June 5, 2011

Guess who's back?

                                                             MEEEEE :D

Hellow people!
and yes, I know what you're thinking. FINALLY SHE UPDATES HER BLOG. I'm sorrryyyy. Things have just been really busy this days, and I guess the blogging bug hasn't bitten me for the longest time. But the ultimate reason for my absence is cause.. well, I realized that if you stopped blogging for a long time, its really hard to get back in the swing of blogging. Like really awkward you know. So, yeah. You see, I'm typing funny!! D: BOOHOO.

Anyway, I was initially planning to blog about my trip few days back to USS (not USA, its Universal Studios Singapore xD) but I'm sure that'll take FOREVER. And I'm in no mood for a long post right now so maybe next time. Teehee! Today, I'll be blogging about.... :D :D :D errr wait- what do I wanna blog about? -___-  Right, no idea. I'll just update you people with what's going on in my life mouth :P okay? hookay? wookay?

So lately my dentist added this latest addition on my already cluttered-with-metal mouth. She added rubber. I'M SERIOUS! You know what she did?!? She placed this mini rubber band things (kinda like the type you use to tie your hair, except, smaller x10) between my braces. And now, everytime I open my mouth widely, I resemble this monster creature from cartoons. No kidding. Lemme show you a picture.

That slime around this creature's teeth resembles my rubber.. things. No kidding.

Ok fine, maybe I'm exaggerating a little alot. xD But seriously! I think my rubber elastics look like that. Hah, I bet you all expect me to upload a picture to show how my mouth looks right? NO WAY HOWZAY! Eheheh sorry I keep rhyming my phrases, its just so fun to rhyme things! *awkward silence* weird. Anyways, fine! I'm not that cruel. To satisfy your curiosity of how it looks like, check out this picture I found on google images. Its pretty much same like my mouth :B TAA-RAA!

You see? YOU SEE? Same mo?? -___-

Never mind, the fact that I'll have gorgeous teeth after braces makes me feel so much better. Oh yeah, on a more positive note,  those rubber elastics HURT! :D Why is this positive you ask? Well, it makes it slightly uncomfortable to eat. Thus, painful = less food consume = thinner me! Hah, what a nice cycle :') 

Lets see what else.. oh yeah! My mom and I are planning to sell some of our clothes. We sorta have a "I got so much clothes but nothing to wear" situation. So yeah, I'll tell you more about it in the next post. Some of the clothes are honestly brand new + never been worn before and some are second-hand but still in good condition. Can you imagine me having a garage sale right in my own garden?? That sounds so cool, no?! Hahaha okay okay, I'm off to stalk people on YouTube now. Once again, sorry for my late-ness & also this post is  pretty short. But hey, like I said before, I need to get use to blogging again. See ya later, alligator! (again with those rhyming phrase ^__^)


  1. ^^ Ngengenge

    Updated Finally..

    Are you sure it looked that bad??....
    I am pretty sure not=P


  2. Hiya !!! hmm ... u look fine !! :)

  3. danial - hahah I guess its not that bad. I'm over-reacting! xD but still, I don't like it :(

    chun yip - hahah thanks :) you wait la in school. it looks omg -__-