December 24, 2011


Meet Nerdtasha. She is in a dilemma. Exams are just around the corner, but alas, she has no revision books to use. I mean, we all know the best and ultimate way to prepare for an exam is to do some exercises, right? Well, too bad she has no more revision books left. (Being the nerd she is, she finished using all her revision books in the last exam) OMG! THIS IS A FREAKING CALAMITY!!

Well, fear not Nerdtasha! We have a solution for you! Haven't you heard? There is a BOOK SALE going on right now. Yes, a Book Sale! Not any ordinary Book Sale. This Book Sale specializes only on revision/exercise books only. Specifically, form 4 and form 5 subjects.

Nerdtasha : snort snort! are you serious???

YES! We are very serious! Not only that, here is the BEST part : All the books are selling at FREAKING CHEAP-CHEAP prices. We're talking about RM3/RM4-ish here! That's cheap! Plus, you get to choose from alot-ta subjects. This is Nerdtasha's dream come truueee~

Nerdtasha : Aww.. zhank you! zhi like this zho much!

You're welcome Nerdtasha! Its all in a days work to help out a soon-to-be SPM candidate like yourself. Now, wouldn't you readers like to be as lucky as Nerdtasha? Yes? Yes? ..............Great! Then here you go, the details about this amazing Book Sale!!


As a high school graduate, I have collected a small HUGE-ASS pile of revision/exercise books throughout the years. However, I have this habit of not actually writing my answers in the book. Instead, I look at the questions in the book and write the answers on another piece of paper. Why? so that I can reuse the book again. But now that I'm out of high school, I realized that most of my books are all very clean and untouched!! Very sayang to throw away hor? -__- So an idea came across, why now, sell them instead?! Of course, I will now sell them WAAAAAAAAAYYYY cheaper than its original price so you guys who are buying it will VERY untung man! Like up to 60% or 70% its original price! :D

Time   : 10am  -  4.30pm
Place   : My house! Just ring the bell and I'll open
Subjects : ALOT! But if you really wanna know, drop a comment below and I'll answer
Form  : Form 4 and Form 5 (but I'm also selling some PMR books)

omg seriously, this is alot of books you know

Just remind you all again, the prices are so cheap I would cry tears of joy if I were a form4/form5 student. Why go to POPULAR bookstore when I'm selling almost similar books with a lower price? xD Save money, buy here!

                          - FORM 4 SUBJECTS -              


                                                                                             - SPM MODEL PAPERS -

So yeah, please buy from this AMAZING BOOK SALE. I mean seriously, its super worth it. Berquality dan murah! Grab this opportunity and purchase as many books as you can. Cause honestly, its so hard to find revision books with cheap prices this days... Honestly. In any other bookstore, RM10 will hardly get you two books. In this booksale, RM10 can even get you three books. #serioustalk

So buy, buy, buy!!! Or die. Heheheh jk jk. But seriously, start buying! May you have great results in every exam you take! God bless you :)

Nerdtasha : I am soo happy now!

p/s any questions just drop me a comment below, and I'll answer!


  1. I'm selling mine too! But i'm not done packing everything yet :/

  2. Bloody hell !! so much books !!

  3. alyson - haha good that you're selling :) helping our little juniors out :P
    Chun yip - Hahahha I know right!! :D