December 5, 2010

A Change

To change or not to change? 

To change or not to change? 

To change or not to change?

That was the same damn question that replayed inside my head again and again as the hair dresser snipped baby chu's hair away. It all started when my mom, baby chu and I were on the way to the hair dresser to give baby chu a hair cut. On the way there, my mom said 'why don't you cut your hair too? At your age, I was busy trying out new hairstyles all the time'. Moms, they always do the when-I-was-your-age-thing don't they? Well it worked! That got me considering a hair cut. Anyway, don't get me wrong, I seriously don't mind hair cuts. Just that, the hair cut my mom meant here was a drastic 'cut-till -short' type. It took me ages to grow my hair the length it is now from my very very short cut when I was in form 2. Now, should I cut away my hard grown long layered hair into a short cut again? To change or not to change?

Decisions decisions. Well, on the other hand, my long hair has been layered ALOT. While it can look nice when I let it go, it looks really thin and limp when I tie it up. So a hair cut would be doing my hair a favour by growing it thick again.

Time's running out.. as more and more of baby chu's hair fell to the ground. I knew I had to make a decision soon.

And then she's done! Baby Chu with her new boy cut. AWH!

At last, I decided to cut my hair. No, not super short, just cut of all my layers to even my hair and make it thicker again. To healthy and happy hair! So now that I've made my decision, I wasn't sure about which new style should I  choose. After all, there's not much decisions you can make with short hair, right? xD

What to choose?

what am I getting myself into?!

snippity snippity snip

The whole time I didn't really care what she was doing. But when she got to my FRINGE. Oh my gosh D: She completely snipped of most of side-fringe! And now, its kinda like a short fringe. Hah. I look like a kid again~! Dammit -.- I'll just have to wait for it to grow back again eh? After the cut, my mom suggested me to go dye my hair to a lighter shade of brown. Nothing to drastic, cause I want it to look natural. So we dropped by guardian and got a bottle of Liese. OMG my first time dying y'know!! and I did all by myself too! I'm so proud xP



Different? I know, different right xD Well so yeah, this is my hair now. Except, its browner compared to the photo above. So here's someof the feedback I got so far.

"wow, your hair looks like a mullet"
"nice! you have such a punk hair now!"
'"your fringe looks like shit"
"your fringe looks so diff/short now"
"I love your new hair"

Thanks for all the errr.. interesting feedback people :P Its fun to try out new things sometimes y'know? When you're young, you should always be open to different things and styles. Anyways, I'll end my post here. See? I am in fact, able to write a short post okay?! :P Hehehe bye, take care and keep reading!


  1. hahah my fringe! xD maybe in that pic not so clear.. you'll see tomorrow :) I'm bringing chocolates btw! WEEEE~! :)

  2. Your fringe looks like the fringe you had when you were in short hair. The only short hair photo I saw was the one in your profile picture on facebook. Anyway, nice try! I always hope my hair grows fast fast, so I can try byk byk style x)

  3. HAHA Thanks pam :3
    yessshhh.. grow your hair super long. I don't think I've ever seen you're hair very long before! :O heheh

  4. yeah, but I'm not such a big fan of my new fringe :(

  5. =)...Well..It is nice actually...
    Don't let others thought effect you...
    Although you care soo much what other think about you...=P

    I know which hairstyle you should got for...
    The 4th Picture in this post...=D

  6. The ROCKSTAR look? Hmm.. shall consider it xD HAHAHAHHAHA maybe YOU should try it too!

  7. you look like a punk starrr
    should call you
    natasha pink! :D


  8. really? Thank you! :D Now I just need a guitar to complete the rock star look huh? Hahhaha :3

  9. how come baby chu look so tall in the pic? haha..

    not much difference in ur hair..:O but still same bracey-smile..xD

  10. Heheh I am proud of my bracey smile! :3 Hmm.. baby chu taller cos of the angle I take her I guess? lol camera skills? xD

  11. Lol... last time i went , the palm thing wasn't even half done ..!!