and some of the little kids got tired. So yeah.. Oh well, i learn form experience. Thank you so so much to the people who helped out :) you know who you are. I will blog about Halloween Night soon, but not now.

Cause i have a major problem-o now. People can't comment my blog!! Oh, the horror. Lol!
So no wonder nobody comment my post below larh..:) Cheh. Make me worried only. I need help. At first, i thought its cause of my new blog layout, so i changed it back to the lame-o layout one. As you can see now.. T.T

Then, i tried to test and post myself a comment. And guess what??? Still the same.
I cannot post any comment. So now i'm stuck. Grr.. If got any ideas how to help me, post me a comment in Facebook. I'd really appreciate it!

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So yeah, BYE!

Trick or Treat! What we did tonight :)

October 29, 2009


Halloween day is tomorrow...

And i'm scared.

BUT! not because of ghost and spirits and stuff like that. Its cause 2 days ago, Natra, Simran, Kashveen and I were talking about how nice it would be to have a Halloween 'trick or treat' in Puteri8. Suddenly, to make the long story short. It worked. And now we're having a Halloween 'trick or treat' and a Halloween party this Halloween! YAY!


We're the organisers.
Yeah.. so now. We're scrambling to pull everything together in time (since its so last min). I'm hoping the whole Halloween thing tomorrow will work out smoothly.. Did you know? last night, Natra, Jeet, Simran, Kashveen, Stefan, Oscar, William, Ryan, Michael and I distributed flyers to the whole of Puteri8 which is frickin' alotta houses! Zomg. Thank you SO much to everyone who helped out especialy Stefan and Jeet cause they did most of the houses and they're having exam right now, as i speak type.THANKS!

I'm going over later to Simran's for a meeting.

OH! but i'm also wondering now, what should i go as? for the 'trick or treat'. Help people??
 Here are some pictures i likeyy-

A strange dark pixie-ish creature?

Hawaiaan girl? (which i've done before)

This? i don't know what she is. Hahaha

Ohh~ Sexay Devil?

OR! sexay angel?

the typical witch?

Funky graveyard chic..?

Argh!! So many choices but so little time.. This are the moments i wish i could just freeze time. But oh well, i still can't wait for tomorrow. Crossing my fingers and hoping it'll turn out great, even with such late notice.

PS- Thank you for reading my blog everyone! Thanks Amelia, Stefan and Natalia for enjoying my blog. That makes me so much happier to blog now. Keep on reading! oh, and people reading my blog now, comment lorh :) I feel so lonely here without your feedback. So yeah, hit me one kay.


October 27, 2009

Haircut! and a list.

Hello folks!

I know, i know, so much for "I'M OBSESSED WITH BLOGGING" right? Its my fault. I don't know why, but this obsession for blogging stared quick and ended quick. But hey, that is so predictable of me. Hohoh. So, upon Jasmine's request i shall start blogging.. now.

Alright, what to talk about ahh.. OH! I cut my hair 2 days ago. Cause it was getting too hot! In the temperature way.. not the "hot hot" way. Hahah. Its heavily layered now. So it makes it impossible to tie it kemas-kemas for school. Nyehh.. school's ending anyway. And!! I have the choice to skip school anytime i want. Awesome.

My new hair! ( can't see it much in this photo)

Okay. I'm bored. Can you tell? Hmm... i know! i know! Lets.. make a LIST! :DD

20 ways to annoy people:
-by Natasha Amalina

  1. Say whatever alot. Whatever.
  2. Sniff incessantly.
  3. Tap the top of your pen constantly and loudly in a quiet place.
  4. Always repeat what other people say.. as a question. As a question?
  5. Name your pet cat, "Cat"
  6. Staple papers in a middle of a page. Zomg.
  7. Pay expensive stuff in cents.
  9. OnLy TyPe LiKe ThIS..
  10. Wear alot of perfume/cologne
  11. Invite lots and lots of people to other people's parties.
  12. Bite on pens and pencils that you borrow from others.
  13. Stand over someones' shoulder, mumbling, as they read.
  14. Demand that everyone calls you by your full name. Eg; Natasha Amalina Bt Shamsul Bahar.
  15. Set your alarm every 5 minutes when you're with your friends.
  16. Begin all your sentences with "Did you know?"
  17. Run everywhere instead of walking.
  18. Lick out all the cream in an Oreo and put the cookies back together.
  19. Ask people what gender they are.
  20. Creating a list of "How To Annoy People"
I'm DONE! I'm not bored anymore! Heh, who knew its so easy and fun to annoy others. But on a more serious note, you can always use this list to avoid people to want to avoid. Psst, it really works! Trust me.


