October 14, 2009

Weird Wednesdays

Its weird, but somehow, PMR already feels like a distant memory to me.. Especially after today.

Its Jalinan Kasih Sayang for Deepavali.
Strange, but all my close indian friends did not come today. And yes, that means you Thiruselvii a/p Pakiyanathan and Keerthana a/p err- i don't know her full name. Heh :)

but still, why you people no come huh? Missed out on such alot! like, when me and lim and nurain and CYY and Ivan and the others had the so-called "pleasure" of welcoming the VIPs (just parents). Yeah... we mostly talked lah. Until, kena scolded by 3 teachers repeatedly. WTF.

OH! I just found out my room and my room partner for the Genting Highland school trip. Room 40! and Sofea!

Everyone is already so excited about the trip. But somehow, i have my doubts.. Maybe its cause the last time i went there, i nearly froze my ass off! =.='

told you! hmph

my dad pun sama. xP
and i'm just kidding about the old part. xP My dad still young and active kay!! ;)

Harhar but still, my little brother seemed to have enjoyed himself the MOST! Grr.. check out the proof folks.


and again..

and again..

and again..

ookayy, you get the point right? hahah i'm so mean. I drew Danny a misai.LOL! but he still looks cute. Dammit. =.="
so yeah,

Genting's fun and all (especially for danny) but its also really cold! haahah i can't wait to go there wth all mua friends. Just wait... BUahahah BUAHAHAHAHAHAH ;)


  1. AHAHH! i'm so excited also!!!!!

    danny. OHH DANNY. i miss him. and his cute lil' voice on the phone. =(

  2. Yeah! but just wait till his older and his voice will pecah and all ;( sadness! lol plan wad ur wearng for genting edi?