December 23, 2010

Sun, Sand and Sunblock lotions

Natasha's list before going Sepang Gold Coast

Sunblock lotion
Sunglasses (uv protection)
Sun dresses and scarfs
more sunblock lotion

Hellow people! I'm finally gonna start my blog post on my trip to Sepang Gold Coast :D If there's one word to describe the whole trip, I'd choose ; supercallifragilisticexpiadilocious. Doesn't make sense? Good! Cause no words could describe my trip there. It was definitely one of my top fav trips.

One of the best things about Sepang Gold coast was obviously our chalet itself. I mean, seriously, room on top of the ocean? COOEL! My grandfather was fishing on the balcony of our room everyday of our 3 days 2 nights there. Anyway, we started out the day of the journey by leaving at the crack of dawn, 4 am. Hehehe gotcha! Do you seriously think I got the will power to wake that early on a holiday? We left around 12 something after Danny came home from his Yatchee school. The journey in the car was... was... was... well I dunno really.. cause I slept practically the whole way xD TEEHEE.

When I woke up, whadya know? We were already there o__O how long did I sleep anyway?! All I could hear in my faint half dream-half reality state was my mom in a deep conversation with my dad about asking for directions. Wait- maybe that wasn't a dream after all >:P Anywayyyyyyy... when I woke up, I saw the beach. THE BEACH. Do you know how long its been since I've been to the beach? The sight of it definitely knocked out any grogginess from the car ride outta me. We ate lunch by a stall near the beach and after that, I straight away ran to the beach to... camwhore xD

Now now, I also took pictures of my brothers okay? Its not all about me :P Btw, if you look at the picture above and look far at the horizan of it, you can see the long row of chalets on the oceoan. That's Sepang Gold Coast. The comfiest and cosiest and most gorgeous place ever. Man, since I'm promoting Sepang Gold Coast so much, they really should give me a free trip there again huh? :P heheheh

Danny running towards me at top speed as I, errr, took a picture.

The men of the family + a random cat

Sorry brudder, couldn't help it xD

After that, we rushed to the resort to check in our room. When I saw the entrance I went all "gasp gasp gasp we're living on top of the ocean!!" Okay, now is probably the time where I should explain to you the structure of that place. Allow me to go to goole images to find an image of Sepang Gold Coast for you... :)


Presenting, the Golden Palm Tree Resort at Sepang Gold Coast~!

But the best that explains that place it this video. WATCH IT! :D

Do you know we even have this mini cars to drive us around too our rooms? Well, partially that's cause the walk to our rooms would probably take a long time. The stretch of road, also seen as the batang of the 'palm tree' in the picture above is very long. Imagine walking trough that in the afternoon (hot sun) ?! hence, the mini cars.

OMG we're here!! and look at that long stretch of road/chalets behind me .__.

So we ride mini cars!


So yeah, day 1 was all about just settling in the room. Well more like starring in awe at my room xD After the driver dropped us off at our room, we entered, I went like OMG! And ran in everywhere! The balcony, the rooms, the TV room, the study/guest room and of course, my favourtie place in every hotel.. the.. toilets! :D I jst lurrvvve checking out fanch shmancy hotel's toilets. Sigh, wish mine was like that. They had this frickin' sunked bath tub in the middle of the toilet!! :D Lets not talk anymore, picture time :-

Siblings showing off balcony

Mom and I showing off master bedroom gorg bed

The trio showing off the cute table on the balcony

Dad showing off the study/guest room

Brother showing off TV room

Granny showing off the.. couch. With style~! :P

After settling in and taking a bunch of photos, we went to explore the resort  (minus grandfather cause he was already at the balcony getting ready to fish). It totally made me fall more deeply in love with the resort. There's something in the ocean I tell ya!! It makes me wanna stay there foreverrrr o__O Well, we stumbled upon the swimming pool area and the design there kinda reminded me of the design of the pool in Lake edge. Anyway, my dad, big bro and I played 'monkey' in the pool. Somehow, I always ended up being the monkey. IS THIS JUSTICE I TELL YOU?! Hmph .__.

We practically played in the pool the whole evening :) Then, when we returned back to the room, all of us got ready and went out hunting for food >:) Guess what's for dinner? SEAFOOD. No surprise there huh :) t'was good. I'm honestly not such a big fan of seafood, but the food there was fresh! Like, maybe they just caught it .___. maybe they did. Ooooh.

