October 14, 2009

Inventions that gets attention

Good morning folks!

OMG. Morning? I'm blogging in the frickin' morning? This totally proves my point. I've gone to the point of no-return. I'm hooked on BLOGGING.
Well, whatever. I mean, lots of people are hooked on blogging too, right? Yeah, whatever. No big deal. Whatever. Lol.
Do you know why I keep saying whatever? Its cause, a recent survey shown that the most annoying word of all time is, non other then, whatever.
So, yeah. Whatever. Hahahah, am i annoying you? saying whatever so many times :P HAHAH sorry lorh!

Kay lah, what i wanna blog about today is how little things amuses the human brain so easily. I mean, with one teeny weeny invention. We can be entertained with it for AGES. You want the proof? I'll show you the proof! 

Behold- the invention Lim, Wee, Emily and I made for our school play few months back :

It was such a big hit in class! Masuk with that pumpkin only, people already start to cheer. Thank you thank you. They also probably just cheering at my hotnesss lah. ROFLMAO!

PS: That's my hot mom behind me. Can somebody please tell her i'm taller than her?? Cause she keeps saying she's still taller than me wor! Grr.. :) Hahah! I know, my dad will read my blog soon and show this to my mom. So.. HI MA! HI PA! xP

Anyway, here's more proof human brains are so easily amused:

Believe me now? Its weird right? With such a weird invention like a pumpkin vehicle. We are so entertained with it. Entertained enough to take pictures with it like it were our first child. Hahah!

But now now people, there so many other inventions that are whacky, weird, wonderful, wise, winning, we-
Ok. I've runned out of things to say that starts with "w" :p
But my point is, there are so many other amusing things people invented!
check 'em out:

Glue your butter on the bread
I love that! (especially, since i love bread. Sad its Fat)

A belt that tells your waist size too!
Hrm, ok lorh, but i wouldn't wanna buy it after have to check my waist size everytime. Malunyer :)

Waseh! Now putting on your eye drops would be way easier.
I likey this invention ;)

LOL! A fan attached to your chop sticks to cool down your hot food while eating.
Smart, but still.. i have my doubts on this one. Not heavy meh while eating?

This is one is my favourite!!
Now, i can easily surf the internet while doing my err..
number two ;)

So, that concludes the end of my observations on weird, funny inventions. Lim, i really think you should go for invention number 4 cause when you eat that time, the food still hot right? It'll help cool down the food since you eat so FAST! xP



  1. PUMPKIN! ;)
    i rmb d time i went 2 school carrying tht thing. grabbed so much unnecessary (and necessary) attention la wei! heehee! man, we should have taken a video of d rehearsal and the real play in school. u and wee are superb scriptwriters! xD

    HAHA YAYA, u're right abt invention no.4. but then it'll slow down my speed of eating cuz it's heavy on my hand. wakaka! oh btw, tht van helsing in my blog is samuel ivan sim; ur classmate in std 2. =P

  2. Why, thank you lim ;)
    me and wee laughed so hard making the script. xD. And ur right! wasted la tht chance. Nvr mind, the play will forever be a memory in our hearts. Chehhh xD

    OH! and I knew it! somehow, i just got a gut feeling it was Samuel man xD XD thanks for comfirming my suspicions ;P

  3. kay, no prob. he wants to remain anonymous in his blogs and such (idk why oso) so pls don't use his real name by any chance, aite? ;)

    btw, do u want to add a cbox to ur blog? it's much more convenient to comment about stuff. =)