November 1, 2010

Lights, camera and.. Deepavali!


So feel free to be jealous, nyeh nyeh :P Anyway, since Deepavali is coming soon, I decided to blog about the most indian culture-ish thing I did this year :
...dancing to indian songs and performing it THREE times at each different places!!

and I loved every moment of it! After awhile, you get really addicted to the adrenaline you feel when performing and plus, the fame that comes afterwards isn't bad either :P It all started when I saw my ultra-talented friend, Keerthana, performing to an indian song in school one day. I WAS AMAZED. This girl can really shake it to them indian beats y'know. So I went all crazy chick on her and said "Keer! You have to let me dance with you next time okay?! Pleaseeeee~!" and she said, okay nat! and that was that. xD

So Performance numba 1 was when our school had Hari Canteen. The school needed performances from the students, so who else decided to volunteer? Non other than us girls, of course! Keerthana, Thiru, Me, Dee, Sofea and Nerin! Then the hard part came, getting guy partners for each of us. Migod. This, was, torture, I tell you. Who knew guys could be so shy?! We had to go trough lots of last-min pull outs and mini disasters before we finally got the permanent partners. But when we did, it was totally worth the trouble :)

Announcing the partners :
Jeremy + Keerthana, Matthew + Thiruselvii, Naveen + Me, Kajen + Dee, Lam Mun Hoh + Nerin, Joshua + Sofea = The awesomest dance crew ever!

Training was probably the funnest period for all of us. I can still recall our last training.. We'd dance away all our troubles and worries and err.. flabs while cracking jokes and having fun. Best part is, after dancing the real dance, we'd rock out to other songs after that. Watching Keer dance battle with some of the guys never fails to make me scream cheer! Until I got sore throat. -.- The song that we danced to was a mash-up of 4 indian songs. Hmmm.. I think it was Mere Piya, Some traditional song, Doom Machale and Shava shava. Ok, go ahead and laugh at my retarded spelling! Anyway, inspired by the name of the first song, our dance crew name was born! Its.. *drum roll please* .... MIKE VALOWSKY! Hah, Gotcha! Its The Meri Piya's.

The Mere Piya's + malay girls from other performance (my face is funny, so i cencored it xD)

Say shava shava! xD

Shakin' it, yo!

End of performance number 1. It was such a great day.. the teachers all love us. Ahahaha, really! :P After that, I thought that'd be the end of the Mere Piya's. And I was right, until one day, we got an invitation from Keer's neighbourhood to perform for their upcoming event. Thus, that bring us to our Perfomance numba 2 : Puteri 10 Malaysia Day.

This one, sadly, alot of the Meri Piya's had to pull out due to their busy schedule that day :( It was a mini calamity y'know. Nerin, Jeremy, Lam Mun Hoh and Joshua pulled out. So I rushed & rushed and at last, found replacements for them! Phew. Meet our latest additions to the Meri Piya's *drum roll* ...Amelia took over Nerin, Abishekh took over Jeremy, Ivan took over Joshua, and guess who took over Lam Mun Hoh? Non other than my BROTHER himself! :'D hahahahhahhaahah. Welcome to club, guys!

So in 2 short weeks, this new bunch of Meri Piya's trained hard and managed to successfully master the steps. I ish so proud of you people :') I still remember teaching ame, ivan and my bro the steps.. during my PUASA time! I show so much dedication, no? HAHAH. Training period part 2 was shorter this time, but just as fun as before. I really really really miss those session. And I still do!

All 6 guys + 1 girl (me) stuffed in the car on the way to Puteri 10 :/

Our performance at Puteri 10's Malaysia Day! 

And yes, I was wearing a cheongsam for that event. The organizers there wanted us to dress in a specific traditional outfit. So yeah... but oh well :) Oh my gosh, wanna know something? Its frickin' hard to dance in a cheongsam!! Sofea and I would know because we did it for that day. Its like, our hands can't really move freely up and down. And don't even get me started on the high slits on the cheongsam xD Impossible to squat properly, and unfortunetly, our dance HAS a few squats here and there! Dayum :P It was tough but we pulled it off with style I hope? x) The organizers gave us all free coupons to buy stuff. Yay! Sadly, my bro and I couldn't really stay for the event, we left shortly after performing. Boohoo.

Now this brings us to our last one, Performance numba 3 : Puteri 8 Tanglung Night! This one, 2 people couldn't make it, that is Kajen cause he has his spm trials around the corner (don't worry Kajen, I'm sure you'll do great!) and dee, I miss her! Luckily it was Jeremy who covered for Kajen cause he already knows the steps from our first performance so can skip the whole re-teaching process. xD and Keer's lil sis took over for Dee. Anyway, we didn't even need any training session for this performance cause by this time, all of us knew the steps by heart. We're like so fly like a G-6! I mean, we're so pro we're like popping ice like a blizzard! Okay, I shall stop my attempt to 'cool talk' now. Hahaha love that song, btw :P

Anyway, for this event, some of the Meri Piya's came early and we watched the performances in the evening. Our performance was scheduled at later at night. Or so we thought. The funnest part was the havoc last minute when our performance was so called gonna start earlier then planned, so all the girls + guys rushed home to fight for the bathroom first. Hahahah girls took longer, as usual. But only cause I think the guys didn't bath at all! EWWWW.

Despite being the last 2 girls left in the house, we still had time to camwhore! :P

Then, thiru and I rushhhhhhedddd to the padang only to find, we weren't late after all! :'D phew. My B-boy lil brother's performance was before ours so we were there to support him. And boy, was he amazing! Like, seriously. He really REALLY got the crowd all hyped up with his break-dancing steps and moves. I AM SO PROUD OF YOU DANNY :'D

Coming down from the stage with his present :) ahh, must have got his talent from his sis!

The guys with their dyed golden hair courtesy of Jeremy (that was their only accessory btw)

Meri Piya's rocking out on stage

I don't know what I'm doing o.O

Down the stage we go.. sigh. I'll miss performing :(

And with that, I'd like to end my post. Honestly, I find the indian culture truly amazing with their colourful-ness and music. Always loved it and always will! :) Happy Deepavali in advanced everyone!

मेरे ब्लॉग को पढ़ने के लिए धन्यवाद, और कमाल की रही रहो!

Thanks google translator xP



    it's hard to squat in a cheongsam right? :D costumes wise, i paling like what all of you guys wore in the first performance the most - so very supercalifraglisticly colourful!. TEE-HEE :).

  2. Ah, my fav blog commenter! :D

    IT IS HARD :( cos the slits so high! and hahah thanks! I agree with you, indian clothes are famous for the colours :)

  3. Back to blogging i see!!! nice pic btw.... hehe XP

  4. yup, man i miss blogging :) and thanks! Keep on reading xD

  5. that was PHENOMENAL! :D Sigh.. I miss performing with you guys. Wanna do it again next year? OMG! I just remembered! P. Norina wants the girls to dance fot the teacher's board dinner. Wanna join? JPIN, JOIN, JOIN!!
    hehehe Nat, blog about me and my new blog la! xD Do a little promotion for your bud-dee ;)

  6. Interesting...U really had fun from the pics..
    =) Nat...U are a true Malaysian...=P

  7. Dee, thank you! and like, DURHH!! of course I'll dance for the teacher's board dinner :) and no probs, will promote you in my next post. I always got ya back :)

    Danial, hahah thank you! and so are you :D I can already imagine u as the next Prime Minister. Seriously :)


  9. THANKS BABE! :D I can't update bout the Halloween party though.. D: Didn't take my cam with me that night :(

    but i'll update bout other stuff <3 :)

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