When we got back to the resort, surprise, surprise, my grandfather managed to catch fish!! I know its just fish, but the whole family when berserk. We were all like 'fish! fish! fish!'. Macam tak pernah nampak fish before. Eheheh :p

Go Gong Gong! (pun is intended :P)

Bro was so impressed he join in the fishing fun~

Holy macaroni, he actually caught one!! :O

That night, the fishes my Gong Gong and bro caught was just the beginning the whole lot more they were about to catch the following nights. Sadly though, we threw back all the fishes we caught that night back to the ocean cause my Gong Gong, being the fish expert, knew it was poison fish he caught. Could kill us if we ate it :O So after taking pictures of it, we threw it back to the ocean.  Alive, of course. :P


I woke up the next morning as an ice block. Seriously! D: My blankets were too thin cause my parents and grandparents were using the thick ones. It was the coldest night of my life. But enough of that-  Day 2, we were going to tour around the Sepang area on a bike ride tour and after that, we're going to the beach for fun and games the resort provided. Excited much?! I was!! :D

First of all, we had to have breakfast right? So our mini car driver suggested to us most cute little stall nearby that had nasi lemak & roti canai and all those sort of things. Needless to say, that was our destination! :b yum.We rushed through breakfast though, cause we thought we were late for the bike ride tour thing, but when we got there turns out! We were early? o__O Need to wait 15 more minutes. What to do in the meantime? CAMWHORE! Durhh :)

Bright and early ; posing in front of our room :)

so sweet :3

camwhoring while waiting for the bike tour to start 

The pro-ness of my photography >:P

Lovin' the background

Beach! The beach! :D

Finally, after taking some shots and all, the bike tour started! It was nice eventhough my skirt kept flying up. At least I got the exercise I wanted this holiday. Plus, one of the bike staff was a french man?! bonus bonus bonus xD 

After the bike ride, we all went to the beach!! Its was pretty hot when we went out so I made everyone splatter on sunblock before they left. What? I care for my family okay :P TEEHEE. Just so you know, it didn't really help, I turn dark anyway after the trip. Pfft.

volley ball surfing sun tanning boat riding swimming sand castles sea shells hunting relaxing checking out hotties

aaahhh, a summary of what happen at the beach. And no, I did not spend majority of my time checking out the foreign staffs there *ahem* I was busy surfing and err... riding boats!

OH FINE D: As you can see, I fell more than I surfed! But oh well, still an effort eh? After that we went for lunch and returned to the chalet. That was pretty much how day 2 went. When we got back from the beach it was pretty late, we were all exhausted! and dark! So I spend the rest of the evening snoozing :p heh. But danny and daddy (pun intended again) went to the pool while my bro and grandfather bonded over fishing. (they caught alot more btw)

Bro doing the fish face, while holding the fish

When I woke up, I watched TV and watched the guys fish for a while. I was pretty much just relaxing and taking in the sea breeze and the serenity. Very calming :) Later on, during night time, we went out for dinner  at the same restaurant we went last night. We are a family of habits xD

When we got home, surprise surprise, bro and grandfather went fishing again! And this time, my bro shocked EVERYONE by catching the biggest fish of the holiday! An Ikan Keli aka Cat Fish? I guess my bro just has the fish genes in him huh? Well that explains the smell he always carries around, heheh!

Good job! We ate that fish for dinner few nights ago. Not bad :b


So for day 3, the first thing I woke up to was the sound of my mom packing up all the clothes into the bags. Nosily. Anyway, the family woke up soon after and headed for breakfast, at the same stall we ate yesterday morning. Told cha' we're a family of habits! xD Soon after, where else did we head but to the beach! To try all the stuff we didn't try yesterday. Like......

This thingy-that-runs-on-windpower!!! sorry, I don't know what its called :p

When we reached the beach, we saw this couple of people in that wind car thingy running by the beach side, it look so tempting we all decided to play it too! However, the wind wasn't strong enough that morning. So at one moment you could be moving as fast as well... the wind, and the next, you could suddenly stop moving (cause the wind died). Dammit. So yeah, one kinda embarrassing incident happen while I was playing that thing. 

My brother and I were racing lah, you know us, sibling rivalry and all? Hahaha so yeah, my brother was ahead at me that time. He was totally taunting me you know >:( laughing at the fact I was behind him!!. Then, karma took over and his wind car stop moving cause the wind died at his place at that moment. I seized that opportunity to over take him and skillfully managed to 'catch' the wind and start moving very fast :D HELLL YEAH, I OVERTOOK HIM! As I turned behind to see his flabbergasted face (big word, I know), I laughed at him and shouted "LOSER" while emphasizing the L alphabet. I guess, karma did his thing on me next cause guess what happen?!

