December 28, 2011

Wonder what happen.

So I was cleaning up my desk recently and stumbled upon a poem I made a long time ago. And what struck me about it was how... sad it sounded? Here, take a look at it.

The Girl In The Mirror

Mirror mirror, on the wall,
Who is that girl that stands so tall?
Mirror mirror, on the wall,
Who is that girl with tears that fall?

I see her smile, I see her laugh,
From afar, she seems so tough,
So together and always intact,
Doesn't her life seem so perfect?

Always surrounded by all her friends,
She's also ahead the latest trends,
Fun, Friendly and Miss Popular,
Don't you wish you could be her?

But wait- stop, and take a look..
Remember to not judge the cover of a book,
Have you not seen her tear-stained eyes?
Have you not heard her silent cries?

She hides in her room when there's people around,
So no one will hear her make a sound,
For she cries at night to let out the pain,
That causes her tears to pour like rain

Despite the size of her place,
She suffocates in that huge space,
Alone and lonely but no one knows,
The misery she feels that grows and grows..

Depressed and pressured for their hearts are like stone,
Can't they just leave her alone?
I guess they don't know how she feels,
Let her be, and maybe she'll heal

So tell me mirror on the wall,
Who is that girl with tears that fall?
I touch the reflection that I see,
And realized that girl starring back, is me...

So yeah, pretty depressing huh? I wonder what situation was I in last time to write such a miserable poem. Well, whatever it was, I'm glad that phase is over. After all, who wants to spend time being sad when you can be happy instead? :) This message implies to everyone out there. Our existence in this world is short. Treasure it, and be happy. For every second being sad, is a second wasted. 

"Happiness often comes sneaking in through a door you didn't know you left open"

p/s : on my next post, I'll FINALLY blog about the Miko story part #2. For those who didn't read the first part, click this link HERE. And I'll also give updates on my Book Sale :D till next time, xoxo--

December 24, 2011


Meet Nerdtasha. She is in a dilemma. Exams are just around the corner, but alas, she has no revision books to use. I mean, we all know the best and ultimate way to prepare for an exam is to do some exercises, right? Well, too bad she has no more revision books left. (Being the nerd she is, she finished using all her revision books in the last exam) OMG! THIS IS A FREAKING CALAMITY!!

Well, fear not Nerdtasha! We have a solution for you! Haven't you heard? There is a BOOK SALE going on right now. Yes, a Book Sale! Not any ordinary Book Sale. This Book Sale specializes only on revision/exercise books only. Specifically, form 4 and form 5 subjects.

Nerdtasha : snort snort! are you serious???

YES! We are very serious! Not only that, here is the BEST part : All the books are selling at FREAKING CHEAP-CHEAP prices. We're talking about RM3/RM4-ish here! That's cheap! Plus, you get to choose from alot-ta subjects. This is Nerdtasha's dream come truueee~

Nerdtasha : Aww.. zhank you! zhi like this zho much!

You're welcome Nerdtasha! Its all in a days work to help out a soon-to-be SPM candidate like yourself. Now, wouldn't you readers like to be as lucky as Nerdtasha? Yes? Yes? ..............Great! Then here you go, the details about this amazing Book Sale!!


As a high school graduate, I have collected a small HUGE-ASS pile of revision/exercise books throughout the years. However, I have this habit of not actually writing my answers in the book. Instead, I look at the questions in the book and write the answers on another piece of paper. Why? so that I can reuse the book again. But now that I'm out of high school, I realized that most of my books are all very clean and untouched!! Very sayang to throw away hor? -__- So an idea came across, why now, sell them instead?! Of course, I will now sell them WAAAAAAAAAYYYY cheaper than its original price so you guys who are buying it will VERY untung man! Like up to 60% or 70% its original price! :D

Time   : 10am  -  4.30pm
Place   : My house! Just ring the bell and I'll open
Subjects : ALOT! But if you really wanna know, drop a comment below and I'll answer
Form  : Form 4 and Form 5 (but I'm also selling some PMR books)

omg seriously, this is alot of books you know

Just remind you all again, the prices are so cheap I would cry tears of joy if I were a form4/form5 student. Why go to POPULAR bookstore when I'm selling almost similar books with a lower price? xD Save money, buy here!