October 19, 2009

Fruits or worms?


I mean, its really fun! Especially if you have a tree just brimming with fruits. If not, then it just sucks.Thankfully, i  have a tree brimming with fruits and maybe worms. Harhar. One random day, my parents decided to make me climb up the the garden shed roof to pluck my jambu air fruit tree. The reason? Cause I'm the lightest. HAH! At 46kg, i hardly think i'm the lightest in the family. But, oh well.. if you insist.

Well anyway, first i was hesitant cause c'mon lah, the garden roof is made up of.. err.. i don't know.. bendy material?? It goes 'creaaakkk' even when i put just one foot on it. So i played safe and stayed on my ladder.

 See what i mean here folks?

Then, my mom said go higher! That's where all the good, red and ripe ones are! So, with adrenaline pumping and my moms voice yelling encouraging me in the background. I stepped up. Both legs ON the roof.

Danny, it didn't help that you were wobbling the ladder the whole time.

Luckily, the roof didn't look so fragile as it sounds. And it supported my weight. (Phew, maybe i'm not so heavy after all. Hohoh) So, with alot of effort, i streched as far as my short legs would allow and reached for those frickin' extremly high friuts. Damn you trees that grow tall!!

Risky buisness people. Don't try this at home.. unless, you're as crazy as me xP

HEY! No need to make fun of my butt while i so painstakingly pluck fruits up there. Oh, feel free to admire my sexaay butt. Go ahead, you know you want to. Buahahaha!

My mom's busy directing me to the best fruits and.. Danny is shaking up my world. Literally. He's rocking the ladder! Wth!

At long last, after my legs felt like they could no longer support me and my arms felt so sore. Fruit plucking session ended. And we had a baskets full of jambu airs! Oh yeah!

Just a 'lil of what we plucked that day. My mom all smiles and grins. I'm so awesome, i know.

Oh sweet fruits. You were worth the risk~

Thankfully, this batch of fruits had no worms. Buuuuttt, i know during my party some of the guest plucked the fruits and had worms in their fruits! HAHAH! Hello Natra! Hi Allen! Enjoyed the worm-flavoured fruit? xD

Aiyo, sorrly lorh. But you must admit, funny right? I had fun watching Natra spit out her fruit in horror when she realized there were worms in 'em. I didn't get to watch Allen eat his worm fruit but i heard from my dad he thought it was he's saliva and continued chewing it all the way. Dude, you have nothing but my respect. Hah! I bet you people all wish i will eat worm-flavoured fruit too, right? Well, fortunetly or maybe unfornutely, I still hadn't got the plesure of eating worms... YET.

But yeah, if i ever do, I'll blog about it. Promise.

Till next time, BYE!

The morning after.

I'm awake.

I'm awake with this strange korean-ish conversation/song blarring in my room. Scary. Clumsily, i look around for the source of that painfully loud noise. But the room is still too dark to see a thing. So, i shouted, WHATS THAT NOISE. Looking up to the bed, i saw Samantha looking around sleepily too. WeeLiHwei and Emily looks like they're deep in sleep. Lucky people. And then, it hit me! Of course, korean? I turn to my right and saw Sofea deep in sleep with her LOUD alarm tone ringing right beside her ear! Typical Sofea. I  laughed loudly and said Sofea!

She woke up. In hurried panic movements, offed the alarm. After that, we continued the slumber..


Peace over breakfast :) Bring on the burgers!

Whoah. Seriously, whoah. My garden and front part of the house is covered with fluffy white pop pop crackers and black stuff that was inside the pop pops. Cool. Thank you random pop pop war that broke out last night! It was fun! Really. I got popped. ON MY FACE! But yeah, it didn't hurt at all. :) Hohoh. But did i mention? *whispers* I was the one who foolishly distributed the pop pops to everyone in glee.

