November 7, 2009

Jogging at 5am.

This happen last week :

Whoah. I never ever ever ever ever thought the day would come where i would wake up 5a.m..... to jog. Whoah. And no.. its not because i have turn into those I'm-so-fat-have-to-lose-weight type of person, its just, its exciting. Simple as that.

Oh, and also cause Natra went with me. I mean, she has a way of brainwashing me. Plus, we both have this THING for adventure. Muahahahahaha! Seriously, you have no idea how many times we did stuff that could easily get us in deep shit. Really deeeep shittt. Lol, so when everything was still dark. I left the house. Went to Natra's and started "jogging". When i said jogging, i meant walking. HAHAHA! What?? Not my fault i'm so lazy to jog lerh. Well anyway, soon we stop by this curb of a random house and started chatting/gossiping.

Then, we decided to go to The Roof.

P/s- In case you didn't know, The Roof is somewhat like a secret hangout spot where only certain people know about. Its a very special and meaningful place to me.. =) Though Stefan went and told some people about it and now its not so secret anymore!! Dude! :p

Behold - My favourite place on earth Bandar Puteri.

In case you can't see, it says Ryan and Natasha's Roof. I put Natasha only but Ryan added the "Ryan and.." part. xP

Ok.. there's a funny + weird story behind this photo. Since theres nobody there who can take a jumping shot of me and Natra, we had to do self-timer! And we didn't know when it would go off, so we kept jumping and jumping and jumping. Thus, the above shot was born.  :)

Me : Friends forever!
Natra : So mote it be!

A view to die for.. usually, its nicer but me and Natra where taking the picture fast to avoid people from noticing us. xP

Omigod. This one is scary cause our heads were at the edge of  the roof. O.O

i LOVE this place.

Searching for Mr. Right, Natra? :)

Or did I? :) Hohohoh.

Ryan says this shot is showing off our butts. I beg to differ =="

We should, MUST do this again sometime!! :) Its just awesomely fun. And thanks people who gave me suggestions to help me solve the can't-comment-my-blog problem. Too bad the problem still so stubborn, cannot be solved. *sigh

Oh well, folks, if you still have any ideas on how to help me.. Give me a comment on Facebook! Thanks.



  1. haha..Nat!lol..
    why don't you get a chatbox?

  2. YAY!! can commento again!! :D now i'm gonna leave comment on all the post(s) i missed XD

  3. Go alexis! :)

    hahah jasmine, cause if i use chatbox then the post won't be remembered forever, cause it'll be gone affer too full the chatbox. Lol get it? xD

  4. Nice blog. :) err.. i think cbox is better.. it does record a history in your account.. why not having that.. comments are a pinch.. anyways.. i never knew there was a halloween party in our area.. huhu.. arhh.. can't attend anyways.. tk care.. good updates.. :)

  5. oh..i catch ur drift..
    :)i hope hazel uploads her b'day pics soon

  6. hey Bay! Thanks! I'll keep your advice in mind :)
    Oh, don't worry.. we'll be having a bigger + awesomer Halloween party next year.. and i'll hope YOU'll be there! :P

    Jasmine, same! She better or i'll kill her :p buahahaha.

  7. lol.. i am studying overseas.. can't make it.. :) if i really do go.. i bet i am the winner.. HAHA!! perasan.. xD

  8. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA YEE-HAW! finally can comment edi! :)

  9. Hahah! omg Bay is so perasan :p if you do ever enter the contest, i'm sure gonna beat you! :p

    Michelle - YAY! ;)

  10. nice one dik .. like the last photo , now that's a moment to cherish.

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