                          - FORM 4 SUBJECTS -              


                                                                                             - SPM MODEL PAPERS -

So yeah, please buy from this AMAZING BOOK SALE. I mean seriously, its super worth it. Berquality dan murah! Grab this opportunity and purchase as many books as you can. Cause honestly, its so hard to find revision books with cheap prices this days... Honestly. In any other bookstore, RM10 will hardly get you two books. In this booksale, RM10 can even get you three books. #serioustalk

So buy, buy, buy!!! Or die. Heheheh jk jk. But seriously, start buying! May you have great results in every exam you take! God bless you :)

Nerdtasha : I am soo happy now!

p/s any questions just drop me a comment below, and I'll answer!

December 10, 2011



Hey look I have long hair up there!! Oh right, old photo. Anywaaaaaaayyy, today I decided to blog about THE EVENTFUL DAY (6/12/11). The day I went out for a super fun outing with my buddys (Sofea, Amelia and Dee) and the day I got Gotcha'ed my Ean. Actually, the day started pretty normal enough this outing already had problems since the night before. Everyone has transport problems and the outing almost got cancelled. Luckily, things got sorted out by the two so-called orang tengah's Sofea and I! We slept late sorting things out, but it was worth it =)

Anyway, on the morning of the outing, more problems came up! The plan was for Dee to come to my house by 9am where my dad will drive us both to Sunway Piramid. But then. JENG JENG JENG. She didn't come. As the minutes flew by, I kept looking at the watch, 10 minutes late... 20 minutes late.. I started to panic. I called Dee's phone but she didn't pick up! O M G! I called the other orang tengah Sofea and told her that Dee was not here yet. "Do you think she got..... kidnapped?" Some bad guys could have captured her along the way and do "nasty" things to her. My imagination went on over-drive mode.

Fear not! To cut the long story short, after a million calls to Dee, she finally picked up! Turns out, she was sleeping all along. Very anti-climatic, Dee xD My dad and I drove to her house and picked her up and we were off to Sunway! Once we reached there, Dee and I were earlier than Sof and Amy so we went around and did some window shopping. What to do? Didn't bring enough money to go mega shopping. Sobs.

Later on, Sof and Amy join us and we all decided to go skating!! Hahah actually it was more of me and Sof's idea.  Amy and Dee don't really like skating. TEE HEE! But this is the part I got......

 gotcha'ed! -_____- 

we were about to buy the tickets for the skating rink when suddenly... my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen. PRIVATE NUMBER? Oooh, that made me more curious so I answered. Okay, honestly I can't really described what the person on the line said, he talked waaaaayyy to fast and I couldn't hear a word he said. The reception was so bad in the skating place!

So yeah, needless to say, the beginning of our conversation consist alot of me saying huh? okaaayy? yeahh.. uh-huh.. right? That sorta thing! I must have sounded sho stupid!! But anyway, later on, I could hear certain words like dentist, braces, teeth and I could make out what message this person was trying to get through. He said I have to put on my braces again!! FOR ONE YEAR WOR. (so sad, I just took off my braces the day before this outing) But halfway through the gotcha, I SUDDENLY feel like I recognize the voice on the line. I hear it every morning xD Souds like one of 'em guys! So I said, is this a gotcha call? and the person replied 

"Young lady, this is not a gotcha call. I have no time for jokes okay. 
This is a serious matter for your own good so please be seroius"

O.O Talk about fierce! Hahaha so I said, okay.. sorry. Anyway I guess words can never really describe something in full detail. You sould hear the gotcha call for yourself! 

Click this link HERE!!! 

To my friends who had to wait for me for so long on the phone, sorry ya guys.. :) but we were all so shocked when we knew it was a gotcha call! I'M SO GONNA GET BACK AT MY DAD FOR THIS! HE BETTER WATCH OUT. YOU, PA, READING THIS, WATCH OUT.