Oh! After reading my buddy's blog, DeeFaery. I realized you people were talking about sex in my room!! I mean, i knew that before but i didn't know it lasted all night long! What the heck! Teenagers. Can't live with them, can't live without them. Right Dee? :) and i'm glad you enjoyed the party Dee.. but where the hell are you going next year?? What do you mean your last year in Puchong?? Details?? I'm in shock woman!

Anyway, after the people who sleepover finish eating breaky. We borrowed Jeet's ps2 since Stef's is broken. Lol. And played.. SILENT HILL

Yeah, we finally made it to the next level. But not without screaming our lungs off after every ghost appearance. Dude, i got major sakit tekak after that.

Me. Deep in the game.. damn scary wieh.

I was probably shouting WATCH OUT!! that time.

Emily's saying over there!! and i'm so into the game. Wee feeling pressured and Danny's getting gradually more scared. Sofea's just screaming alot like me. Haahahah

Buahahahaha!! Notice Danny hiding nervously behind Wee's sexy back?

HARHAR. Man, i love that game! Alright, thats it for now.. BYE!

October 18, 2009

Opening houses to people


I just had the most tiring and awesomest day ever! 17th October 2009.
3 open houses in a row. It all started with Miss Kaveena's Deepavali Open house. Oh Kaveena, I  love the mutton! ;) I swear i cried when i ate it because it was too delicious! Not because it passed my spicy- limit. Really! Buahahahahah. Ps- pics are in Facebook. And.. you know what?  I saw my dream camera there at Kav's open house.. *swoons

I could have cried tears of envy and awe when i saw the camera. Seriously.

Is there any kind hearted soul out there who is willing to buy me that for my birthday? Please? Please? I promise whoever who buys me that shall forever have my.. gratitude and love. Its 22nd of August. Heh :) Anyway, after Kav's open house, i rushed back home to change before going to Aina's Open House. You know what? After wearing a baju kebaya, i got a sudden urge to put on my shades. So i did! And i made my more-then-willing-to-follow-my-orders brother to join me!

Behold- Coolest people you know you want to be! xP

Aiyoh, i know lah. You can't keep your eyes off the girl on the right, right? LOL!

Yoyoyo! I am a poyo!

Whoah, check out the weird angle on mah feet o.O

 OMG. We're hot, you're not xD

Hahaha! So after much planning and choreographing, my brother and I decided to enter Aina's house with the shades on. Walk towards the house in 5 steps, take off our shades coolly and slowly and say "Hari Raya.. Selamat Hari Raya". Y'know? Like the James Bond sorta thing? Its Bond.. James Bond. Cool right? Ok, maybe not.. but still..! Lmao.

Well, that was what we planned. But HERE'S what really happened. My DAD dropped us off way beyond 5 steps towards Aina's. Thats the first mistake. So we had to do the "cool" 27 steps to Aina's house (Yes, i counted). And then, when we reached there.. where the heck was Aina?! xD Lol my brother and I were busy looking round and round for Aina when she suddenly caught us off guard from the side saying "Hi guys!" Startled, my brother quickly said "Hari Raya, Selamat Hari Raya" while i clumsily shouted Selamat hari raya!! Harharhar. So much for the grand entrance folks.

But oh well, i had fun there! We mostly hanged out by the pool. Timmy and Ryan took my brother's and my shades and wore them. What to do? My style is so infectious right? And then later on, after a series of events happened (which included Jeet and my brother getting pushed in the pool, Jeet's phone in his pocket when he fell in the pool, my brother's socks drowned smack in the middle of the pool) we walked home.

Yeah, you heared me right. We walk home form Aina's to mine in the frickin hot sun! Like, some rombongan. Me, Natra, My brother, Jeet, Michael, Stefan, Nicholas, Timmy, Tun Meng and others. Hah! Almost everyone stared at us walking by. Cause really, like damn weird right? 2 girls wearing tradional clothes, 2 guys wearing soaking wet traditional clothes and a bunch of guys in erm.. clothes walking in one big group. It was weird.

Anyways, after that, some of the guys ended up my place while I prepared for my own raya open house later on that night. Here are them' piczas!!

Cheryl so cute lerh!! ;) and timmy... looks blur.

How sad. I tried to scare them after the photo but no one got scared :(

Why the happy faces?xP

This people can really chit chat better than girls! xD and they made me take them drinks.. T.T

The picture says it all!

