December 10, 2011



Hey look I have long hair up there!! Oh right, old photo. Anywaaaaaaayyy, today I decided to blog about THE EVENTFUL DAY (6/12/11). The day I went out for a super fun outing with my buddys (Sofea, Amelia and Dee) and the day I got Gotcha'ed my Ean. Actually, the day started pretty normal enough this outing already had problems since the night before. Everyone has transport problems and the outing almost got cancelled. Luckily, things got sorted out by the two so-called orang tengah's Sofea and I! We slept late sorting things out, but it was worth it =)

Anyway, on the morning of the outing, more problems came up! The plan was for Dee to come to my house by 9am where my dad will drive us both to Sunway Piramid. But then. JENG JENG JENG. She didn't come. As the minutes flew by, I kept looking at the watch, 10 minutes late... 20 minutes late.. I started to panic. I called Dee's phone but she didn't pick up! O M G! I called the other orang tengah Sofea and told her that Dee was not here yet. "Do you think she got..... kidnapped?" Some bad guys could have captured her along the way and do "nasty" things to her. My imagination went on over-drive mode.

Fear not! To cut the long story short, after a million calls to Dee, she finally picked up! Turns out, she was sleeping all along. Very anti-climatic, Dee xD My dad and I drove to her house and picked her up and we were off to Sunway! Once we reached there, Dee and I were earlier than Sof and Amy so we went around and did some window shopping. What to do? Didn't bring enough money to go mega shopping. Sobs.

Later on, Sof and Amy join us and we all decided to go skating!! Hahah actually it was more of me and Sof's idea.  Amy and Dee don't really like skating. TEE HEE! But this is the part I got......

 gotcha'ed! -_____- 

we were about to buy the tickets for the skating rink when suddenly... my phone started ringing. I looked at the screen. PRIVATE NUMBER? Oooh, that made me more curious so I answered. Okay, honestly I can't really described what the person on the line said, he talked waaaaayyy to fast and I couldn't hear a word he said. The reception was so bad in the skating place!

So yeah, needless to say, the beginning of our conversation consist alot of me saying huh? okaaayy? yeahh.. uh-huh.. right? That sorta thing! I must have sounded sho stupid!! But anyway, later on, I could hear certain words like dentist, braces, teeth and I could make out what message this person was trying to get through. He said I have to put on my braces again!! FOR ONE YEAR WOR. (so sad, I just took off my braces the day before this outing) But halfway through the gotcha, I SUDDENLY feel like I recognize the voice on the line. I hear it every morning xD Souds like one of 'em guys! So I said, is this a gotcha call? and the person replied 

"Young lady, this is not a gotcha call. I have no time for jokes okay. 
This is a serious matter for your own good so please be seroius"

O.O Talk about fierce! Hahaha so I said, okay.. sorry. Anyway I guess words can never really describe something in full detail. You sould hear the gotcha call for yourself! 

Click this link HERE!!! 

To my friends who had to wait for me for so long on the phone, sorry ya guys.. :) but we were all so shocked when we knew it was a gotcha call! I'M SO GONNA GET BACK AT MY DAD FOR THIS! HE BETTER WATCH OUT. YOU, PA, READING THIS, WATCH OUT.

After that, we went skating. There's this photographer guy who approached me and Amy on the rink and asked if we wanted out photos taken B-)  I know, we so cool right? LOL. We went hyper in the middle of the rink and took so many shots,  like a boss! hahar. But buying the photos took alotta money. But being the cool people we are, we bought the photos, like a boss! Ok ok, enough like-a-boss jokes -.-

P/s- I just realized something, just because our whole group consists of GIRLS. Every where we go, all the shops where the staff are guys they will always be very chatty with us. Flirty and smiley and all that sorta things xD Better service, eh? Also, they will always say "come again, okay???" when we all wanna leave. Awww, we do feel flattered xD

After skating we went watch movie, jalan-jalan at Asian Avenue (cos we're asians) found out that our beloved photo booth not there anymore. WHAT THE- whhhhhyyyyyyyyyy?! D: *cue dramatic music* anyway, we also bought a cat necklace :3 okay, that's a quick summary of what happen. To cut it short, it was a very enjoyable day! I had so much fun! Can't wait for the next outing we'll have :D January maybe? eheheh.

On that note, imma end my post now with a warning.. to my dad.. you're next.=D



    So LOL la weih. And I love what your dad did. >:)

  2. papa - you SHOULD be scared, because you're next! *evil laugh*
    michelle - hahhaha I was half shocked, since I already kinda guessed it was :P