November 25, 2009

Of Dangerous Obsessions.

2.05 a.m... 3.00 a.m... 4.30 a.m...

What is this random numbers you ask? ahahahahaha Ahahahahaha AHAHAHAHHA!! Er, that was me attempting to do the evil laugh. I don't think it worked. Hahah. Well yeah, back to the numbers. It is not actually numbers but its actually the time i slept watching Boys Over Flowers! I know! Looks crazy right? I had black eye bags for days after that! But trust me, when you're hooked on any drama. It doesn't matter how you look like anymore. All that matters is what happens next in the show. So yes, i have to warn you, NEVER EVER get addicted, obsessed or hooked on dramas, they literally take over your life! In fact, i am still recovering (not so successfully) from Boys Over Flowers.



Yes, Boys Over Flowers. Arggghhh!!! Get outta my head!!! Leave me alone you evil brain-take-over-images of F4!! LEAVE ME ALONE! Sighs. Didn't work. I still can't and won't stop thinking of Gu Jun-Pyo and Ji-Hoo. They won't leave my brain.

And you know what? I actually finished a whole tissue box with my mom crying over that show! Like, whatta heck?? LOL! :)

This is one of the days where my rubbish bin is actually filled halfway with tears + mucus dreanched tissues. Oh, the horror! xP

The secong tissue box in 1 day. Zomg, pity my tear glands.. producing so much tears in matter of seconds.

Ish! Even as i type this i feel so unsatisfied with the ending :

SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! (for those BOF watchers who haven't got to the last episode yet)

I can believe, Ji-Hoo got such a sad ending! :'( He still loves Jandi to the very end. But oh well, i guess Jun Pyo got the best ending. I mean, he actually proposed to her at the beach! How more romantic can you get? Awww.. and i love it that at the end ALL the f4 boys and Jandi watched the sunset. Its like.. so.. NICE. Except for the fact Jandi is maybe/gonna marry Jun Pyo. POOR JI-HOO!! Sighs, if only Ji-Hoo really exists. I'd take him any day.. ;)


Ji Hoo. Aww.. he really love her.. till the end :(

In love yet? Because i am..

[Gu Jun-Pyo]
Aww.. sweet much? Jun-Pyo and Jandi is also a sweet couple! <3



I am in love. Deeply Madly Truly in love with both of them.

Jandi is such a lucky girl! She gets the love of TWO of the hottest guys in f4, Jun-Pyo and Ji-Hoo. Its so unfair! I wanna hate her, but she's impossible to hate. Too nice T.T

Jandi and Ji-Hoo



and now, Jandi and Jun-Pyo


Ok ok ok-
I need to stop now. Really, i'm so obsessed with Boys Over Flowers i just posted this whole post about it! Dayyum, talk about dangerous obsessions..

Its late now, and i have to go. So yeah, now you know, Natasha has lost it.

November 21, 2009

Moment of Truth

The question now is..

are you ready?

Trust me, you really do not wanna see this. Should I?

Hmmm.. must I?


There! See?? I got metal in my mouth.

 Are you people satisfied? Forcing me to show off my metal mouth all. Hmph. Cruel, so cruel. But a deal's a deal.. and i paid my dues. Hahah! Oh, so anyway, i'm sure you're all curios how wearing braces "changes my a few habits of mine". Well.. i can't eat much now! *sob sob* and i can't close my mouth properly!! I look somewhat like a DUCK now! Seriously. Sheeesh, so stop telling me that. xD But other than that, life's just the same and some people said i don't look much different. Hah.

Right now, i'm currently addicted to BOYS-OVER-FLOWERS!! Its the best show ever! I love it so much. I'm living breathing sinking thinking dreaming obsessing hallucinating that frickin' show. And i also made my mom, Stefan and Natra addicted to it too. YAY! The hero of the show is Gu JunPyo. I heart him. I want him. I need him.

Ok ok ok-
that was kinda creepy o.O

"The Bracey Clan"
Yes, even Jeet. His only wearing at bottom teeth though. Me and Natra are only wearing upper.His doing his upper soon and i'll do my lower one next month. (nooo!)



p/s - what the heck happen to my font?? I can't change it also ==" aiyo, blogger so many problems.

p/ps - Boys over flowers! yaay! =D 


November 17, 2009

Dooms Day

Oh.. my.. god..

I have braces on. And honestly? I don't feel pain.. at all. Just slight pressure on my teeth. But still, i feel this other horrible pain, not on my teeth but.. in my heart! :'( I look so.. EW! :'( And it feels so akward. Like i got something in my mouth.Oh wait, i DO have something in my mouth. Oh well, as the saying goes no pain no gain. Anyway, here are the moments before.. THE BRACES. Jeng jeng jeng.

