November 21, 2010

Scary make-up = Fame

One year ago, my friends and I organized a Halloween party for my neighbourhood. We had so much fun planning everything!! Thankfully, the event went smoothly. Real smooth. In fact, it went so smoothly that the RA invited us to organize one this year too! Too bad I was stuck in the midst of my finals went they gave that request, so I had to turn it down. Luckily, the RA was determined to have a Halloween party this year, so despite us refusing to organize one, they organized a Halloween party by themselves! YAY!

Thus, Danny The Vampire was born!

Bloody zombie, Green witch, Pink princess, Kitty cat, Vamp dude.

So yeah, on Tuesday November 9 2010, guess what? My friends and I appeared in Star Newspaper! I knneeeew it that besides ghouls and monsters, there was a few paparazzi among us! >:) Yup, I'm certain it was the scary make-up that did the trick of attracting them. Heheheh. Well, one problem though.. in my excitement to take a photo of it, I kinda lost the original newspaper piece (probably my maid already passed it to the local newspaper man for recycling) so I'm only left with the Online Star. Never mind lah, more modern, no?

and presenting....

TheStar online~!

and look, I was also featured in one picture on that article! Don't worry, its pretty easy to spot me. I was right in font y'know? :D

Yeaaahhh there we are, Danny, Amanda and I. Right in the middle. Totally centre of attraction, right?

errr.... not so.

Oh well, despite the huge crowd making us less visible, at least we still made it in the news. I felt like a celeb with all the camera lights flashing. B-) It was one helluva night, just chillin' with my girlfriends and lots and lots of... kids. But heck, it was still fun! Plus, I learnt one very, very, very importo lesson.

The older you are = The less candy you receive

A sad but true fact. I learnt it from experience! Everytime we reach in front of  a house and scream "trick or treat!" before I can even finish that line, the lil' kiddies all ran- wait, more like rampage their way towards the house and start shouting for candy. Thus, the older children, like me, will be left behind with this shock expression like this ---> O_O on my face. At last, when the crowd eventually clears and the big kids make it to the house, the people giving out candy will say this 'sorry, all the candy finish already' and then, my facial expression will go like this ----> D: WHY AM I BIG? WHYYY??

But it wasn't all that bad. There were some very nice little kids who donated some of their candies to me. Really! I was so touched :'D Such adorable little kids, I love them! And no, I'm not saying that just because they gave me part of their candy though that does count abit, it was cause they looked SO cute in their costumes.

Showing off my empty candy bag (mouth cencored cause braces too sexy :P)

Anyway, lucky thing I wasn't there for the candy. It was more for the heck of scaring my neighbourhood >:) A rule was we had to go all 'OOOHHHH' and 'BOOOO' that night. No kidding! So I had a blast screaming and yelling. Probably I ended up looking more like a spas cat then being scary though. Besides that, I think the walk/run around my neighbourhood was very beneficial. Beneficial in a sense that I'd probably lose weight (yay!) .....but then again, I'll probably gain weight later on from eating all the candy (noOoOo!).

Oh oh oh! Speaking of long walk/runs, my buddy Yi Jun broke her high heels from all that walking! See the thing is, I think Yi Jun and I were the hyper-est teens there that night. Running around all.. no wonder I got blisters that night. Eheheh, but anyway, Edwin ever the gentleman, gave her his shoes while he continued the walk in HER high heels instead! Hah, kidding! He continued the walk in his socks :) Heyy, it ryhmes! Walk.. sock.. see the similarity? Yes? No..? Never mind. Anyway, wasn't that sweet of him :D Looks like the sweetness of 'Mr. Your amazing just the way you are' is up for some competition >:) I meant Bruno Mars by the way.

Yi Jun (check out her shoes) on Dee's back as I point on

My girlfriends!

Yi Jun and I among the little kids! Yay!

And that's it! Sorry for my long overdue Halloween post guys :) It was a truly enjoyable and memorable night and everything you could hope for in a Halloween event. Oh, and the after-party which was held after the 'trick or treat walk' was fun too! I loveeee seeing the adults dressed up scarily, so sporting. Bravo!

P/S - If you think my post sounds abnormally hyper-er than it usually sounds, sorry, its late and I'm feeling restless and all.. so yeah. PEACE! x)

P/PS - I can't wait for the next years Halloween party! teeheehaaheeehaahahah!!

P/P/PS - To read the article on the Halloween night, click HERE


  1. Now this is seriously overdue. :p Patutlah you said blogging requires stamina: u blog so panjang with pics and all. HAHAH. :D

  2. (Y)! I needa feel the hyper-ness one day! Life is bored without craziness & fun! x)

  3. I know D: Actually I started this post AGES ago edi xD then save in drafts.. then when got mood, start again, then save, then start, then etc etc etc..

    FINALLY I FINISHED IT! :D HAHAHAH you pulak, blogging always so fast :( i'm so jealous :P

  4. pam - hahah ehh.. nice profile pic you got there! :D HAHAH and thanks :D I'm still waiting for the day you update yours again :D Tell me when you update yours okay :) :D

  5. Hahaha! Okayyy, will let ya know when I finally updated my blog =)
    Thanks anyway, the picture was taken err when I was form4 I think.. I had forgotten this picture until I commented on your post x)