December 1, 2011

That one special male in my life

He comes running to me everytime  I call him. He's always there when I need someone to cuddle. I can spend hours just watching him and his beautiful eyes. I love how loyal he is, to run to me even in the rain. I love that patch of mischievous-ness that twinkles in his eyes every time I see him. There's no other like him. There's nobody that can ever be like him. And now, he's gone.

Miko, I miss you so much.

My beautiful, adorable, loving little rabbit! Why did you have to get lost, why??? WHY?! Memories of you and I keep running through my mind, eventhough its been months since you went away. I will always remember you. Always.

It was early this year when you arrived to this household. The day you arrived.. I still remember how tiny you were. So cute I wanted to pinch you till you die! (not really). It wasn't long after we bought you a little female rabbit to keep you company. I still remember how our family thought Bobby was a male and YOU were the female. (Hence, the name Bobby for the female rabbit). It was one day when we saw you mounting on Bobby and giving her a lots of "action" that we knew you were actually the male and she, the female xD

Still, the bond between you and our family grew stronger and stronger as time past. I never knew a more "manja" rabbit then you! But then again, I never knew a rabbit who had bigger testicles than you either 0.0 Maybe that's why you like mating so much.. Oh well...

good shot of those balls here B-)

The day he went missing, I would have never expected it. I usually let my rabbits run about my garden during the day and keep them back in the cage at night. So that day, as usual, we let them out. But by evening when it was time to keep them back in the cage, Miko was nowhere to be found. 

He escaped through that tiny hole at the edge of the gate. Hence, the Great Search begun. There we where, my maid, Danny and I together with our torch lights and cap (it was raining) walking around the neighbourhood shouting MIKO! MIKO! at the top of our lungs at night. It was cold and dark, but I was getting desperate. I shine the torch lights everywhere! Drains, shrubs, neighbours house, but Miko was well and truly... lost. We ended the search when it got too late.

That night itself, I went and printed those "Missing person" type of poster for Miko. Next morning, Danny and I distributed it around p8, with hopes someone will return Miko to us. Well, weeks past... and no news of Miko still. I gave up hope. Is Miko lying dead in a drain somewhere? Is he in some wild dogs stomach? Is he in some random strangers house right now? I guess I'll never know.


-to be continued-



    Like what? You saw Miko's gigantic testicles hanging on a tree? ROFLMAO!

  2. now THAT, would have been epic. xD But nooo.. something else happen, something else... *mysterious music in the background*

  3. Lim ... wat imagination hv u got in ur mind ... Man tht's painful having balls hanging on a tree !! OUCH

  4. and you would know, how? have you experienced it before xD