December 25, 2009

It all comes to this

There are many things.. that i wish i have done differently. Things that i wish i did not say, or things i wish i have not done.

In life, we are are bound to make mistakes and decisions that we will regret later on.. But, as humans, we can only regret it and strive to do better next time. I am not perfect. I have done what most teengers my age have did before. Failed a test, landed in one of the lower positions in class and get screwed by teachers. Never once, did i not regret those things... but as the saying goes, "What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger".

On the 24th December 2009, all the PMR candidates will receive their results in their respective schools. I am one of them. There is no feeling to describe the fear and anxiety you feel as you approach your class teacher handing out the results. As you sit in front of her, and she searches for your paper, you can actually hear your own heart beat loud and clear. The moment when she finds your paper... the feeling is overwhelming. No words can describe it.

As I sat in front of Pn. Hasliza my class teacher, she found my paper and looked at it. For a moment, it was like time stood still for me. I looked around and saw my friends who already received their results jumping for joy. (they all got straight A's). A thousand questions raced through my mind.. What if i don't get straight A's? How would my parents feel? What do i tell eveyone if i don't get good results? Will all my tears, fears and everything i do go to waste? I looked at my father ready in the back with the camera. My heart beat faster.

"Natasha, i'm so sorry.. tak boleh lah.." My heart almost broke when my teacher said that. I couldn't respond except with a confused "Huh?" Then, wait- i saw a catch. My teacher was smiling! She handed out my results.

I'm proud to say.. i got straight A's. So yes, the late night studying till the morning, the Saturdays and Sundays spent studying and the mind-numbing hours spent on revising payed off. Thank you mama for drilling me to study, thank you papa for waking up 6 in the morning during pmr to wish me luck, thank you Lim Ying Yi for nagging me to finish my home work, thank you bang for helping explain things i don't know and thank you to everybody who encourage me during PMR. I love you all so much and i couldn't have done this achievement without you!

The moment i layed me eyes on the string of A's, i gave the LOUDEST AND BIGGEST scream! Seriously, it was very very loud. I wish i could show you the pictures of that day, but Danny deleted them all. =.=" Anyway, not only that, i was so over-joyed that i become kinda loco after that, i jumped and jumped and jumped and hugged everyone!! In the process, bashing my lower lips till in bled.

Yeah, i spilled some on my pmr paper. Still, blood was nothing compared to the joy and happiness you feel achieveing something you want so badly. I'm so happy that all my gang also got straight As!! It kinda doubles the joy celebrating with all your buddies. Congrats to all of you, you know who you are =)

I promise to work harder in eveything i do now. Thank you God for helping me get this results! I have always felt a little bit "second best" in my family compared to my genius brother. Don't get my wrong, i am very proud of him.. but with my PMR result, I finally feel like i've done somthing to be proud of. =)

wao.. i'm so shocked. It still feels like a dream =)

So now, i shall end my post. Kids taking PMR next year, remember this : No pain, no gain. Always put effort in whatever you do! In fact, i must really try and change my lazy-to-study-attitude since i'm gonna form4 next year! o.O Hahahah good luck!


December 16, 2009


I'm back!! From my 4 days + 3 nights stay at my grandparents and cousins place. Y' know, i find this last trip.. most interesting. Most interesting indeed....

While most people who stay at their grandparents place end up bored or they don't really know what to do. I on the other hand got.. messy. Definition of messy? Er, well. Literally messy.

Wattaheck. I got floured, punk!! :d

Holy.. the flour made me wanna vomit tau tak!  But it was all in the name of fun. And it was fun! Heheh let me explain, the name of the game is to find a sweet in this plate full of flour. Sounds easy? ;)

NOT! You don't use your hands.

And awww.. you poor thing! Even the young were not spared. Check out her now white mouth! Its so cutee and white and panda-ish and wait- she's using her hand!!! watta cheater. 0.0

Oh weeelll.. at least she is in my team lorh. Hahah i forgot to tell you! All my cousins are divided into TWO groups. One is called Teacher and another is called Technical support. And yes, again with the weird names! Please, don't ask me how the names got that way :) P/s i'm in Team Technical support. *coughwinningteamcough*

Besides the flour game, we also played charades, spontaneous korean drama (this is one tough game -.-) and poison ball (if u have the ball when the music stops, u have to perfrom something). Did you notice? All the games included involvment of performing?? Foo-yoh, need to have alota guts for this games. Plus, no fear of sudden acting in front of people. I fear that. But since the addience is my family, it wasn't like that scary. Hohoh. All in all, it was a blast! I truly enjoyed the games.

