December 28, 2011

Wonder what happen.

So I was cleaning up my desk recently and stumbled upon a poem I made a long time ago. And what struck me about it was how... sad it sounded? Here, take a look at it.

The Girl In The Mirror

Mirror mirror, on the wall,
Who is that girl that stands so tall?
Mirror mirror, on the wall,
Who is that girl with tears that fall?

I see her smile, I see her laugh,
From afar, she seems so tough,
So together and always intact,
Doesn't her life seem so perfect?

Always surrounded by all her friends,
She's also ahead the latest trends,
Fun, Friendly and Miss Popular,
Don't you wish you could be her?

But wait- stop, and take a look..
Remember to not judge the cover of a book,
Have you not seen her tear-stained eyes?
Have you not heard her silent cries?

She hides in her room when there's people around,
So no one will hear her make a sound,
For she cries at night to let out the pain,
That causes her tears to pour like rain

Despite the size of her place,
She suffocates in that huge space,
Alone and lonely but no one knows,
The misery she feels that grows and grows..

Depressed and pressured for their hearts are like stone,
Can't they just leave her alone?
I guess they don't know how she feels,
Let her be, and maybe she'll heal

So tell me mirror on the wall,
Who is that girl with tears that fall?
I touch the reflection that I see,
And realized that girl starring back, is me...

So yeah, pretty depressing huh? I wonder what situation was I in last time to write such a miserable poem. Well, whatever it was, I'm glad that phase is over. After all, who wants to spend time being sad when you can be happy instead? :) This message implies to everyone out there. Our existence in this world is short. Treasure it, and be happy. For every second being sad, is a second wasted. 

"Happiness often comes sneaking in through a door you didn't know you left open"

p/s : on my next post, I'll FINALLY blog about the Miko story part #2. For those who didn't read the first part, click this link HERE. And I'll also give updates on my Book Sale :D till next time, xoxo--


  1. i am totally going against the big brother principle of never complimenting younger sisters...but: that's an awesome poem :O

  2. thanks bang :) and screw that principle! You should compliment me more often :P

  3. sedih man the poem..almost here.. :)