My. whole. wind car. went. UPSIDE DOWN!
No, don't ask me how it happen (though I suspect it was the sudden strong wind, karma's an ass). All I know is, one moment I was happily moving far ahead of my brother while laughing at him and the next moment I felt a weird sensation while being tossed around by the strong wind, in the wind car.

Allow me to draw you a picture in my attempt to explain this situation to you, here:

That's me shouting help while being pin to the ground, while my mom and some random uncle ran to my rescue. P/s my bro was busy laughing at me while this whole thing happen, so I did not include him in my drawing. Serves you right, har har! :3

Somehow, this incident didn't affect my parents and danny as they also decided to join in the wind car fun and get their own! Behold :-

She caught the wind! Go momma!

Dad joins in the fun too!

After that, we got tired of wind cars. So we played volley ball with some random people who were also staying at the resort that time. Pretty awkward, but okaylah. Heheheh then the volley ball game ended. So my family went and played beach football. My big bro and lil' bro vs. my dad, mom and I. It was an intense match filled with lots of foul shirt pulling (ok fine, that was mostly on my part), pushing around (danny is guilty!) and screaming (my mom -.-). But needless to say, the winners in the end, was my mom, dad and I! BUAHAHAHAHAHA. 



It started raining soon after. Perfect timing cause we have to check out soon anyway :P We returned to the room, packed our bags, rode the mini cars for the last time and said our goodbyes to that place.I was pretty bummed out though. This has been one of my most fun-filled and exciting holidays thus far. Will definitely be missing fishing at the balconies, playing by the beach, riding the mini cars, checking out the foreign staffs and eating seafood- wait, maybe not that. :P but the rest of course. I WILL MISS SEPANG GOAL COAST!

Good bye, I'll be back.

*at last I finish this post, my fingers are numb from all this typing .__. 

December 5, 2010

A Change

To change or not to change? 

To change or not to change? 

To change or not to change?

That was the same damn question that replayed inside my head again and again as the hair dresser snipped baby chu's hair away. It all started when my mom, baby chu and I were on the way to the hair dresser to give baby chu a hair cut. On the way there, my mom said 'why don't you cut your hair too? At your age, I was busy trying out new hairstyles all the time'. Moms, they always do the when-I-was-your-age-thing don't they? Well it worked! That got me considering a hair cut. Anyway, don't get me wrong, I seriously don't mind hair cuts. Just that, the hair cut my mom meant here was a drastic 'cut-till -short' type. It took me ages to grow my hair the length it is now from my very very short cut when I was in form 2. Now, should I cut away my hard grown long layered hair into a short cut again? To change or not to change?

Decisions decisions. Well, on the other hand, my long hair has been layered ALOT. While it can look nice when I let it go, it looks really thin and limp when I tie it up. So a hair cut would be doing my hair a favour by growing it thick again.

Time's running out.. as more and more of baby chu's hair fell to the ground. I knew I had to make a decision soon.

And then she's done! Baby Chu with her new boy cut. AWH!

At last, I decided to cut my hair. No, not super short, just cut of all my layers to even my hair and make it thicker again. To healthy and happy hair! So now that I've made my decision, I wasn't sure about which new style should I  choose. After all, there's not much decisions you can make with short hair, right? xD

What to choose?

what am I getting myself into?!

snippity snippity snip

The whole time I didn't really care what she was doing. But when she got to my FRINGE. Oh my gosh D: She completely snipped of most of side-fringe! And now, its kinda like a short fringe. Hah. I look like a kid again~! Dammit -.- I'll just have to wait for it to grow back again eh? After the cut, my mom suggested me to go dye my hair to a lighter shade of brown. Nothing to drastic, cause I want it to look natural. So we dropped by guardian and got a bottle of Liese. OMG my first time dying y'know!! and I did all by myself too! I'm so proud xP



Different? I know, different right xD Well so yeah, this is my hair now. Except, its browner compared to the photo above. So here's someof the feedback I got so far.

"wow, your hair looks like a mullet"
"nice! you have such a punk hair now!"
'"your fringe looks like shit"
"your fringe looks so diff/short now"
"I love your new hair"

Thanks for all the errr.. interesting feedback people :P Its fun to try out new things sometimes y'know? When you're young, you should always be open to different things and styles. Anyways, I'll end my post here. See? I am in fact, able to write a short post okay?! :P Hehehe bye, take care and keep reading!