August 21, 2010

Go shawty, its your birthday..

..we gonna party like its your birthday!! :D

and partied like its my birthday they did. Hellloooooooooo bloggiing world~! I am BACK. On my sweet sixteen too :) Last night, I had THE most best, memorable night of my life. Seriously, my supercallifragillistic friends threw me and another awesome friend, Lam Mun Hoh a combo birthday party. Cos like, he's birthday is one day before mine and all. I had so much furrrnn, and i'll always remember that night. So anyway, to Amelia, Jeremy, Dee, Keerthana, Sofea, Ivan, Joshua, Samuel, Albert aka bird-bird, Chun Yip, Onn, Joel.. thanks guys. I love you all :')

So how it started was, the master minds of this event Jeremy & Amelia planned a birthday party for Lam and I in Seoul Garden, IOI Mall since we're turinng sexteen (don't blame me, thats how amelia pronounces it xP). Some went earlier to catch the movie Inception while others *coughmecough* came later, just to join the birthday dinner. I arrived around ermmm... six-ish? after bombarding Dee with a thousand calls of her location, we finally met in front of Nando's. I can still remember her on the phone "nat, i can't see you? where are you? where?" as she walks by somewhere in front of me. Lol much?! xD

Anyway, we met up with the guys for a short while to say 'HI' then we left, to buy Lam's pressie. Amelia & Sofea went to some shop while Dee, Keer and I went to another [cencored] shop. Boy, did we have fun there! :D

Playboy bunny =3

I mean, seriously, who the heck can't have fun when they sell bunny ears there?! Teehee~ We bought out sutff(s) for Lam and some for ourselves. Ps- Dee actually got Lam bunny ears! e-p-i-c. Soon after that, we rushed to another place for me to buy Lam's card. Hmmm, that's around the time when Keerthana gave me my early birthday present. This oh so gorgeous earrings. I love it so much, always wanted earrings like that you know! :D HAHA. After that, all of us wore our bunny ears and cat ears and made our back to Nando's (where the guys were cos Seoul was fully booked..) to start the birthday dinner. Man, on the way back, almost everybody we passed turn to stared at us. Whooo :D It can mean two things ; 
  1. We are too damn hot, that people just Gotta look at us with our bunny+cat ears
  2. We are hot. (lol jk jk)
  3. We look half retarded walking around like that :s
But if you ask me, I think it was more of the first option. TEEHEE!  Anyway, we sat down at this huge erm, oval table? and jeremy ordered the food. Yums :d Credits to keer, for taking the following pics. That girl is a cam bug I tell ya :P

At this point, I learned one important lesson on life... Forcing guys to wear bunny+cat ears is FUN!

Halfway eating, Ivan made a toast. "To Natasha and Lam (this is the part where Lam whispered to me, why did Ivan say your name first? hahaha) may you have a wonderful birthday, and for more times like this to come!" and we all toasted! *ching ching*


Then, we continued makan-makan, with lots of fart related jokes in between. Err, i got no comment on that ==" Then suddenly, Lam ask EVERYONE on the table to give a lil' speech. And guess what?? I have to start first. Hmph! Seriously, they all bully me abit last night just cause it wasn't officially my birthday yet. Jeremy kept saying 'few more hours Natasha' with the cheeky smile! grrrr :p but me being me, The Brave One and all. I started. Then it went in an anti-clockwise motion to Jeremy, Dee, Chun yip... and etc etc. Lam's the last one! Lucky arse xP Sighs, it was really nice.. totally bonded our friendship further. :)

After that, when I almoooossstt finished my coke drink due to all the toast we made, it was time for CAKE CUTTING. My fav part, I love them cakes yo! This year they bought Tiramisu cake from Secret Recipe. Migod, it tasted like heaven on earth... *drools* thanks la all of you. Must be the hundredth time I mention thanks already xP Hahah my caked ended up on a few fortunate people's face.. ohhh hello Ivan! Hi Albert! :p hope you enjoyed the cake speacial... ON YOUR FACE! :D

Cake Cutting~!