I woke up (late). The first thing that crossed my mind was, braces. I quickly got dressed. My parents were already waiting. I ate toast + peanut butter. It tasted like, fear. Damn.

Moments before leaving.

One LAST bunny teeth picture before my braces.. Bye teeth.

And another teeth picture before 'em braces!

Hell itself. O.O I took this picture while buying parking ticket and some uncle laughed at me =="

Who's that weirdo in front of the clinic? Omgee! Did you know while my mom was taking this picture, the SAME uncle that laughed at me was passing and laughed at me again!! 0.0 err.. hello? Do i look that funny that day?

Okay.. at the doorstep of DOOM.

The walk of DOOM. Thats the nurse who called me..

*2 hours later*

Wookay! I'm done! And i officially have metal in my mouth. Urgh, the process was torture cause the nurse accidently spilled some numbing cold stuff on my face skin and STUNG like anything. I had to suffer like that for some time while the dentist placed the brackets on my teeth. Then, due to accesive gurggling and drinking after each teeth had been placed a bracket, i needed to pee. Badly. Dayum, trust me folks, that was like torture for me.. But at last, it is done.

I look.. errr.. funny. Dammit. Now i'll never kiss a guy. Well, at least, untill i get this frickin' metal out of my frickin'  mouth! Hohohoh.

Hey, wanna see Danny's reaction when i showed him my mouth

 Yep, nuff' said shown.

HAHAHAHAH. And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. Wanna see the picture of me + my braces???

-To Be Continued-

HAHA!! Annoying much?
stick around lah, next post i promise to show the picture =)

November 16, 2009

A Supercallifragilistic Day!

Oh yeah, I can climb trees! Can you? Can you? Can you?

Okay, maybe you can too.. but definetly not as pro as me! Buahahaha. I mean, seriously. Its so awesome to rediscover the simple joys in life.. like climbing trees. I seriously thought i lost my monkey abilities when i reached 14 years old. But heck no! I CAN STILL CLIMB TREES!

Oh right, i have to also give credit to Stefan and Jeet. Whom without them lending a hand shoulder, i might not have manage to reach those supercallifragilistic-ly high branches. Hahaha! Sorry lorh, if you guys had to go back home with aching shoulders. Not my fault I'm not as tall as you guys!

It all started out with me climbing this random tree near the basketball court. I did all by myself!

(my mouth is too sexy to see)

Yes, its true. I had help form the super tall sisters. Simran and Kashveen. P.s- Kashveen's only 11 years old and look how tall she is! Model much?

Anyway. It wasn't much of a struggle since the tree was so short. Hahah. Kashveen boosted me up while the others looked on curiously. Cause really, its not everyday you see this teenage girl climb a tree (the tree's probably shouting in pain) right beside a basketball court. Whoah. Weird.

No matter, I STILL DID IT!

Then, Natra decided to join in and she climbed an EVEN higher tree! o.O

Dammit. Jeet and Stef decided to join in the fun and climbed an EVEN EVEN EVEN higher tree.

Group picture =) Once again, thanks for the shoulders guys! Could never have made it on top of the tree without the boost.

Well.. after that we (minus Jeet cause he had to go tuition)  spend the whole remaining day climbing trees and trees. OH! I will never forgot one particular tree. Natra went up first, she disturbed this whole colony of ants while doing so. Did you know she also stepped on Stefan's head on the way up? Hahaha. Unfortunetly, i didn't notice that she disturbed the ant colony and i went after her. While i was on Stefan's shoulder.. THIS WHOLE ANT COLONY CRAWLED AT SUPER-SPEED ON MY ARMS!!! I was like, what the heck??? and stupidly, i let go of the branch i was holding on to.

Then, i died.

Hahah!! Just kidding. But seriously, i did let go and fell butt first on Stefan's back. Hard.

Then, he died.

HAHAH!! Kidding! My butt does not weigh a tonne okay?? Lol. And remind me stop cracking this "I died" jokes. Their lame. Hahah :P but anyway Stefan's back hurt after that.. and i felt so guilty. But at least he had the honour of having my magnificently sexaay butt onn his back, right?

After that tree, we were all more weary of the trees we climbed. Check if got ants first anot! Then, at 7 something, we all went back home. Thus, the end of such a fun day. All the way to the end. Yes, even the ants part was weirdly fun. HAHAH.

Omgee, braces tomorrow.

Goodbye 4 teeth of mine..