October 12, 2009

Of first posts and pmr

Ohmygosh. My first post ever! :D lim, ur so gonna have to help me out here..
This really feels weird cause its like i'm doing a one-sided convo. HAHAHAHA!


and that was s'pose to be a joke. I know, lame. So lame. I'm going to be such a lame ass blogger! Argh how do you bloggers do this stuff?! ;P I'm so tak biasa with this continous rant..

oh well, i quote English pmr 2009, "Rome was not build in a day" which means it takes time for success.

and yes, that means, the answer for number 24. was (c)

which means, i got it right for pmr! HAH! :D

and it also also also means, i'll soon get use to this blogging business. Soon enough. ;)

hahah speaking of PMR..

The long wait for it to be over.. is finally OVER!

lol in case ur wondering, the picture at the beginning of my post was to signify the freedom of non-pmr-anxietyness. wth? o.O

oh right, i forgot the chinese students taking chinese subjects are still having pmr now. Well.. sucks to be yoou!! xD Lol just kidding! i hope you all do well aite? May we all get straight A's.

and remember..

don't sheat! xD
kay, i'm gonna go explore some other blogging stuff now
So.. BYE :)

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