After that, we went skating. There's this photographer guy who approached me and Amy on the rink and asked if we wanted out photos taken B-)  I know, we so cool right? LOL. We went hyper in the middle of the rink and took so many shots,  like a boss! hahar. But buying the photos took alotta money. But being the cool people we are, we bought the photos, like a boss! Ok ok, enough like-a-boss jokes -.-

P/s- I just realized something, just because our whole group consists of GIRLS. Every where we go, all the shops where the staff are guys they will always be very chatty with us. Flirty and smiley and all that sorta things xD Better service, eh? Also, they will always say "come again, okay???" when we all wanna leave. Awww, we do feel flattered xD

After skating we went watch movie, jalan-jalan at Asian Avenue (cos we're asians) found out that our beloved photo booth not there anymore. WHAT THE- whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy?! D: *cue dramatic music* anyway, we also bought a cat necklace :3 okay, that's a quick summary of what happen. To cut it short, it was a very enjoyable day! I had so much fun! Can't wait for the next outing we'll have :D January maybe? eheheh.

On that note, imma end my post now with a warning.. to my dad.. you're next.=D

December 9, 2011


As my vision cleared itself from the post-waking up blurriness, I lazily reached for my phone and checked the time. Still morning. And then, OMG IT HIT ME! Today is Monday. The Monday I've been waiting for.. I can't believe 2 years have flown so fast. It was time! It was finally time to remove that metal in my mouth.  How did I feel exactly? I don't know, totally mixed up. Maybe a spoonful of happiness, a dash of excitement, a hint of nostalgia and a pinch of.. sadness? There you go, a recipe of how I felt that morning. 

I can't really explain why I felt that way, just a few nights before I was so excited that I was practically spamming Facebook with "I AM REMOVING MY BRACES" type of posts. And now that it was actually time to remove it, I suddenly feel all sentimental.

Braces and I. We've had a rough relationship. Pretty love-hate if I could say so myself. I remember the numerous times the Mr.Braces physically abused me! Its sharp metallic body causing my tender and alluring (perasan) lips to tears and bleed. Or! The time my tongue got stuck at one of its hooks, and the process of separating them was needless to say, painful! Mr.Braces also abused me emotionally. I remember numerous occasions where I felt rather insecure wearing braces. Thoughts like "Do I look ugly?" or "Dammit, I bet that stupid rice is stuck on my braces again." constantly run through my mind. Heck, I'm sure my friends suffered just as much as I did! Especially after recess sessions xD

[This is a common scenario that happens EVERY recess session]
Me : Guys, got something on my braces anot?! *huge-ass grin that shows my braces*
Friend : *check and check and answers*
Me : Thanks weih!

Thanks peeps, the ones who's always there to help me with my paranoia that some random piece of food is stuck on my braces. You know who you are guys.. =)

Then again, Mr.Braces also helped me alot in my growing up process. I feel that, I've grown up alot this past two years and I've come to understand myself, my friends and my family a whole lot more. Mr.Braces was there to witness this.. this.. this Evolution Of Natasha. He even made me more confident in myself. I used to by shy wearing braces and all, but not anymore. Hey! Even a gotcha call on recently was about my braces. Garhh! I just can't escape from Mr.Braces. So, I can't believe i'm saying this but... I'm gonna miss ya, Braces =)

The walk I encountered 2 years back. How nostalgic =(

-2 hours later-

My braces is off!! AND IT FEELS SO WEIRD. Its like, my mouth is so slippery smooth and no more obstacles on my teeth. I feel, I feel, I feel, weird! xD But the moment of truth, after the 2 hours "operation" was over, I thanked my dentist one last time, and rushed to the toilet. I looked at my reflection and I felt.... weird! Hahaha you see, I've grown so used to seeing my bracey smile this past 2 years that now when I look at my reflection, I feel like something is missing. HAHAH STRANGE HOR?

The new braces-less smile. KA-CHING!

