July 6, 2017

A letter to my abang

Dear bang,

Now that you and your newly wed have safely entered the plane and are on the way to enter a new phase of your lives in UK, I finally have the time to sit down and recollect my thoughts after this whirlwind of a week in Malaysia. 

3 major events in a row from the Nikah (which mama and I did "not" cry at *sniff sniff*) to the Bride's side wedding reception to the Groom's side wedding reception is no easy task.

First of all, I want to say a big big congratulations to both you and Kak Syawal. I can see how happy you both are with each other and for that, i am so grateful. I truly wish nothing but a long-lasting and blissful marriage life ahead for both of you.

I'll admit, when i first found out that you wanted to get engaged last year, I was shocked and a little sad. But hey, i think a small part of you may have already knew that didn't you? It felt like I was about to lose a big brother... and not just any brother, but my big brother. I guess every little sister has an over-possessive defense mechanism build into them. Well, whatever you could call this feeling, I just didn't feel ready to lose my big brother yet.

But in the months that followed after the engagement and the events happening in my own life (read : final year of law degree), i finally learned to let some of the reluctance go. 

Landing in Malaysia just a little over a week ago, i barely had time to get over my tiredness (what is jet lag?) days just flew by in a flurry of wedding tasks and errands. But now that everything is done and dusted, you are a married man now, Bang. 

To be honest, I still can't believe sometimes that you are now married. (well, to be fair, it's only been a few days since the wedding so i can't help thinking that hehe). Occasionally i still get sad thinking how no matter what, things can never be the same as before again. (fine i may be slightly over-dramatic right now). But it's true, you will now have responsibilities to your new family and maybe we will never have another bro-sis dinner hangout session, or perhaps not as frequently anymore. I will miss and cherish all those times our family can just hang out with you as a bachelor. huhuhu

But life goes on, and change is a part of growing up.

Kak Syawal is lovely, she really is. (and i'm not just saying this because there is a high possibility that both of you may be reading this together at the same time). I hope that she will be a positive influence in your life and push you to became a better person than you already are. Although, the days the family spent with Kak Syawal was slightly limited. I think the past 3 days spent in PD was nice and most importantly, comfortable. Kak Syawal fitted in well and I look forward to the days where she will become more and more part of the family :) Also, being your number one victim of teasing/bullying (along with Danny too), i hope you won't tease Kak Syawal too hard. Trust me, it DOES GET ANNOYING AFTER A WHILE nanti Kak Syawal marah you baru tau!

I know i don't say this much, but love you loads bang. Always remember to be a good son to mama  & papa and a good husband to Kak Syawal. (Also, i expect a long post dedicated to me on my wedding day too muahahaha)

With love,
Your beautiful & slightly emotional adik :p