October 19, 2009

Fruits or worms?


I mean, its really fun! Especially if you have a tree just brimming with fruits. If not, then it just sucks.Thankfully, i  have a tree brimming with fruits and maybe worms. Harhar. One random day, my parents decided to make me climb up the the garden shed roof to pluck my jambu air fruit tree. The reason? Cause I'm the lightest. HAH! At 46kg, i hardly think i'm the lightest in the family. But, oh well.. if you insist.

Well anyway, first i was hesitant cause c'mon lah, the garden roof is made up of.. err.. i don't know.. bendy material?? It goes 'creaaakkk' even when i put just one foot on it. So i played safe and stayed on my ladder.

 See what i mean here folks?

Then, my mom said go higher! That's where all the good, red and ripe ones are! So, with adrenaline pumping and my moms voice yelling encouraging me in the background. I stepped up. Both legs ON the roof.

Danny, it didn't help that you were wobbling the ladder the whole time.

Luckily, the roof didn't look so fragile as it sounds. And it supported my weight. (Phew, maybe i'm not so heavy after all. Hohoh) So, with alot of effort, i streched as far as my short legs would allow and reached for those frickin' extremly high friuts. Damn you trees that grow tall!!

Risky buisness people. Don't try this at home.. unless, you're as crazy as me xP

HEY! No need to make fun of my butt while i so painstakingly pluck fruits up there. Oh, feel free to admire my sexaay butt. Go ahead, you know you want to. Buahahaha!

My mom's busy directing me to the best fruits and.. Danny is shaking up my world. Literally. He's rocking the ladder! Wth!

At long last, after my legs felt like they could no longer support me and my arms felt so sore. Fruit plucking session ended. And we had a baskets full of jambu airs! Oh yeah!

Just a 'lil of what we plucked that day. My mom all smiles and grins. I'm so awesome, i know.

Oh sweet fruits. You were worth the risk~

Thankfully, this batch of fruits had no worms. Buuuuttt, i know during my party some of the guest plucked the fruits and had worms in their fruits! HAHAH! Hello Natra! Hi Allen! Enjoyed the worm-flavoured fruit? xD

Aiyo, sorrly lorh. But you must admit, funny right? I had fun watching Natra spit out her fruit in horror when she realized there were worms in 'em. I didn't get to watch Allen eat his worm fruit but i heard from my dad he thought it was he's saliva and continued chewing it all the way. Dude, you have nothing but my respect. Hah! I bet you people all wish i will eat worm-flavoured fruit too, right? Well, fortunetly or maybe unfornutely, I still hadn't got the plesure of eating worms... YET.

But yeah, if i ever do, I'll blog about it. Promise.

Till next time, BYE!

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