So yeah, I'm ready to start my new life. After high school, after braces, after uniforms, after alot of things. Its a new start, and I'm planning to make it the best I can =) 

p/s - click HERE to read about my post the day I PUT ON braces xD

December 1, 2011

That one special male in my life

He comes running to me everytime  I call him. He's always there when I need someone to cuddle. I can spend hours just watching him and his beautiful eyes. I love how loyal he is, to run to me even in the rain. I love that patch of mischievous-ness that twinkles in his eyes every time I see him. There's no other like him. There's nobody that can ever be like him. And now, he's gone.

Miko, I miss you so much.

My beautiful, adorable, loving little rabbit! Why did you have to get lost, why??? WHY?! Memories of you and I keep running through my mind, eventhough its been months since you went away. I will always remember you. Always.

It was early this year when you arrived to this household. The day you arrived.. I still remember how tiny you were. So cute I wanted to pinch you till you die! (not really). It wasn't long after we bought you a little female rabbit to keep you company. I still remember how our family thought Bobby was a male and YOU were the female. (Hence, the name Bobby for the female rabbit). It was one day when we saw you mounting on Bobby and giving her a lots of "action" that we knew you were actually the male and she, the female xD

Still, the bond between you and our family grew stronger and stronger as time past. I never knew a more "manja" rabbit then you! But then again, I never knew a rabbit who had bigger testicles than you either 0.0 Maybe that's why you like mating so much.. Oh well...

good shot of those balls here B-)

The day he went missing, I would have never expected it. I usually let my rabbits run about my garden during the day and keep them back in the cage at night. So that day, as usual, we let them out. But by evening when it was time to keep them back in the cage, Miko was nowhere to be found. 

He escaped through that tiny hole at the edge of the gate. Hence, the Great Search begun. There we where, my maid, Danny and I together with our torch lights and cap (it was raining) walking around the neighbourhood shouting MIKO! MIKO! at the top of our lungs at night. It was cold and dark, but I was getting desperate. I shine the torch lights everywhere! Drains, shrubs, neighbours house, but Miko was well and truly... lost. We ended the search when it got too late.

That night itself, I went and printed those "Missing person" type of poster for Miko. Next morning, Danny and I distributed it around p8, with hopes someone will return Miko to us. Well, weeks past... and no news of Miko still. I gave up hope. Is Miko lying dead in a drain somewhere? Is he in some wild dogs stomach? Is he in some random strangers house right now? I guess I'll never know.


-to be continued-

June 7, 2011

You've arrived C:

Whats here?

It finally arrived. It frickin' finally came!! and I've been hooked to it ever since. No idea what I'm talking about? Well about two days ago, I was on the computer (as usual) when I heard the doorbell ring. I looked out the window, and well wadya' know, there's this huge lorry outside my house. Two men announced that the package has finally arrived. Package? What package? and then it hit me. Even longer [3 weeks back] my family and I were wandering around IOI Mall when we saw this Gintell Fitness promotion going on. Needless to say, we bought something. A TREADMILL!! I'm so happy! I mean, this one is seriously cool. Got all the latest and greatest gadgets that comes with it. Don't mess yo! Hahah finally, a reason to exercise again.

Anyway, since I'm so in love with this particular treadmill, I've decided to do (my first time doing this sorta thing) a PROMO POST! This treadmill is so awesome, you should all get your bums of the couch and buy it now xD With that said, here's my Promo Post :-



Hi there! Don't look around, I'm talking to you, yes you! (cheesy promo intro here) Have you ever wanted to go for  a run, only to be rudely interrupted by bad weather?? Well fear no more! Gintell's latest treadmill release is bound to put a smile on your face :D Who needs to exercise outdoors when you can do it the comfort of you own home. Go on, get out now and buy it!

Who needs to go outdoors? not us treadmill users!

This latest Gintell Treadmill is so stylish and sleek, you're bound to lose weight just by looking at it! (not possible, but a person can dream right?) It's ultra comfortable to run in, and it's specialized just so it does not hurt your knees as you run. Awh, what a considerate treadmill. Also, it is big enough to make running easy, you can go on for hours without even realizing it! Wait- provided you have some catchy music to run with of course. Theeeen, you can go on for hours :D

Such beauty, such style, I weep just looking at it.

