November 10, 2009

Laughter's the best medicine

HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! I cannot stop laughing at this!! Its hilarious :DD HAHAHAHAHAHA!!


  1. LMAO!!
    Thats so funny!!! xD XD XD YEAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
    CSI parody much!

  2. 4 teeth.. pain sial.. :S haha.. affect chewing.. that dentist really knows how to crap out a bad joke.. braces is just to make your teeth neater.. since when it helps in chewing stuff??

    and omg.. CSI.. swt... @@!

  3. Hahah exactly! tipu sial :p they say when its straighter then its easier to chew. I find it weird thought.. o.O LOL four teeth!! I damn scared now. Ughh.

    Alexis - Yeah, csi is so funnay :p

  4. he is a joker.. tell him this.. 4 teeth lesser = worst chewing capability.. since when the lesser teeth we have.. the better the chew power may get.. if it is so.. then.. we dun have to input a fake teeth after we are done with it.. haha..

    anyways.. good luck with the pain.. HAHA!! it will be fun blogging about it.. xD i heard they dun pluck it out one shot.. so.. which also means.. you have to suffer more than once.. xD haha!!

  5. Dammit, you're right! o.O
    Oh well, the benefit is my readers will get to read it.. o.O

    OMG, its tomorrow. I'm so scared!!

  6. Pray to the fairy god mother.. maybe she might help.. HAHA!

  7. I updated my blog!!

    hehe.. be kind to click the ads! i need money!! same to those who read this! Be a kind hearted soul! Help me out!! huhu~

  8. That. Is. So. Horatio.

    As you know, I'm a big fan of CSI series, Miami being my all-time favourite. Horatio glasses have been a running gag since season one!

    -Useless Trivia-
    David Caruso (who plays Horatio) suggested the idea that Horatio should have dark glasses.

  9. WOW, thanks for the random fact Cheryl! :P
    Ps- i found more of those type of comics, will post it in my next next post. Read it! :)