November 8, 2009

A Day Out

Friday : I wanted so badly to ditch school.

But i didn't. Cause i also wanted to get the school magazine. But what the heck, in the end i still didn't get it cause of some money issues. So the drama. Oh well, the fun began AFTER school. My parents decided to spend the Jusco vouchers we have lying around the house on.. ME! Well duh, it must have been cause of my irresistable charm and looks right? :)

Anyway, destination : IOI Mall. Weirdly, my brother and his classmates were also at IOI that day for some class party. Can see them all camwhoring at Wendy's when passing the new wing in IOI. Dammit! I should have stopped by and embarass my brother =P But no, i'm too nice as a sister and left him and his buddies alone.. My parents and Danny and I went straight to Jusco.

A dummy/mannnequin was wearing this outfit. My mom LOVED the Hawaain looking style so she bought it. I just went along for the ride. Heheh.

Btw, i just bought the pants for home wear. Sorry folks, i didn't really take much pictures of the nice/ party clothes i bought. But i can assure you, its frickin' awesome! Oh right, it also made me officially broke for this month. Thanks alot new arrivals. Thanks alot non-discount but oh-so-gorgeous clothes. Thanks alotta. In case you didn't know, i'm being sacarastic.=="

Well anyway, after shopping & shopping. We passed the arcade and guess who we saw there?
My brother + Roshen + Jeet + Stefan + Ryan. But wait- how come i'm not shocked? This people ahh.. always everywhere one! 0.0 Needless to say, i bought some tokens with dad's money and played racing with them. OH! OH! Guess who won??? Ryan. :( Guys are always better in games. Why?!

Then, my family wanted to go home already, Roshen followed for a lift. Stefan, Ryan and Jeet stayed back for some guitar shopping thingy. But before going back home, nobody could resist the temptation to pig out on some glorious food. So we dropped by Pantai Remis which reminds me of a Kopitiam-ish place..

Ish, after eating also still wanna take picture. Hahah.

At long last, we finally wanted to go home. But on the way out, look what I found!
Behold- Proof Malaysians like to vandalise.

Who will be Miss tourism International 2008? Folks, do not be fooled my this pretty poster. Lets take a look closer shall we.. Muahahah.

Hahah i forgot what country she represents but look at what people wrote on top! So bad right? eventhough i kinda agree..

Poor Miss Morocco.

I have no idea what country she is.. but she's one of the many victims of vandalisme.

So sad! Even Malaysia was not spared in this mass vandalisme. They gave her a missing front tooth.

OK, there's actually alot more but if i took picture of ALL of them. Then, my camera would be full memory. So yeah.. P/s Roshen says he wishes he's stuck in a room with all the contestants! Tsk, dirty fello =P

OK, i wanna wanna wanna sleep now since its raining. So BYE! ;)


  1. wao.. they are even prettier with those artificial make ups.. :)

    now it is proven.. most people in Malaysia dun have money to get papers.. that's why they have to draw on the wall.. yeaaa!! MALAYSIA BOLEH!!

  2. Hahahah! so true, dude xP Artificial make up rocks!

    Lol Malaysia Boleh! Does this mean you miss Malaysia? Especially the vandalisme =P btw, thanks for reading my blog yeah.. i linked your blog :) :D

  3. HHAHAHAAH! Poor contestants xD But like hey, we Malaysian's are just too creative to keep our ideas on pen and paper. Posters have to be drawn on too. xD