So many functions and programmes to choose from, you'll never get bored!

So this is the point where usually an interview is fitted in so that the promo advertisement is more believable. However, in my case since I'm the only one doing this promo advertisement, I guess I'll have to interview.... myself.

NATASHA : How was your reaction when you first saw this treadmill?
NATASHA : Well, I wasn't sure if I wanted to try it out cause well, I hate exercising. But after a few runs. It actually turn out pretty fun. I SWEATED LIKE SHIT! hehaheha!

NATASHA : I see.. that explains the smell. But anyway, do you think this treadmill is appropriate for all ages? 
NATASHA : What smell?! -.- but yeah, other than automatic, you can also manually adjust its settings to suit your style of exercising. If you're older, you can adjust it to slower speeds. But if you're young and energetic, go crazy and turn it to full speed!

NATASHA : That's great! What do you love most about this treadmill?
NATASHA : Other than the fact I look absolutely hot running in it? (perasan) well, I think it's this cute little fan attached in front on it. The wind blowing my hair back as I run makes me feel like I'm running for a Bay watch scene, except, I'm in fast motion of course.

NATASHA : Thanks! That'll be all. How bout a photo of you with this treadmill then?
NATASHA : Alright! You're welcome :D

-End of Interview-

HAHAHAHA. Go ahead and laugh at my lame-ness people, but I actually had fun doing the interview. No seriously. Moving on, another thing I love about this treadmill is that it can incline and go upwards. Lemme show you. 



It's so awesome, I feel like going up a hill when I put it to its maximum height. So, yeah... now I'm running out of ideas to promote this treadmill. Hrmmm. Ok, let me tell you a story. A story of a young boy...

This is a story of a boy, who cried a river and drown the whole world. And while he looks so sad in photographs, I absolutely love him..... when he smiles!! *love that song hor?* Lol but seriously, this is Danny. Danny is sad and moody. Why is he sad and moody? He can't go out and play. The rain refused to go away despite singing the 'rain, rain go away' song for the millionth time. Now, he has no hope of playing.

But wait! Now he remembers! He has.. GINTELL TREADMILL! No need for outdoors, he has a treadmill to play run with. After a few minutes of running. Danny felt a magical change come over him. BAM! Danny feels super strong. Danny can do this!






Sexy! Cool! Hip! Behold, the power of Gintell treadmill~!

Gintell treadmill, we love you! Say fit and healthy with Gintell treadmill. With that I shall end my promo post. So what do you think? Okay anot my first promo post? xD Anyway, hope you all like it. I was just having fun with this post! Enjoy reading and comment me and click my adds please? ^^ Bye! imma go run on the treadmill now :D -xx

Go to your nearest store and buy it now :P

June 5, 2011

Guess who's back?

                                                             MEEEEE :D

Hellow people!
and yes, I know what you're thinking. FINALLY SHE UPDATES HER BLOG. I'm sorrryyyy. Things have just been really busy this days, and I guess the blogging bug hasn't bitten me for the longest time. But the ultimate reason for my absence is cause.. well, I realized that if you stopped blogging for a long time, its really hard to get back in the swing of blogging. Like really awkward you know. So, yeah. You see, I'm typing funny!! D: BOOHOO.

Anyway, I was initially planning to blog about my trip few days back to USS (not USA, its Universal Studios Singapore xD) but I'm sure that'll take FOREVER. And I'm in no mood for a long post right now so maybe next time. Teehee! Today, I'll be blogging about.... :D :D :D errr wait- what do I wanna blog about? -___-  Right, no idea. I'll just update you people with what's going on in my life mouth :P okay? hookay? wookay?

So lately my dentist added this latest addition on my already cluttered-with-metal mouth. She added rubber. I'M SERIOUS! You know what she did?!? She placed this mini rubber band things (kinda like the type you use to tie your hair, except, smaller x10) between my braces. And now, everytime I open my mouth widely, I resemble this monster creature from cartoons. No kidding. Lemme show you a picture.

