October 31, 2009

Commento problemo.


Halloween night was a blast! It went out almost perfectly! The only flaw was there were too many houses to 'trick or treat' from and some of the little kids got tired. So yeah.. Oh well, i learn form experience. Thank you so so much to the people who helped out :) you know who you are. I will blog about Halloween Night soon, but not now.

Cause i have a major problem-o now. People can't comment my blog!! Oh, the horror. Lol!
So no wonder nobody comment my post below larh..:) Cheh. Make me worried only. I need help. At first, i thought its cause of my new blog layout, so i changed it back to the lame-o layout one. As you can see now.. T.T

Then, i tried to test and post myself a comment. And guess what??? Still the same.
I cannot post any comment. So now i'm stuck. Grr.. If got any ideas how to help me, post me a comment in Facebook. I'd really appreciate it!

My Faceboook Link

So yeah, BYE!

Trick or Treat! What we did tonight :)

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