June 7, 2011

You've arrived C:

Whats here?

It finally arrived. It frickin' finally came!! and I've been hooked to it ever since. No idea what I'm talking about? Well about two days ago, I was on the computer (as usual) when I heard the doorbell ring. I looked out the window, and well wadya' know, there's this huge lorry outside my house. Two men announced that the package has finally arrived. Package? What package? and then it hit me. Even longer [3 weeks back] my family and I were wandering around IOI Mall when we saw this Gintell Fitness promotion going on. Needless to say, we bought something. A TREADMILL!! I'm so happy! I mean, this one is seriously cool. Got all the latest and greatest gadgets that comes with it. Don't mess yo! Hahah finally, a reason to exercise again.

Anyway, since I'm so in love with this particular treadmill, I've decided to do (my first time doing this sorta thing) a PROMO POST! This treadmill is so awesome, you should all get your bums of the couch and buy it now xD With that said, here's my Promo Post :-



Hi there! Don't look around, I'm talking to you, yes you! (cheesy promo intro here) Have you ever wanted to go for  a run, only to be rudely interrupted by bad weather?? Well fear no more! Gintell's latest treadmill release is bound to put a smile on your face :D Who needs to exercise outdoors when you can do it the comfort of you own home. Go on, get out now and buy it!

Who needs to go outdoors? not us treadmill users!

This latest Gintell Treadmill is so stylish and sleek, you're bound to lose weight just by looking at it! (not possible, but a person can dream right?) It's ultra comfortable to run in, and it's specialized just so it does not hurt your knees as you run. Awh, what a considerate treadmill. Also, it is big enough to make running easy, you can go on for hours without even realizing it! Wait- provided you have some catchy music to run with of course. Theeeen, you can go on for hours :D

Such beauty, such style, I weep just looking at it.

So many functions and programmes to choose from, you'll never get bored!

So this is the point where usually an interview is fitted in so that the promo advertisement is more believable. However, in my case since I'm the only one doing this promo advertisement, I guess I'll have to interview.... myself.

NATASHA : How was your reaction when you first saw this treadmill?
NATASHA : Well, I wasn't sure if I wanted to try it out cause well, I hate exercising. But after a few runs. It actually turn out pretty fun. I SWEATED LIKE SHIT! hehaheha!

NATASHA : I see.. that explains the smell. But anyway, do you think this treadmill is appropriate for all ages? 
NATASHA : What smell?! -.- but yeah, other than automatic, you can also manually adjust its settings to suit your style of exercising. If you're older, you can adjust it to slower speeds. But if you're young and energetic, go crazy and turn it to full speed!

NATASHA : That's great! What do you love most about this treadmill?
NATASHA : Other than the fact I look absolutely hot running in it? (perasan) well, I think it's this cute little fan attached in front on it. The wind blowing my hair back as I run makes me feel like I'm running for a Bay watch scene, except, I'm in fast motion of course.

NATASHA : Thanks! That'll be all. How bout a photo of you with this treadmill then?
NATASHA : Alright! You're welcome :D

-End of Interview-

HAHAHAHA. Go ahead and laugh at my lame-ness people, but I actually had fun doing the interview. No seriously. Moving on, another thing I love about this treadmill is that it can incline and go upwards. Lemme show you. 



It's so awesome, I feel like going up a hill when I put it to its maximum height. So, yeah... now I'm running out of ideas to promote this treadmill. Hrmmm. Ok, let me tell you a story. A story of a young boy...

This is a story of a boy, who cried a river and drown the whole world. And while he looks so sad in photographs, I absolutely love him..... when he smiles!! *love that song hor?* Lol but seriously, this is Danny. Danny is sad and moody. Why is he sad and moody? He can't go out and play. The rain refused to go away despite singing the 'rain, rain go away' song for the millionth time. Now, he has no hope of playing.

But wait! Now he remembers! He has.. GINTELL TREADMILL! No need for outdoors, he has a treadmill to play run with. After a few minutes of running. Danny felt a magical change come over him. BAM! Danny feels super strong. Danny can do this!






Sexy! Cool! Hip! Behold, the power of Gintell treadmill~!

Gintell treadmill, we love you! Say fit and healthy with Gintell treadmill. With that I shall end my promo post. So what do you think? Okay anot my first promo post? xD Anyway, hope you all like it. I was just having fun with this post! Enjoy reading and comment me and click my adds please? ^^ Bye! imma go run on the treadmill now :D -xx

Go to your nearest store and buy it now :P

June 5, 2011

Guess who's back?

                                                             MEEEEE :D

Hellow people!
and yes, I know what you're thinking. FINALLY SHE UPDATES HER BLOG. I'm sorrryyyy. Things have just been really busy this days, and I guess the blogging bug hasn't bitten me for the longest time. But the ultimate reason for my absence is cause.. well, I realized that if you stopped blogging for a long time, its really hard to get back in the swing of blogging. Like really awkward you know. So, yeah. You see, I'm typing funny!! D: BOOHOO.

Anyway, I was initially planning to blog about my trip few days back to USS (not USA, its Universal Studios Singapore xD) but I'm sure that'll take FOREVER. And I'm in no mood for a long post right now so maybe next time. Teehee! Today, I'll be blogging about.... :D :D :D errr wait- what do I wanna blog about? -___-  Right, no idea. I'll just update you people with what's going on in my life mouth :P okay? hookay? wookay?

So lately my dentist added this latest addition on my already cluttered-with-metal mouth. She added rubber. I'M SERIOUS! You know what she did?!? She placed this mini rubber band things (kinda like the type you use to tie your hair, except, smaller x10) between my braces. And now, everytime I open my mouth widely, I resemble this monster creature from cartoons. No kidding. Lemme show you a picture.

That slime around this creature's teeth resembles my rubber.. things. No kidding.

Ok fine, maybe I'm exaggerating a little alot. xD But seriously! I think my rubber elastics look like that. Hah, I bet you all expect me to upload a picture to show how my mouth looks right? NO WAY HOWZAY! Eheheh sorry I keep rhyming my phrases, its just so fun to rhyme things! *awkward silence* weird. Anyways, fine! I'm not that cruel. To satisfy your curiosity of how it looks like, check out this picture I found on google images. Its pretty much same like my mouth :B TAA-RAA!

You see? YOU SEE? Same mo?? -___-

Never mind, the fact that I'll have gorgeous teeth after braces makes me feel so much better. Oh yeah, on a more positive note,  those rubber elastics HURT! :D Why is this positive you ask? Well, it makes it slightly uncomfortable to eat. Thus, painful = less food consume = thinner me! Hah, what a nice cycle :') 

Lets see what else.. oh yeah! My mom and I are planning to sell some of our clothes. We sorta have a "I got so much clothes but nothing to wear" situation. So yeah, I'll tell you more about it in the next post. Some of the clothes are honestly brand new + never been worn before and some are second-hand but still in good condition. Can you imagine me having a garage sale right in my own garden?? That sounds so cool, no?! Hahaha okay okay, I'm off to stalk people on YouTube now. Once again, sorry for my late-ness & also this post is  pretty short. But hey, like I said before, I need to get use to blogging again. See ya later, alligator! (again with those rhyming phrase ^__^)