That slime around this creature's teeth resembles my rubber.. things. No kidding.

Ok fine, maybe I'm exaggerating a little alot. xD But seriously! I think my rubber elastics look like that. Hah, I bet you all expect me to upload a picture to show how my mouth looks right? NO WAY HOWZAY! Eheheh sorry I keep rhyming my phrases, its just so fun to rhyme things! *awkward silence* weird. Anyways, fine! I'm not that cruel. To satisfy your curiosity of how it looks like, check out this picture I found on google images. Its pretty much same like my mouth :B TAA-RAA!

You see? YOU SEE? Same mo?? -___-

Never mind, the fact that I'll have gorgeous teeth after braces makes me feel so much better. Oh yeah, on a more positive note,  those rubber elastics HURT! :D Why is this positive you ask? Well, it makes it slightly uncomfortable to eat. Thus, painful = less food consume = thinner me! Hah, what a nice cycle :') 

Lets see what else.. oh yeah! My mom and I are planning to sell some of our clothes. We sorta have a "I got so much clothes but nothing to wear" situation. So yeah, I'll tell you more about it in the next post. Some of the clothes are honestly brand new + never been worn before and some are second-hand but still in good condition. Can you imagine me having a garage sale right in my own garden?? That sounds so cool, no?! Hahaha okay okay, I'm off to stalk people on YouTube now. Once again, sorry for my late-ness & also this post is  pretty short. But hey, like I said before, I need to get use to blogging again. See ya later, alligator! (again with those rhyming phrase ^__^)

February 5, 2011

Walking down Memory Lane

Once again, I managed to not update my readers about how my new year went. I'm sorry! Its just, I've been so busy doing other things that I didn't have the time to update. And well.. fine. I was just lazy to blog about it. But you all still love my blog, right? Right?? *hysterical despo smile*

Anyway, I kicked start my 2011 this year by once again, organizing a new year's countdown party with the Puteri 8 gang + the adult commitee. It was pretty last minute and the fireworks was an epic..... :D



So yeah, I'd rather not talk about that. Lately, I've been doing more blog surfing than blogging. Along the way, I've found some really awesome pawsome blogs! :) One of 'em is Kenny Sia. For those who don't know him, where the hell have you been living?! xD He's this really funny blogger from Malaysia. I. am. obsessed. with his blog. Some of his post can literally make me LOL! or sometimes, LMAO! Or at his best, makes me ROFLMAO! Well not really, but you get the picture. His blog = good. Period.

In fact, it is because of him I am inspired to start this blog post :) First of all, HAPPY 2011 PEOPLE! and yes, I am aware its February making this probably the latest new year wish you'll ever receive.. but oh well, better late than never eh? :P Anyway, before I welcome 2011 with open arms, I'll walk down memory lane and recall....

"10 big things in 2010"

1. Playing on a life-sized snakes and ladders board with my family. 
Not once, but..

......TWICE. :)

But the most ironic part was, guess who won both rounds of snake and ladders??


This just goes to show Snakes & Ladders is totally a game of luck! (yes, I am a sore loser that's why I'm blaming luck for making me lose both rounds xD) Danny, the youngest in the family ended up beating everyone twice. While my brother and I on the other hand, always ended up the bottom two.

2. Became a guest judge for a bunch of ladies doing dance performance.
This was done together with my older brother and my friend Ivan. Also before that, we had to perform and teach them how to do the dance! Not only that, we also co-host that day by organizing a few games and activities for this ladies. Confused on what exactly is that day? Teehee! Actually, that day is my mom's annual "kick-off" day for her work agency!

The Dedicated Trio

Teaching ~!

The two awesome performance team xD

Posing as Randy, Paula and Simon (you guess who acts as who) and Judging~!

An awesome day! Can't wait to help with this year's kick-Off day :D

3. Went to my first ever concert :- The Wonder Girls.

The wonder girls in wonderful red dresses (haha I made a lame joke there)

Showing off the WG tickets!