A nice kodak moment caught on camera, everybody laughing =) This is a some scene when Team Technical Support was performing their spontaneous K-drama.

This is my opposing team, Team Teacher. Performing their spontaneous K-drama. And my dear readers.. yes. The tudung chic is actually, not a chic, but my BROTHER. Jengjengjeng!

Just so you know, Team Teacher won the spontaneous K-drama game. Dammit. Random Fact: Korean dramas is simple. In fact, i have learn (by watching alot of them) that it is like a simple equation.

Korean Dramas = love triangle + cute guys + twisting plots

And there you have it! What it takes for a Korean drama. I would like to show you more pictures of the games that day, but unfortunately.. its limited. So anyway, here goes the list of my favourite pictures of the day! Behold-

  My cousin the birthday boy! Even he was not sparred in this flour massacre. Perfect, now all we need is eggs,and water and we can bake him into a cake! Yumz.

How ironic. The victim and the attacker. Buahahaha!

You know you wanna be as white as us! lawls

 My brother as the wife in the spontaneous K-drama game. FAAARRNNEEE!

AHAHA!! This. is. a. classic. I love this one alotta! Especially diggin' the misty/cloudy dust of flour in the air. Looks so dramatic and please, look carefully at everyones expression, priceless. =)

And now folks, i gotta go. I won't be blogging again for the next few days cause i'm leavin for my crusin trip. So, BYEEEEE!!!

X-mas is coming. Sham woo-hoo!

December 7, 2009

Football frenzzzyyyy

Damn, where did my bottle of "blog juice" go to?

I mean, seriously! I don't seem to have any idea what to blog about lately. Sighs. I can't seem to pull out anything to blog about. Ideas used to come so easily, like falling from the sky. But now... sheesh. Boys Over Flowers must have took a large ammount of space from my head. Yeah, maybe thats why i got no space to think of anything else! Curse you, korean dramas! (speaking of which, i have moved on to Winter Sonata now)

*sighs* all i feel like rambling about is Korean dramas. But if i do, i'll get boring. =.=" So yeah, what shall i blog about this time?.......AHA! 2009 Football League recently started. Fortunetly, my dad and brother ended up in the same team! Hmmm.. what are the odds of that? *ahem ahem* their team name is WHITE CEKAP. I know! weird right? But i like it :p Being the good daughter/sister i am.. i became a team WHITE CEKAP supporter!

The perks?

I get my own jersey.. with my name in it! Boo-yeah! :)

Not only that, i also became the official camera-woman for their match against BLACK HAWKS. ( i know.. whats up with the weird team names? O.o) You know, after looking back at the shots i took, i'm considering photography as my career in life. Hahah! i mean, seriously, my shots are good. Ish bangga bangga x)

Behold- shots by yours truly.

White cekap vs. Black Hawks.

This picture.. whoah. Now don't deny it. I know you know that i know you like it.

HAHAHA! This shot is so funny, i took it right after he gave kicked the ball. Thus, explains the upside-down-L shape he is making. x)

Holy.. look at the speed and length of Jeet's legs! The dude in black looks like he's shocked by the speed or something. Buahahahah.

DAYUM! Now this, is a good shot. Look at it. Rwwwaaar fierce! Hahaha too bad its Big guy versus. err.. tiny kid. xP

Right.. this shot. John asked me to take it. Its not like i wanted to take this shot okay??

Yes yes, now tell me you love my shots :)

Next time i become a camere-woman, remind me to ask for payment. Hahahah i'm just kidding. But really, this job is not all la-dee-da as it seems. It invloves risk! Mainly, when i try to get the perfect shot of the ball, i go near it, and thus, the risk of getting the ball kicked to my head in high speed + force. Ouch.

I am no stranger to getting hit by footballs, turst me. Living in a sports-obsessed place like mine, you would be weird to not get hit my a ball before! I got hit in a head once by Johnathan, and dammit that hurt. =="

But oh well, its all in the name of fun. And i really had fun taking picturres of the match. =) really.
Okay, till next time!