September 12, 2010

I want to be a billionaire this raya

Ahhh... its that time of the year again!

Ever since I was a little girl and counting those green packets up till now, the mere mention of that day never fails to send ripples of happiness down my spine. Those yummy ketupats, the mouth-watering rendang, the juicy and tender chicken curry.. gawd, can somebody please shout paradise already?! Not only that, don't even get me started on the money involved or the mercuns. .....too late! I already feel like talking about it xD The mercuns are so awesome! The louder it is the better. The money involved is awesome-er! The more, the better  (sadly the older you get, the less money you get. Boo!)

Anyway, I am very fortunate. Though I look like a chinese, and speak bm like one I'm still fortunate enough to celebrate Hari Raya! Not only that, I also get to celebrate Chinese New Year. This is because once upon time, my Chinese mother met my Malay father and they fell in love and la la la, you know how the story goes. To quote Hannah Montana.. "You've got the best of both worlds!". I love both my heritage so much, and I enjoy both celebrations equally and sincerely!! Anyway, here's how my Hari Raya usually go..

DAY 1 (The Day Before Raya)

I'll usually start by decorating my house. So yes, if you ever drop by my house during raya month and find yourself thinking "what luuurrvely and beaaaautiful raya decorations this house has!" Just know, its all done and designed by yours truly. ME :) hahahaha. P/s My raya deco's has alot of raya cards invovled. So please send me more raya cards will you?? I hang all your cards for all the visitors to see! That's how much I  love the cards you send!! <3 hehehehehehe.

After that, my whole family will pack and... balik kampung! My very very very very very farrr away kampung. You know where??? .............Klang. Eheheheh. I know, I know, technically its not a 'kampung' at all! It still in the city :-) But oh well! It still feels nice singing 'balik kampung~ oooooohhhh~ balik kampung~' in the car on the way there. It creates a very nice raya-ish atmosphere.

Once we arrive, the guys will leave for prayers and all. When they return, (around 11 something) that's when the real fun begins. Bring out 'them mercuns!

Ok ok I know, this year the mercuns we had we're kinda tame. But that's cause all the grown-ups forgot to buy the cool, loud, blasting mercuns this year! D: HOW COULD THEY?! hahahah we had a pop-pop war though, and that was furrnnn.. I learn a new lesson : Its possible to pop a pop-pop at your butt. Plus, it doesn't hurt, at all! Thank you butt fats :) Ahem, to all those people who always tease me about the size of my huge ass, I can only say one thing... Look who's laughing now?! Buahahahahahaa!! MEE :)

Well anyway, after playing with the mercuns, there's always that one thing we all hate doing. Cleaning up. Luckily, we girls, always force the guys to do it. Thank you very much, you guys are such gentlemens! >:)

So sweet xD Ni mesti nak duit raya wan.

After that, us cousins will all go back to the house to kick back and relax. We'll just chat and catch up on stuff- well, at least this applies to us older cousins. The younger ones... err... not so.

There was alot-ta more photos, but I either deleted them or didn't post it. You know why?? Looking back at the photos gives me such horrible memories! WHY? Cause those pesky little kids somehow managed to make ME their personal photographer. Yes, this includes taking countless photos when you don't feel like it, being hit if you don't, and them shouting in your ear for more photos! ARGH. Kids =.=' can't live with them, can't live without them.

Anyway, we'll spend all night just cracking jokes, talking, laughing and just plain ol' having fun! I tell ya, this is the real meaning of raya, having fun with your loved ones. Without it, raya would be meaningless. This year, instead of sleeping over at my grandmother's house, my brothers and I slept over at my cousin's place. Hmm.. doesn't mean there's any sleeping involved in sleeping over though. xP We slept the next day (as usual).

 Goodnight little Danny <3

Day 2 (Raya Day!)

Waking up on Raya morning! Ah, a very bitter-sweet feeling if  I may say so myself . Picture this, you wake up with your cousins leg on your face or maybe their hand shoved up your back or better yet! A strange sensation like you've been kicked the night before... hmm... but anyway! The worst isn't over yet, there's always that unspoken competition to use the bathroom first. I mean, seriously, who wants to use the bathroom  last after your 10+ cousins used it. I don't even wanna think of what they were doing there before me. Blehhhh. *Note- This is all how my Raya's usually go, but this year, its kinda different cause I slept over at my cousins which is more pleasant since there was less competition to the bathroom this year :) yay!

After the great "Bathroom competition" the ladies will all wear our brand new baju kurung/kebaya's. Its nice to show off your new outfit to everyone. Especially for a perasano like me xD Every year, my family choose our baju raya by colour themes. This year, its beige. My gosh, here's a piece of advice. Never ever ever choose beige for your raya theme. And I speak from experience! It took us agesss to get the whole family beige-ish colour. FOREVER!! My legs were aching from all that walking about in shopping malls/streets trying to find that perfect outfit. :(

But yeah, I think we did a pretty good job in finding the colour! :)

After showing off dressing up, we'll all go downstairs and start eating glorious raya food. Again, another bitter-sweet feeling. Lets just say, all my hard earn month of fasting went *poof* on that ONE day itself. I just couldn't stop eating, yo! Its like I lost all self-control that I ever had. Hahahah but the delish-ness of the food made everything almost worthwhile :) almost. 