Joel ended up cutting the cake for everyone. TEEHEE ;)

Ohohohoh. After the cake eating session was another fav part of mine. RECEIVING AND OPENING PRESENTS SESSION. Once again, I wanna tell all of you, I LOVE all the presents you gave me so much! All your present damn random and funny lah. It totally made my day :) 

Amelia gave a present inside a box, when I was about to open it... everyone stared.. ooh, nerves. :p When I opened it. OMG, the horribleh whiff of onions surrouded my nose!! Then I saw a note amelia wrote, "smell to cry, to show us that you're touched" Oh, that is SO amelia! xD I tried, I really did, but the onion smell just couldn't make me cry. Strange (maybe i was too happy that time) :o then inside the box also contained a balloon, which they ask me to pop. Again, everyone stared. Nerves :p heheh so I popped it with Amelia's earring. Then, this strong smell of cologne filled the air! HAHAHHA  I tell you, this girl is a genius xD All together the smell of oninon + cologne = yucks. But anyway, her real present with sofea was this awesome funkay bracelets + earrings collection. All them hot man! =D I LOVE! I LOVE! ^____^

And now, the guys............whoah. Can somebody please shout RANDOM?! They gave such awesomely funny presents. Seriously made me smile laugh! xD Jeremy gave me a duck. With a HUGE butt. Hmm... get the hint here? Geez, i know lah my butt so big and sexy :P love it <3

As for Lam, he payed for half of my dinner bill and gave me this.... jeng jeng jeng... HUGE BLACK ASS GORILLA. Hahaha! Some of the guys campur duit to get me that. Thanks ~ :) I named it Puby. P-U-B-Y. Know why? Ivan said the black-ness of the gorilla is all their pubic hair mixed together. GROSS?! xD heheheh

Say Hello to Puby.

I also received this really interesting book from Onn, can't wait to start reading it! :D Sadly, I couldn't open all my presents there, cos we were running outta time. But as for the ones I already open, I LOVE IT! We left Nando's soon after. Bring on the picza's!

I am really touched by everything you guys did for me. The party, the presents (in the big yellow plastic bag).. :") friends for life~!

Group Picture! :) a toast! to more reunions to come! ;D

Soon after, we all separated to go home.. sobs :'( girls went to of course, the infamous TOILET. Teehee! You know why la. What else? MORE PICTURES! 

Toilet's is that way! xD

We did self-timer to try to get all, but only dapat Ame's head and mine. o.O

At this part, my dad called me to ask if the party is over yet. I said yes, and he ask to meet at MacD's. I took a picture of me talking to him. Whoah, i'm really over-vain :o

So us girls, strutted our stuff all the way to MacD's. Where we spotted my mom buying ice-cream. She belanja'd us all. Including Dee, who sadly, vanished before we could pass her the ice-cream. Then, ame and sof left. So that leaves just my famiy and I. I thought it was time to go home already, but suddenly, they took me to a.... wait for it..... CAMERA SHOP! Could it be? They're finally accepting my vanity by buying me a camera for me to take pictures of myself? Could it be? :D

Oh, I wonder, are they getting me a camera?

Oh come on, you know you love me right? Get me a camera. PLEASE~! *big eyes*

*moment of suspense*


Its amazing, mama and papa. I love it so much! I love you two so much too :') Then, after that, did we go home from IOI mall after a fantastic, fun-filled, wonderful, amazing, random, funny, awesome night.

I love you mama! thank you :)

After that, I went home, opened my facebook, twitter and phone and found alot-ta of birthday wishes. Man, all of you guys, makes me really happy. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart <3

And also, i'm not forgetting my dearest compatible friend Michelle Lim, the FIRST one to wish me on Facebook AND twitter. I love you, babe! Seriously, i'm never gonna leave you, okay? Muahks. ;)

And on that note, I shall sign off blogger now. Once again, thank you for eveything :) this has been the BEST sweet sixteen, ever! Oh, wait! Its just beginning ~