November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

Are you ready to be scared? 

Cause i'm about to start my post on the 'Trick or Treat' night organized by my friends and I. Wa.. i so bangga now. Finally we earn the respect of the adults in the Puteri8 Commitee. It didn't come easy though..
We had to;
  1. Get residents of p8 to volunteer their houses for the 'Trick or Treat'
  2. Organize the After-party aka Halloween party
  3. Plan the route for the kids to take
  4. Get people to join this whole event
  5. and much much more..
All this in just THREE days!!! Pheww.. i'm so happy it was a success and i really appreciate all the effort everyone put in to make it a a hit. =) Anyways, i decided to go as the devil. Hohoh. Got my outfit all planned except my "scary devil make-up". So 30minutes before the whole event is gonna start (8pm at 8/10 park), i rush to the internet to find any scary make-up..

I found this!

Scary, no? Perfect! :)

So my mom helped me do that scary eye make-up thingy. I was rushing her the whole time cause i have to be at the park by 8pm! Ish, i know i so annoying :p

Sorry so blur, my dad the camera man! Heh.

Hello there, Mister.Pirate aka Danny.


Hahaha!! I look so pissed. You know why? I was rushing to get to the padang that time cause i was "fashionably" late. Like, it was 7 mins to 8pm already! And some more i'm one of the organizers.. it was such a panic-mode there. Suddenly, my dad say "take pic take pic!" then i was like LATER! Thus, the above picture was born.

Anyway, i rushed to Natra's house after that. She wasn't prepared yet. I totally panicked that time! People were already at the park (they look bored and mad). Zomg. Luckily, my mom went there and got the registration started. Thank you, mama! I owe you big time for helping out with that. Then, i couldn't wait for Natra anymore so i went to the park. Whoah. Real scary. Many kids were already there looking.. em... disturbing.

Timmy scares me. o.O

Notice Stef at the side there? His make up so scaryy..

Getting his registration number.

Me + Simran's sexy back.

The crowd building up and getting their registration number(s).

I have no idea why Hero's giving the "smouldering sexay look"

What is Haridas trying to be?

Aina turn up too! P/s She's Christine Daae from Phantom of the Opera.

Red arrow points to a scary person! This pic, my mom(wearing witch hat) is putting on the registration number on a blonde witch. Oh, i spot 2 bunnies in the background! Amanda and her cousin :P

A group shot. Heh, feel so famous that time cause so many cameras flashing! O.O

A clearer shot? Hahah I finally know it feels to be famous man!

I will forever remember this night..

So anyway, after all the registration is done and everyone got their respective numbers, me and Stefan got in front to organize the crowds. Since its our first time organizing something this massive that involves the whole community. We decided to put everyone in one group instead of breaking them up. (big mistake, hard to control). I go in front to lead the route and Natra help me control. Trust me people, not easy..

Getting 'em candies!! Trick or treat!

 Patience boy, patience..

At the end of the night though, no bag/plastic/pumpkin could contain the amount of candies and sweets we got. Overflow!!

When the 'rombongan trick or treat' reached my house, my brother's attempt to scare - FAILED

Oooh~ We even Trick a Treat-ed at the The Elms!!

 Kids getting their candy.

My dad camwhores with Hero. ==" While i so stress in front controlling the crowd with the others.

So anyway, the trick or treat lasted for an unbelievable 2+ hours!! I'm so gonna reduce the number of houses we trick a treat from next year! What the heck, no wonder my feet could no longer stand properly after that. Needless to say, Stefan, Natra and I were frickin' tired after handling the restless crowd. Oh, i would like to thank a few guys who went in front to help me control the crowd also :) erm.. i think it was Jia Fei and Zhen Chong. Thank you!

So kesian to the younger kids who were tired and thirsty after the long walk. Never mind, at least now you have enough sweets to last you until you get married, no? Buahahahaha. I mean seriously, i have LOADS of sweets at home now! o.O Even so, Hero took half of my sweets cause he forgot to bring his own bag. Heh.

After the Trick or Treat, the final destination was the Halloween party where food, drinks and music were provided. I swear, i have never been happier to see glorious food and water!! Oh, the relief i felt when i took off my not-so-high high heels. See? Eventhough, my heels weren't so high, i still got blisters and cramps becuase the walk was sooo long + handling the crowd.

 At the party, oh! FOOD && WATER!!

So after eating and drinking at the party, "The most scariest costume" competition started. Hosted by the parents. All the people who registered will get called according to thier number. I was number 10. Nooo!! What we had to do was stand up when our number and name was called and do an act. Anything lah. Points will be given based on the costume, act, and X-factor. My heart was pounding so fast the whole time, i didn't know what to do man! Crap, i hate spontaneous acts. Cause i suck at it.

 I was laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing. When my name got called, i stood up, did some random retardo catwalk and said "rwaarr!" at the parents/judges. Hahah lamenesss!!

When Stefan's turn.. wow. Just, wow. He went and walk and did this whole shake shake shake shake thingy like gonna explode. Looks weirdly scary.. Man, this guy is brave. Respect!

When Natra's turn, she went up and did this speech "I am a dead gypsy... something". I can't remember. Hahaha. But it was also brave. Respect! xP

 When its Ashveen's turn, she.. whoah. She actually called up Stef's dad, Uncle Samson and ask him to walk her on the catwalk path. BRAVE!! I have such brave friends.. O.o Repect!

Hero's turn, he didn't know what to do. We force him to shuffle for us. xD

Jeet's turn, he went up to the parents/judges and did this strange and weird neck thingy. He twisted and twisted his neck. It was soo funnay and weird that it was.. scary. Hahah. Brave, respect!

Aina's turn, she went up the catwalk path while catwalking. And said "I'm Christine Daae!". So cute :)

When Timmy's turn, he did this backflip. Whoah, impressive..

Okay, there were soo many contestants but we didn't get to take all their picutres. Some of the contestants ran away. Like Cher Minn, Cher Ninn and Victoria! Sneaky people.. lol! And some of them left the party already. Anyway, results!

Kids category   - Danny!
Teens category - 2nd runner up  - Jeet
                           - 1st runner up   - Timmy
                           - Champion        - Stefan

Kids category     - Blonde witch! (i dunno her name. Haha)
Teens category  - 2nd runner up   - Natasha (me!)
                            - 1st runner up   -  Natra
                            - Champion         - Ashveen 

Stefan and his prize. Congrats! P/s- why you wipe off your make up so fast, Stefan?!

Danny getting his prize of pizza. Yeah, that means i get to eat it too! Thanks lil' brother :P

Blonde witch standing up for her prize. (pizza too!)

Natra getting her prize~

Ash the champ getting her prize! :)

The audience aka the fans! Buahahahaha.

Uncle Samson announcing the success of this Halloween party. (Yay!) and why do i look so pale here?? o.O

Okayy, thats it. My eyes HURT after being on the computer so long. I'm so proud and happy with this Halloween party. We're definetly having one next year! With even better and scarier costumes. *wink


PS  - Yes, i will consider getting a chatbox since now you all cannot comment my posts :(

PPS- Pictures are all taken by my dad :P *whispers* and thats why its all so blur..


  1. Heyy!! unfair! you dapat celebrate Halloween! =P Tak ajak! look so fun summore!!
    lol congrats btw, on the success of you and your friends organizing =)

  2. your so damn cool! what are your exposures?