December 31, 2016

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As the clock ticks and itches its way closer to 12 am... 2016 will be over, just like that.

And what am I doing in this significant moment at the brink of a New Year?

Nothing, actually. Just sitting here in my bedroom feverishly trying to revise for the coming exams. (whats new, right?)

Nevertheless, despite my somewhat lackluster way of ending this year. 2016 has been nothing short of a brilliant year for me. In all honestly, I felt that this was the year I truly took chances and learn to let go of my fears, even if its just abit.

Honestly, after my high school years ended, I felt like i somehow lost that part of me that loves to be active and take initiatives to join new things. For a long time, I felt comfortable with where I was and what I was doing in life. And that, isn't necessarily a good thing.

I became complacent. Just living my life with the routines that came along with it.

Thankfully, everything changed when I entered my second year of Uni. I joined KPUM (law society), then became the lead actress of Mnight (and the hours of rehearsals that came with it), joined Student Action Homeless projects with the Uni and became a Student Ambassador for my University. All these things gave me such priceless and unique experiences that I will never forget.  Not to  mention the variety of new friends you get to meet along the way.

I'll admit, time management is so important when you're juggling alot of things at the same time. Call me weird, but i actually feel more productive when I go out and do something, Rather than sit in my room, try to study but fail miserably by going on YouTube for hours.

I'm not going to go into the specifics of what I did in each event, but truly, the 2016 was the year I learnt not to be afraid to join things. Maybe confidence may come easily for some, but to me, I've always been a little nervous and anxious when it comes to venturing into unknown projects and stuff. I've also learnt that even if you get rejected, (trust me, i've had my share of those), it doesn't mean you're any less capable. Just stand back up and try again.

Remember, it only takes one person to change your life ;


Now in a typical old-school Natasha way of ending my blog posts. I'm gonna do some throwbacks of some moments in 2016.

Mnight memories (makes reconsider life decisions) (maybe I should just be an actress instead :P)

KPUM formal dinner

Us Student Ambassadors on duty in Welcome Week

Volunteering in a Children's Home during Summer Break

I almost forgot, I also got my driving license again this summer break! and I only passed in ONE TRY with 3 classes of lesson. Guys, this is a big achievement for me ok! I KID YOU NOT, I AM A TERRIBLE DRIVER. hahaha

Well, I can hear the fireworks outside my window now. Happy New Year to anyone reading this,  I hope you had a great 2016. Alhamdulillah for such an amazing year. Now, lets look forward to a new beginning :)

GOODBYE 2016, HELLO 2017. 

January 14, 2016


"A sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past."

Now i'm not usually one to start off my blog posts (or even essays) with definitions. But somehow, that one really got to me. 

What i'm feeling today is definitely... 

Nostalgia for those blissful and carefree days of my childhood. How I used to looked forward every day to go to school to meet my friends. And then look forward to going home and going to the park in the evenings to meet my neighborhood friends. 

Those days, what mattered most was who was the fastest in playing catch.

And then I grew up.

Today I feel nostalgia for my high school days where I'd hang out with my girlfriends all day long. Oh boy, was I naughty back then. I'd skip classes by doing miscellaneous duties for teachers. I'd break all the rules about hair ethics. But yet, those days was the time of my life. Teachers still loved us, regardless. And life was just so carefree

And then I grew up.

I even feel a pang of nostalgia for my college days were my dad would drive me to Shah Alam every Monday morning and I'd stay in the hostel till Friday. Before packing up and going back home again for the weekend.

I complain so much about how homesick I was in INTEC, but I know if i could, I still wouldn't change a single bit of my college experience.

I feel nostalgia for those late-night gossip/movie/makeup sessions with my roommate. I miss roaming around Section 17 and going to our favorite food places together. I miss the freedom and adventure of it all. I even look back fondly at those hot & humid nights spent in my hostel room. (it was either open the window to cool the room and suffer the wrath of mosquitoes or close the windows and sweat the whole night through). But damn, that was part of the experience of Intec.

I feel nostalgia for all those deep heart-to-heart talks i'd share with my roommate. I still laugh when i think about the time Shah Alam had an insanely long water shortage. So one day when it started raining heavily, we literally went out with our shampoos and soap and started showering in the rain in front of our hostel block.

Friends you can really bond with don't come easily as you grow up

Today I just feel a deep sense of nostalgia reminiscing my past. No, I am not sad... I'm just nostalgic, that's all. And yes, I know what you're thinking... i'm young and I still have alot ahead of me, right? Well there's no harm in reflecting your life and everything you've been through so far. I've had friends that have gotten married, some are getting married soon and i've also experience the loss of a dear friend of mine. So many things are changing and sometimes, i feel like time is just flying by too fast as i grow up.

This year, I turn 22. And wow.... do i feel like i've grown alot (in terms of maturity but definitely not physically) these past few years. Where ever life takes me for the next few years, I look forward to it. Also God, Thank you. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful life for these past 21 years (and 5 months) of my life.

You truly are the best of all planners.