February 5, 2011

Walking down Memory Lane

Once again, I managed to not update my readers about how my new year went. I'm sorry! Its just, I've been so busy doing other things that I didn't have the time to update. And well.. fine. I was just lazy to blog about it. But you all still love my blog, right? Right?? *hysterical despo smile*

Anyway, I kicked start my 2011 this year by once again, organizing a new year's countdown party with the Puteri 8 gang + the adult commitee. It was pretty last minute and the fireworks was an epic..... :D



So yeah, I'd rather not talk about that. Lately, I've been doing more blog surfing than blogging. Along the way, I've found some really awesome pawsome blogs! :) One of 'em is Kenny Sia. For those who don't know him, where the hell have you been living?! xD He's this really funny blogger from Malaysia. I. am. obsessed. with his blog. Some of his post can literally make me LOL! or sometimes, LMAO! Or at his best, makes me ROFLMAO! Well not really, but you get the picture. His blog = good. Period.

In fact, it is because of him I am inspired to start this blog post :) First of all, HAPPY 2011 PEOPLE! and yes, I am aware its February making this probably the latest new year wish you'll ever receive.. but oh well, better late than never eh? :P Anyway, before I welcome 2011 with open arms, I'll walk down memory lane and recall....

"10 big things in 2010"

1. Playing on a life-sized snakes and ladders board with my family. 
Not once, but..

......TWICE. :)

But the most ironic part was, guess who won both rounds of snake and ladders??


This just goes to show Snakes & Ladders is totally a game of luck! (yes, I am a sore loser that's why I'm blaming luck for making me lose both rounds xD) Danny, the youngest in the family ended up beating everyone twice. While my brother and I on the other hand, always ended up the bottom two.

2. Became a guest judge for a bunch of ladies doing dance performance.
This was done together with my older brother and my friend Ivan. Also before that, we had to perform and teach them how to do the dance! Not only that, we also co-host that day by organizing a few games and activities for this ladies. Confused on what exactly is that day? Teehee! Actually, that day is my mom's annual "kick-off" day for her work agency!

The Dedicated Trio

Teaching ~!

The two awesome performance team xD

Posing as Randy, Paula and Simon (you guess who acts as who) and Judging~!

An awesome day! Can't wait to help with this year's kick-Off day :D

3. Went to my first ever concert :- The Wonder Girls.

The wonder girls in wonderful red dresses (haha I made a lame joke there)

Showing off the WG tickets!

Showing off the WG fan crowd!

Showing off.. err.. nothing really. I post this pic cause I think I look cute here :P

Doing the typical "nobody nobody but you" pose after the concert

Doing the typical "fan with poster" pose after getting WG freebies

and omg!! Met with my friend regina there! :D 

4. Attempted to make dinner for family for the first time.

Uh-huh fail. Maybe I'll try that again this year..?

5. Separated from big brother for first time.
All my life, I've never imagined the day would come where I'd wake up and not see my annoying but lovable big brother the whole day. Last year, I had to go trough not seeing him for weeks sometimes. He was chosen for National Service which basically means, being away from home for 3 months. After that, he went for college that is a boarding school. Hence, begins the period where big bro will no longer be living at home as much as before. As much as I hate to admit this, I do miss him. Things are just not the same at home without ya, brother! Oh well, I know this is all part and parcel of growing up (I still can't believe he's 19 this year o__O). So if you're reading this 'bang, thanks for being my play companion all trough my childhood years, my tutor trough my exams and my joke partner most of the time.  Sure we've had our ups and downs, but I'll never forget all my memories with you :) 

Now that you're all grown up and leaving home for college and all... I wish you all the best in life and your studies. Never forget me, your beautiful and gorgeous little sister okay :D BUAHAHAHA.

Visiting bro during his National Service period. (Harhar bald egg head! Sorry, couldn't help it xP)

Bro getting the good news of being accepted to some college :D

6. Had my first taste of Disco Roller Skating.
You remember how effortless Jessica Simpson looked as she did some fancy move on her roller skates while singing 'public affair'? Well guess what? Not as easy as it looks! I mean, the skating part was easy enough, but when it comes to doing some stunts. One word : OUCH.

How the hell?!?!


This is how OUR version goes like xD

Danny after a fall!

Brother smiling despite falling down on that ramp 100000 times.

Mom actually not bad, doing the disco pose! 

'Ze Group Photo~!

Overall, I give it a 9/10 for fun! I THINK I WAS THE BEST SKATER IN MY FAMILY. ^_____^

7. Won second place in The City Stock Challenge.
My journey being in the Young Entrepreneurs [YE] Club has totally been a roller coaster ride. But despite all my ups and down, my BEST memory being in YE would be the 2 day event : City Stock Challenge. I was teamed up with Stefan and Edwin and together we made an awesome team called the "Oogas-oogas". In the first day, we had to learn about stocks and how it is in the real world. It was tough but totally interesting and fun! At the end of day, our team had to come up with our own buisness card, outfit, name and all.

Second day was the stock challenge itself! It was a full day of competing with other schools (plus our own school) That day was just all about stocks, calculating/balancing accounts, making wise decisions on which stock to buy depending on the current world situation. Man I tell ya, I felt like a real adult that day :) In the end, we made a whole lumsap of money! Big enough to win us second place! WHOOO!

Posing on stage after the results were announced :)

The whacko outfits that also helped us win xD

With one of the many tutors/judges there

This was later on back in school, they gave us prizes for winning :)

8. Jogged for 5 km.... ON A HOLIDAY.

The jog turned out to be surprisingly enjoyably and fun. No doubt it was tiring but hey, at least I finally did something different in Cameron Highlands other than pluck strawberries and well.. pluck more strawberries xD 

9. Performed an indian dance for 3 different locations.
So what started out as a harmless little performance for school, ended being repeated 3 times on other locations. Puteri 10 and Puteri 8! Yo, we were quite famous for awhile you know B-)

Click ME to read about the performances

10. Wore braces!!! To school I mean. I was totally self concious initially, but you know what? Its not that bad after all :) People just tend to get use to it after awhile.

*actually I have no idea what to write for number 10 cause I have so many choices to choose from xD Another big moment in 2010 was my sweet 16! I had the best birthday last year and I'd like to thank everyone who made it what it was  <3

With this, I gotta end my blog post now. I wish all of you a Happy Chinese New Year! At least I'm not late for this one, right? Heheheh. Bye! :)