December 9, 2011


As my vision cleared itself from the post-waking up blurriness, I lazily reached for my phone and checked the time. Still morning. And then, OMG IT HIT ME! Today is Monday. The Monday I've been waiting for.. I can't believe 2 years have flown so fast. It was time! It was finally time to remove that metal in my mouth.  How did I feel exactly? I don't know, totally mixed up. Maybe a spoonful of happiness, a dash of excitement, a hint of nostalgia and a pinch of.. sadness? There you go, a recipe of how I felt that morning. 

I can't really explain why I felt that way, just a few nights before I was so excited that I was practically spamming Facebook with "I AM REMOVING MY BRACES" type of posts. And now that it was actually time to remove it, I suddenly feel all sentimental.

Braces and I. We've had a rough relationship. Pretty love-hate if I could say so myself. I remember the numerous times the Mr.Braces physically abused me! Its sharp metallic body causing my tender and alluring (perasan) lips to tears and bleed. Or! The time my tongue got stuck at one of its hooks, and the process of separating them was needless to say, painful! Mr.Braces also abused me emotionally. I remember numerous occasions where I felt rather insecure wearing braces. Thoughts like "Do I look ugly?" or "Dammit, I bet that stupid rice is stuck on my braces again." constantly run through my mind. Heck, I'm sure my friends suffered just as much as I did! Especially after recess sessions xD

[This is a common scenario that happens EVERY recess session]
Me : Guys, got something on my braces anot?! *huge-ass grin that shows my braces*
Friend : *check and check and answers*
Me : Thanks weih!

Thanks peeps, the ones who's always there to help me with my paranoia that some random piece of food is stuck on my braces. You know who you are guys.. =)

Then again, Mr.Braces also helped me alot in my growing up process. I feel that, I've grown up alot this past two years and I've come to understand myself, my friends and my family a whole lot more. Mr.Braces was there to witness this.. this.. this Evolution Of Natasha. He even made me more confident in myself. I used to by shy wearing braces and all, but not anymore. Hey! Even a gotcha call on recently was about my braces. Garhh! I just can't escape from Mr.Braces. So, I can't believe i'm saying this but... I'm gonna miss ya, Braces =)

The walk I encountered 2 years back. How nostalgic =(

-2 hours later-

My braces is off!! AND IT FEELS SO WEIRD. Its like, my mouth is so slippery smooth and no more obstacles on my teeth. I feel, I feel, I feel, weird! xD But the moment of truth, after the 2 hours "operation" was over, I thanked my dentist one last time, and rushed to the toilet. I looked at my reflection and I felt.... weird! Hahaha you see, I've grown so used to seeing my bracey smile this past 2 years that now when I look at my reflection, I feel like something is missing. HAHAH STRANGE HOR?

The new braces-less smile. KA-CHING!

So yeah, I'm ready to start my new life. After high school, after braces, after uniforms, after alot of things. Its a new start, and I'm planning to make it the best I can =) 

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