Showing off the WG fan crowd!

Showing off.. err.. nothing really. I post this pic cause I think I look cute here :P

Doing the typical "nobody nobody but you" pose after the concert

Doing the typical "fan with poster" pose after getting WG freebies

and omg!! Met with my friend regina there! :D 

4. Attempted to make dinner for family for the first time.

Uh-huh fail. Maybe I'll try that again this year..?

5. Separated from big brother for first time.
All my life, I've never imagined the day would come where I'd wake up and not see my annoying but lovable big brother the whole day. Last year, I had to go trough not seeing him for weeks sometimes. He was chosen for National Service which basically means, being away from home for 3 months. After that, he went for college that is a boarding school. Hence, begins the period where big bro will no longer be living at home as much as before. As much as I hate to admit this, I do miss him. Things are just not the same at home without ya, brother! Oh well, I know this is all part and parcel of growing up (I still can't believe he's 19 this year o__O). So if you're reading this 'bang, thanks for being my play companion all trough my childhood years, my tutor trough my exams and my joke partner most of the time.  Sure we've had our ups and downs, but I'll never forget all my memories with you :) 

Now that you're all grown up and leaving home for college and all... I wish you all the best in life and your studies. Never forget me, your beautiful and gorgeous little sister okay :D BUAHAHAHA.

Visiting bro during his National Service period. (Harhar bald egg head! Sorry, couldn't help it xP)

Bro getting the good news of being accepted to some college :D

6. Had my first taste of Disco Roller Skating.
You remember how effortless Jessica Simpson looked as she did some fancy move on her roller skates while singing 'public affair'? Well guess what? Not as easy as it looks! I mean, the skating part was easy enough, but when it comes to doing some stunts. One word : OUCH.

How the hell?!?!


This is how OUR version goes like xD

Danny after a fall!

Brother smiling despite falling down on that ramp 100000 times.

Mom actually not bad, doing the disco pose! 

'Ze Group Photo~!

Overall, I give it a 9/10 for fun! I THINK I WAS THE BEST SKATER IN MY FAMILY. ^_____^

7. Won second place in The City Stock Challenge.
My journey being in the Young Entrepreneurs [YE] Club has totally been a roller coaster ride. But despite all my ups and down, my BEST memory being in YE would be the 2 day event : City Stock Challenge. I was teamed up with Stefan and Edwin and together we made an awesome team called the "Oogas-oogas". In the first day, we had to learn about stocks and how it is in the real world. It was tough but totally interesting and fun! At the end of day, our team had to come up with our own buisness card, outfit, name and all.

Second day was the stock challenge itself! It was a full day of competing with other schools (plus our own school) That day was just all about stocks, calculating/balancing accounts, making wise decisions on which stock to buy depending on the current world situation. Man I tell ya, I felt like a real adult that day :) In the end, we made a whole lumsap of money! Big enough to win us second place! WHOOO!

Posing on stage after the results were announced :)

The whacko outfits that also helped us win xD

With one of the many tutors/judges there

This was later on back in school, they gave us prizes for winning :)

8. Jogged for 5 km.... ON A HOLIDAY.

The jog turned out to be surprisingly enjoyably and fun. No doubt it was tiring but hey, at least I finally did something different in Cameron Highlands other than pluck strawberries and well.. pluck more strawberries xD 

9. Performed an indian dance for 3 different locations.
So what started out as a harmless little performance for school, ended being repeated 3 times on other locations. Puteri 10 and Puteri 8! Yo, we were quite famous for awhile you know B-)

Click ME to read about the performances

10. Wore braces!!! To school I mean. I was totally self concious initially, but you know what? Its not that bad after all :) People just tend to get use to it after awhile.

*actually I have no idea what to write for number 10 cause I have so many choices to choose from xD Another big moment in 2010 was my sweet 16! I had the best birthday last year and I'd like to thank everyone who made it what it was  <3

With this, I gotta end my blog post now. I wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year! At least I'm not late for this one, right? Heheheh. Bye! :)