I never thought i'd live to see the day WeeLiHwei wears a skirt. But omg!! She wore one!!! at my open house!!! omigod. omigod. omigod.

Damn you tall human who suddenly wears a skirt! xP

Danny wow-ing the crowd. Typical!

People!! Don't you know my cat Able shits all over the garden!

This guy can really play the hell out of the piano. Respect!

Needless to say, i trashed them! Hohohoh.

Humans attempting to be Malaysia's next top model

No party is complete without some dramarama

Wookay folks, the party lasted till 1am and my friends sleptover. Thank you for coming and hope you all enjoyed it! 

Ps- hope Natra finds her phone back


October 15, 2009

The Visit

Lately, it seems like the latest craze of specs is to have BIG THICK LARGE frames. C'mon! Don't tell me i'm the ONLY one who finds that weird? Not too long ago it was all about contacts and not having to wear specs. Right? Right? But oh well, i guess  now people are embracing the fact that their eye sight are spoiled (like mine xP) and want to make it obvious they're wearing specs. Awesome. You people have my respect! Seriously :)

LOL! kay lah, actually, i'm waiting for Emily to pick me up go WeeLiHwei's house now. So, bye!

-Many many hours later-

Hey folks! I'm back from Wee's house now!  

Omg. Omg. Omg.
Who knew picking rambutans on a hot roof could be so fun? But heck, it was so fun! And  the bonus is.. I got to take back the rambutans i picked (which was frickin alot). Heh, thanks Wee Li Hwei!! I love your house roof and your new room, and especially the rambutan tree. You know, this makes me wonder,how life in a kampung would have been..
I bet it would have been fun y'know.

Anyway, i would really really love to blog more about it the visit.. but... I'm busy preparing for tomorrow's Raya Open House. Its an open invitation so come okay?:)


 Remember to invite me to all your open houses okayyy :)

October 14, 2009

Inventions that gets attention

Good morning folks!

OMG. Morning? I'm blogging in the frickin' morning? This totally proves my point. I've gone to the point of no-return. I'm hooked on BLOGGING.
Well, whatever. I mean, lots of people are hooked on blogging too, right? Yeah, whatever. No big deal. Whatever. Lol.
Do you know why I keep saying whatever? Its cause, a recent survey shown that the most annoying word of all time is, non other then, whatever.
So, yeah. Whatever. Hahahah, am i annoying you? saying whatever so many times :P HAHAH sorry lorh!

Kay lah, what i wanna blog about today is how little things amuses the human brain so easily. I mean, with one teeny weeny invention. We can be entertained with it for AGES. You want the proof? I'll show you the proof! 

Behold- the invention Lim, Wee, Emily and I made for our school play few months back :

It was such a big hit in class! Masuk with that pumpkin only, people already start to cheer. Thank you thank you. They also probably just cheering at my hotnesss lah. ROFLMAO!

PS: That's my hot mom behind me. Can somebody please tell her i'm taller than her?? Cause she keeps saying she's still taller than me wor! Grr.. :) Hahah! I know, my dad will read my blog soon and show this to my mom. So.. HI MA! HI PA! xP

Anyway, here's more proof human brains are so easily amused:

Believe me now? Its weird right? With such a weird invention like a pumpkin vehicle. We are so entertained with it. Entertained enough to take pictures with it like it were our first child. Hahah!

But now now people, there so many other inventions that are whacky, weird, wonderful, wise, winning, we-
Ok. I've runned out of things to say that starts with "w" :p
But my point is, there are so many other amusing things people invented!
check 'em out:

Glue your butter on the bread
I love that! (especially, since i love bread. Sad its Fat)

A belt that tells your waist size too!
Hrm, ok lorh, but i wouldn't wanna buy it after have to check my waist size everytime. Malunyer :)

Waseh! Now putting on your eye drops would be way easier.
I likey this invention ;)

LOL! A fan attached to your chop sticks to cool down your hot food while eating.
Smart, but still.. i have my doubts on this one. Not heavy meh while eating?

This is one is my favourite!!
Now, i can easily surf the internet while doing my err..
number two ;)

So, that concludes the end of my observations on weird, funny inventions. Lim, i really think you should go for invention number 4 cause when you eat that time, the food still hot right? It'll help cool down the food since you eat so FAST! xP