We love food!! Sighs.

After that, everyone in the family will line up. From the oldest adult to the youngest kid, to salam each other. This is the time, where we all ask for forgiveness from each other for all our wrong-doings of the year. Its a time where you have to be sincere and really mean it. At this time, bonds between family grow stronger and the raya spirit is at its best :) and plus, us kids will get those green packets each time we salam an adult! TEEHEE! I never want to grow up, never!!! Buhahahahahaha >:)


Boys will be boys, disturbing other boys!

I didn't take this photo. My gosh, LEAVE HIM ALONE!!! xD

My dad and aunt camwhoring. Hm, weird O.O

Guess who's the one REALLY sleeping here?


My super duper ultra cute neighbour!! Gerammm!

Wanna know where I get my hyper-ness from? Them. :)

Raya is all about Love....

.............and MONEY! :D

With that, I'd like to end my post. "SELAMAT HARI RAYA" I bid to all my muslim friends! May we all get kaya this raya!! (it ryhmes, i'm so awesome xD) And, by the way, feel free to drop by house any time this raya month. I want to promote the ziarah-menziarahi spirit. Plus, I have all this raya goodies leftover and I could really really use your help finishing them! Cause.. if its not finished by you guys, I'll probably end up eating them all! D: NOoOoOoo. 

Hahahaha now really, bye.

September 7, 2010

That thing we all love!

There this thing, that women of all walks of life adore. They have done it at least once or twice in their life. Heck, some even do it every frickin' day! Some spend hours doing it. While others are satisfied after a few short minutes. The main and mutual thing is, all women enjoy doing it. It gives them great... erm...... satisfaction.

Teehee! Dying of curiosity yet? Wanna know what I'm talking about? Wanna wanna wanna? Now before you get all worked up and start thinking dirtily, I assure you, its not dirty at all. Hah! Guys, don't be disappointed. Its so innocent, and actually, guys get kinda annoyed when women do it to often. -.-

I'm talking about... jeng jeng jeng..

starting countdown from 150!







Just kidding! :D Counting down all the way from 150?! Sheesh, do you think I'm mad!? Actually, i'm talking about...


Yes, women's greatest weaknest in life. I mean, seriously! Give me a camera (which my parents did) and I can be entertained for like, 4+ hours?! Gawwddd, I'm so lame :"( But anyway, I'm not here to talk about my lame-ness. No! In fact, I'm here to embrace this whole camwhoring buisness :) 

Seriously, guys may not know this, but camwhoring is a skill. Period. Those ladies who agree with me, please shout "CAMELAAAA!" xD Hahahaha, let me be your personal guru for the day and teach you  ways to camwhore. Excited? =) You better be.. orimkickingyourbumbum!

Rule 1#
Its all about the angles people. A friend of mine introduced me to this funny video in YouTube on 'A guide on how to take a better picture'. Its so funny! click this ---> I'm funny, click me :) Watch and learn people,  watch and learn. Plus, here's an example ;

Presenting my cat as the model~! Say harlo to Abel =D

From a distant and straightforward angle, she looks like any other normal cat, right?

From a near and macro angle, she looks like a.. well.. like retarded doll! O.O

Rule 2#
Find yourself a special trademark move that somehow fits your style. Want to see mine? Welllll if you insist xD

Do you see that? Why do I keep placing one hand over my head every time?? Its cause.. errrr.. come to think of it, I have no idea why. HAHAHAR. Habit, probably. But I think its cause it makes my hair look puffy (which I likey very much) and it also makes me look like a model. ^____^  But you agree with me right? RIGHT?? DON'T I LOOK LIKE A MODEL?! xD

Rule 3#
Try taking a picture when you're going out for an event. That way, you'll probably be wearing your fancy shmancy clothes. Thus, making you look instantly better! Presenting my next model, my brother~!

Now he? Well err.... despite wearing his fancy shmancy clothes, he still don't look good. WHY? Cause he's my brother! Eheheh =D but on you other people out there, rest assured you'll all look fantastic with nice clothes on.

Rule 4#
Always keep your eyes open for a wonderful kodak moment. Truth is, beautiful things are happening around us all the time. Its just that, we're not looking.. hard enough. Well, either that or we don't have a camera with us that time =/ Heheh anyway, here's a shot I took the other day while I was out shopping with my family on a street that was very busy, big, bombastic, buzzing, bombarding, bo- 
and okay never mind. You get the picture, right? xD A very busy & crowded street!

Is it nice? Man, I really love that photo. Looks so magazine-worthy.. :) But guys, don't be fooled by the picture! In truth, it was really hot and crowded when I took the picture. Amidst all the havoc and chaos, I realized my brother and younger sister looked very sweet together. So I seized the oppurtunity and snapped them. Who knew it'd turn out so nicely? =)

Thus, this comes to an end of my class. Hope you had fun and find some of my tips useful! And sorry if there's any errors xD I was typing this post around 2am last night, plus my brother was disturbing me to get off the computer. Happy snap snapitty snap snapping!

source(s) :
YouTube, Friend's opinion and personal experiance..? Thank you for reading!