February 15, 2010

She's back.

I am back.
And for those who did not know the reason for my absence.. i'll tell you now. My mother *takes deep breath* banned me from the internet!!! I can only go online during the holidays! [and that doesn't even include weekends] Yeah, sad case much? Urgh.. you have no idea how hard it is to part with my passion... blogging. So everyday, beginning from 1th Jnauary, i counted down the days till CNY holiday where i can go online again. Like, i know, pathetic.


but i'll try. harhar.

No wait, screw that! Too many things la x) lets just start with the eve of cny! We had our annual Chinese Reunion Dinner. This started like ages ago! All the way back before i was even in high school. So the people who come is the same every year. Natra, Jeet, Ryan, Stefan, Joel and Roshen. Aaahh.. this people.. i've known them forever. =) Y'know what? I can just imagine.. in the future when we're old and married, we'll still meet up once on the eve of CNY every year for this dinner. But heck, thats gonna be YEARS from now. I mean c'mon! We're all obviously still young and hot right? Especially mua. TEEHEE!

Eh, you know my bro and I had to wait ONE WHOLE FRICKIN' HOUR for this people to come this year. Sheesh, ever heard of the word punctual?! I sudah hungry.. and you won't like me when i'm hungry! :-P

especially this guy here. 

Well, something interesting happen during dinner. For some reason, which i don't know so don't ask me why. People started crunching ice cubes that was in the drinks and spitted it out at each other. Eyeerr.. so dirty you know! Got the saliva and enzyemes and cheeck cells and food and and and.. stuff all but still wanna play! Oh wait- I also played.


Fun lah! Anyways, this big baboon called Ryan dared to taunt me. YOU KNOW WHAT HE DID?? Omg you'll never believe what he did. He.. he.. he waved his hands in front of his face to block the ice. THATS what he did! :-O Anyway, i wasn't gonna let some hand block the path and wrath of my ice attack so i attempted to crunch one BIG ice cube. Uh-uh. BIG mistake.
I got brain freeze and had to spit out this fairly big amount of saliva back into the cup.

And then, one way or another. It started as a joke, and ended as a dare. Stefan was dared to drink up whats in the cup. Can somebody please yell EWWW?!
EEWWWW!! you know what?? He drank it.

And at this, everyone on the table stimultaneously jumped away form the table yelling! It was a like a scene from some action movie where the villain takes out the gun and points to a random person. That was how things looked like at that time. Everyone was just running away and yelling!! but the most interesting part was..


ahah.. ahahaha... ahahahah!!! AHAHAHA AHAHAHAHHAHA HAHAHHAHAHHA!!! :'D

Well after that, thank god mostly everyone already finished eating dinner. Appetites gone all rotten at that point. I mean, seriously, EW?! o.o 

After that, Natra & Stefan & Jeet and I sat on some table and went camera crazy! YAY. Eh guys, remember the promise kay, no deletes and all gonna be posted no matter how holy-crap-i-look-damn-ugly it is! 



Ok ok stop- if i continue uploading, it'll fill up my whole post man!  After that, all of us went out walking at the park for awhile. Here, the guys went completely hyper and started battling out with each other on the see-saw. Motive of the game : see who can last longest on the see-saw. Harhar, such kids! Pfft :-P Then we all talken for awhile, then it started to drizzle so we went back home. 

OMG. This is so traumatizing. When my bro and i got back home... my parents.... were watching.... BABY VIDEOS OF US!!!! Oh, the horror! While all my friends settled down to laugh at the horrible clip playing on the TV, i thought of ways + reasons to suddenly off the TV. I could say, errr... the lightning must have caused a shotrage of errr... electricity? o.O Dammit. That was lame.

So anyway, we spent some time watching the video until it finish. Natra, i just wanna say thanks. You've been a great friend. Thanks alot for laughing at how flat my nose looks like in the video!! =.=' like i needed that! I know la, your nose so sharp and all.. tak payah perasan! xP Hahah.

Shortly after that, we celebrated my moms birthday who happens to very special. Especially this year since it falls on the Chinese New Year AND Valentines Day AND her Anniversary Day AND her birthday! Four events all together in one day. Can somebody please say cool?!

...cool!! xD

Yo cake, you forgot to add CNY and annivarsary! Teehee!

After that, we watched the movie Paranormal Activity. I'm not gonna make ANY comments on that. Nope, non at all. Just one thing.. at the ending of the show.. EVERYBODY screamed. Yes, that includes girls and guys as well...... buahahahhhhahaha... watch at your own risk.

More picza! Behold-

....and crazy! :-D


...... and gay-er!! :-P

......and GAY-EST!! :-D

Little Ryoine is sho proud of his 'air!

The day ended the next day! Literally. Cos, they slept over. Except Natra! left at 4 something in the morning... zzzz!!! =.=" without saying goodbye! She left when i was sleeping you know. Heh. Fine, excuse me while i go find her and kill her now.

BYEE!!! ^^