October 14, 2009

Am I? Yes? No? I am!

Yes. Its official. I FINALLY truly understand what my dearest compatible friend Lim was talking about.
Read this.



oh and yes, thank you for getting me addicted to blogging. Thank you! In case you didn't know. I was being sacarstic. Hohoh. Not really. Am i? What am i talking about? haahaa.. Well, anyway, let's get to the main topic, shall we?
A few days before PMR my neighbourhood had a carnival! and being the lazy fun girl i am :) i decided to drop by..


I got addicted to the games!!! Wait- why do i keep using addicted in this post? Mah new favourite word I guess. Ignore me, please ;P
Crap, where was i? Right, games. When i arrive it was too late and most of the games was already finished. Sad sad i know :(

So, i frantically and desperately searched for a familiar face. Lol. Not really lah, the moment i stepped there i noticed Vic and Ninn busy at this place

and then, with nothing much to do i decided to join 'em. Check out my picza! :D

Aiyah, I know lah. My one nicer kan? xP Just kidding. I know Ninn one is prettier lorh. Too bad i didn't get to take the a picture of the complete drawing! Its beautiful, its perfect, its breathtaking, its fan-
oh wait!....I didn't finish the drawing..
Heh :)

But not cause i lazy all kay, i was sporting enough to join the games!! and i dragged Cher Ninn along with me. Mwhahahah. Cause that game (gunny sack race) requires a partner what!

Behold- the Best team EVER!

LOL! Actually, i was cheering for my partner to go faster! Waseh, she beat them alot you know :) i so bangga man..

My turn!

Harhar , i cencored my mouth cause it was too sexy. Lol, actually, cause my tongue was sticking out weirdly. Sad, i know. But hey, we (me and ninn) get second place! Woohoo! Ninn was awesome as the head start and I was awesome too as the ending xP 

Yeah! me and ninn surounded by our loyal supporters who cheered us on during the 43 second race. Lol. Hahah, it was longer actually .Anyway, we each got TWO rm10 vouchers from Jusco. I know i know, not much kan? but wait folks, you'll see how much i earn later on.. Hohoh.


PS: I so semangated in tht game man! Pulled like there was no tomorow!

My team-mates. PULL PULL PULL
that was probably what our most expressive supporter in the yellow orange shirt was shouting.We're so famous, everybody wants us to win kan ;) heheh.

OMG and at that point we were so tired. Very tired. And you see? that uncle in red just smilling away. Very funny meh uncle? Bones were breaking at that point!! But alright, thanks for the support. xP.

Anyway, i malas wanna upload anymore pics on tarik tali. So, i'll just announce the results. The very obvoius and expected results. We WON! Haiyoo, expected edi lor. Hahah.
and we each won rm20 for the hard earn pulling. OK, So that makes rm40. Keep em money coming! :)
but sadly, that was all the money i earn for the carnival cause the games ended after that.

and now.. *drums roll* BOYS TURN!
Well, too make the not really long story short. I just post the end results okay?

HAHAH! before the tarik-tali: so semangat man! But you see lah , later on..

CHEHG CHENG CHENG !! Lets zoom in shall we? muahahahaha!

Aiyoh, Jeet, I know you think i rock  but tak payah susah-susah do that on your shirt! HAHA! and wait a minute! weren't you suppose to be dramatically tired or something? Smilling jer.. :)

 Stefan is worst, as you can see.. he's.. erm.. lying down. Thats all.

Alright, after that a few more things happen but not really significant. Btw, Stefan and Jeet won. Hoorah hoorah xD And then, i went back home to change and see my little brother Danny rehearse his performance later on that night with his DANCE CREW. Awesome.

Loving the Michael Jackson theme yo!

Well anyways, the day/night continued with a string of performances from alotta people. Very interesting. Very Fun but i'm kindda tired to blog about it now. Sorry :) but if you want, i think Regina and Cher Minn also blogged about that day. So, yeah.

Kay, i'm off now. Adoius!

PS:: My Dad wants a blog. HAHAHAHAHAHHA!! funny right?? RIGHT??  Why nobody laughing? not funny meh? Ok ok ;)




  1. uncle sam wants to BLOG?! GOOD GOOD!!! the more bloggers there are in this world, the happier place it'll be! =)

    blogging is freakin' addictive right darling? XD hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. i feel so happy because you said that.

    btw, i revamped my WHOLE FREAKING SKIN. ha! sick of simplicity already.
    zomg, so THAT'S the tarik tali thingy tht hurt ur back so much. i like tht pic whr d man in red is smiling like a goose at y'all. i saw a hint of sarcasm there. heheh. x)

  2. HAHAHAH!! good for you but Bad for me! coz now he'll read everything i write xP cheng cheng cheng
    yesshh, its so addictive! and you made me addicted :) thanks dearie

    And im LOVING your layout! :)