October 19, 2009

The morning after.

I'm awake.

I'm awake with this strange korean-ish conversation/song blarring in my room. Scary. Clumsily, i look around for the source of that painfully loud noise. But the room is still too dark to see a thing. So, i shouted, WHATS THAT NOISE. Looking up to the bed, i saw Samantha looking around sleepily too. WeeLiHwei and Emily looks like they're deep in sleep. Lucky people. And then, it hit me! Of course, korean? I turn to my right and saw Sofea deep in sleep with her LOUD alarm tone ringing right beside her ear! Typical Sofea. I  laughed loudly and said Sofea!

She woke up. In hurried panic movements, offed the alarm. After that, we continued the slumber..


Peace over breakfast :) Bring on the burgers!

Whoah. Seriously, whoah. My garden and front part of the house is covered with fluffy white pop pop crackers and black stuff that was inside the pop pops. Cool. Thank you random pop pop war that broke out last night! It was fun! Really. I got popped. ON MY FACE! But yeah, it didn't hurt at all. :) Hohoh. But did i mention? *whispers* I was the one who foolishly distributed the pop pops to everyone in glee.

Oh! After reading my buddy's blog, DeeFaery. I realized you people were talking about sex in my room!! I mean, i knew that before but i didn't know it lasted all night long! What the heck! Teenagers. Can't live with them, can't live without them. Right Dee? :) and i'm glad you enjoyed the party Dee.. but where the hell are you going next year?? What do you mean your last year in Puchong?? Details?? I'm in shock woman!

Anyway, after the people who sleepover finish eating breaky. We borrowed Jeet's ps2 since Stef's is broken. Lol. And played.. SILENT HILL

Yeah, we finally made it to the next level. But not without screaming our lungs off after every ghost appearance. Dude, i got major sakit tekak after that.

Me. Deep in the game.. damn scary wieh.

I was probably shouting WATCH OUT!! that time.

Emily's saying over there!! and i'm so into the game. Wee feeling pressured and Danny's getting gradually more scared. Sofea's just screaming alot like me. Haahahah

Buahahahaha!! Notice Danny hiding nervously behind Wee's sexy back?

HARHAR. Man, i love that game! Alright, thats it for now.. BYE!


  1. I'm going to boarding school remember?? xD

  2. OH!! phew..
    i thought you were shifting sumwhere else or sumthing..
    but still! this is bad! i wih you would change ur mind.. :(