October 18, 2009

Opening houses to people


I just had the most tiring and awesomest day ever! 17th October 2009.
3 open houses in a row. It all started with Miss Kaveena's Deepavali Open house. Oh Kaveena, I  love the mutton! ;) I swear i cried when i ate it because it was too delicious! Not because it passed my spicy- limit. Really! Buahahahahah. Ps- pics are in Facebook. And.. you know what?  I saw my dream camera there at Kav's open house.. *swoons

I could have cried tears of envy and awe when i saw the camera. Seriously.

Is there any kind hearted soul out there who is willing to buy me that for my birthday? Please? Please? I promise whoever who buys me that shall forever have my.. gratitude and love. Its 22nd of August. Heh :) Anyway, after Kav's open house, i rushed back home to change before going to Aina's Open House. You know what? After wearing a baju kebaya, i got a sudden urge to put on my shades. So i did! And i made my more-then-willing-to-follow-my-orders brother to join me!

Behold- Coolest people you know you want to be! xP

Aiyoh, i know lah. You can't keep your eyes off the girl on the right, right? LOL!

Yoyoyo! I am a poyo!

Whoah, check out the weird angle on mah feet o.O

 OMG. We're hot, you're not xD

Hahaha! So after much planning and choreographing, my brother and I decided to enter Aina's house with the shades on. Walk towards the house in 5 steps, take off our shades coolly and slowly and say "Hari Raya.. Selamat Hari Raya". Y'know? Like the James Bond sorta thing? Its Bond.. James Bond. Cool right? Ok, maybe not.. but still..! Lmao.

Well, that was what we planned. But HERE'S what really happened. My DAD dropped us off way beyond 5 steps towards Aina's. Thats the first mistake. So we had to do the "cool" 27 steps to Aina's house (Yes, i counted). And then, when we reached there.. where the heck was Aina?! xD Lol my brother and I were busy looking round and round for Aina when she suddenly caught us off guard from the side saying "Hi guys!" Startled, my brother quickly said "Hari Raya, Selamat Hari Raya" while i clumsily shouted Selamat hari raya!! Harharhar. So much for the grand entrance folks.

But oh well, i had fun there! We mostly hanged out by the pool. Timmy and Ryan took my brother's and my shades and wore them. What to do? My style is so infectious right? And then later on, after a series of events happened (which included Jeet and my brother getting pushed in the pool, Jeet's phone in his pocket when he fell in the pool, my brother's socks drowned smack in the middle of the pool) we walked home.

Yeah, you heared me right. We walk home form Aina's to mine in the frickin hot sun! Like, some rombongan. Me, Natra, My brother, Jeet, Michael, Stefan, Nicholas, Timmy, Tun Meng and others. Hah! Almost everyone stared at us walking by. Cause really, like damn weird right? 2 girls wearing tradional clothes, 2 guys wearing soaking wet traditional clothes and a bunch of guys in erm.. clothes walking in one big group. It was weird.

Anyways, after that, some of the guys ended up my place while I prepared for my own raya open house later on that night. Here are them' piczas!!

Cheryl so cute lerh!! ;) and timmy... looks blur.

How sad. I tried to scare them after the photo but no one got scared :(

Why the happy faces?xP

This people can really chit chat better than girls! xD and they made me take them drinks.. T.T

The picture says it all!

I never thought i'd live to see the day WeeLiHwei wears a skirt. But omg!! She wore one!!! at my open house!!! omigod. omigod. omigod.

Damn you tall human who suddenly wears a skirt! xP

Danny wow-ing the crowd. Typical!

People!! Don't you know my cat Able shits all over the garden!

This guy can really play the hell out of the piano. Respect!

Needless to say, i trashed them! Hohohoh.

Humans attempting to be Malaysia's next top model

No party is complete without some dramarama

Wookay folks, the party lasted till 1am and my friends sleptover. Thank you for coming and hope you all enjoyed it! 

Ps- hope Natra finds her phone back



  1. OMG wee with a skirt! now tht i saw the pics, i cannot believe it myself either. x)

  2. i know!! Its weird right?? xD
    Alot of people came with office-ish looking chlothes
    I think its the latest style mow xD