October 29, 2009


Halloween day is tomorrow...

And i'm scared.

BUT! not because of ghost and spirits and stuff like that. Its cause 2 days ago, Natra, Simran, Kashveen and I were talking about how nice it would be to have a Halloween 'trick or treat' in Puteri8. Suddenly, to make the long story short. It worked. And now we're having a Halloween 'trick or treat' and a Halloween party this Halloween! YAY!


We're the organisers.
Yeah.. so now. We're scrambling to pull everything together in time (since its so last min). I'm hoping the whole Halloween thing tomorrow will work out smoothly.. Did you know? last night, Natra, Jeet, Simran, Kashveen, Stefan, Oscar, William, Ryan, Michael and I distributed flyers to the whole of Puteri8 which is frickin' alotta houses! Zomg. Thank you SO much to everyone who helped out especialy Stefan and Jeet cause they did most of the houses and they're having exam right now, as i speak type.THANKS!

I'm going over later to Simran's for a meeting.

OH! but i'm also wondering now, what should i go as? for the 'trick or treat'. Help people??
 Here are some pictures i likeyy-

A strange dark pixie-ish creature?

Hawaiaan girl? (which i've done before)

This? i don't know what she is. Hahaha

Ohh~ Sexay Devil?

OR! sexay angel?

the typical witch?

Funky graveyard chic..?

Argh!! So many choices but so little time.. This are the moments i wish i could just freeze time. But oh well, i still can't wait for tomorrow. Crossing my fingers and hoping it'll turn out great, even with such late notice.

PS- Thank you for reading my blog everyone! Thanks Amelia, Stefan and Natalia for enjoying my blog. That makes me so much happier to blog now. Keep on reading! oh, and people reading my blog now, comment lorh :) I feel so lonely here without your feedback. So yeah, hit me one kay.


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