November 17, 2009

Dooms Day

Oh.. my.. god..

I have braces on. And honestly? I don't feel pain.. at all. Just slight pressure on my teeth. But still, i feel this other horrible pain, not on my teeth but.. in my heart! :'( I look so.. EW! :'( And it feels so akward. Like i got something in my mouth.Oh wait, i DO have something in my mouth. Oh well, as the saying goes no pain no gain. Anyway, here are the moments before.. THE BRACES. Jeng jeng jeng.

I woke up (late). The first thing that crossed my mind was, braces. I quickly got dressed. My parents were already waiting. I ate toast + peanut butter. It tasted like, fear. Damn.

Moments before leaving.

One LAST bunny teeth picture before my braces.. Bye teeth.

And another teeth picture before 'em braces!

Hell itself. O.O I took this picture while buying parking ticket and some uncle laughed at me =="

Who's that weirdo in front of the clinic? Omgee! Did you know while my mom was taking this picture, the SAME uncle that laughed at me was passing and laughed at me again!! 0.0 err.. hello? Do i look that funny that day?

Okay.. at the doorstep of DOOM.

The walk of DOOM. Thats the nurse who called me..

*2 hours later*

Wookay! I'm done! And i officially have metal in my mouth. Urgh, the process was torture cause the nurse accidently spilled some numbing cold stuff on my face skin and STUNG like anything. I had to suffer like that for some time while the dentist placed the brackets on my teeth. Then, due to accesive gurggling and drinking after each teeth had been placed a bracket, i needed to pee. Badly. Dayum, trust me folks, that was like torture for me.. But at last, it is done.

I look.. errr.. funny. Dammit. Now i'll never kiss a guy. Well, at least, untill i get this frickin' metal out of my frickin'  mouth! Hohohoh.

Hey, wanna see Danny's reaction when i showed him my mouth

 Yep, nuff' said shown.

HAHAHAHAH. And now, the moment you've all been waiting for. Wanna see the picture of me + my braces???

-To Be Continued-

HAHA!! Annoying much?
stick around lah, next post i promise to show the picture =)


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  2. ahahah. funny la the guy who laughed at you. like he knew ur pre-apocalypse was coming.

    =) i'll def stick every single day till you post a pic on ur bracey teeth. well, at least you HAVE teeth. if you don't have teeth and have to chew food at the speed that makes the tortoise laugh like my granma, that's WORSE. ;D

  3. great.. suspense.. >>! haha...

  4. hahah yeah, i purposely wanna build up the suspense.. all part of the plan :P :)

    YAY! Lim, i didnt extract any teeth also. So i stil got a full set of pearly whites xP LOL and that uncle... freak me out 0.0 Hahaha tortoise laugh like ur grandma.. HAHAHAH :'DD

  5. CHEH!! =( suspense sial.. boring la ni.. issh issh.. eh eh eh.. click my ads k? haha.. XD