November 25, 2009

Of Dangerous Obsessions.

2.05 a.m... 3.00 a.m... 4.30 a.m...

What is this random numbers you ask? ahahahahaha Ahahahahaha AHAHAHAHHA!! Er, that was me attempting to do the evil laugh. I don't think it worked. Hahah. Well yeah, back to the numbers. It is not actually numbers but its actually the time i slept watching Boys Over Flowers! I know! Looks crazy right? I had black eye bags for days after that! But trust me, when you're hooked on any drama. It doesn't matter how you look like anymore. All that matters is what happens next in the show. So yes, i have to warn you, NEVER EVER get addicted, obsessed or hooked on dramas, they literally take over your life! In fact, i am still recovering (not so successfully) from Boys Over Flowers.



Yes, Boys Over Flowers. Arggghhh!!! Get outta my head!!! Leave me alone you evil brain-take-over-images of F4!! LEAVE ME ALONE! Sighs. Didn't work. I still can't and won't stop thinking of Gu Jun-Pyo and Ji-Hoo. They won't leave my brain.

And you know what? I actually finished a whole tissue box with my mom crying over that show! Like, whatta heck?? LOL! :)

This is one of the days where my rubbish bin is actually filled halfway with tears + mucus dreanched tissues. Oh, the horror! xP

The secong tissue box in 1 day. Zomg, pity my tear glands.. producing so much tears in matter of seconds.

Ish! Even as i type this i feel so unsatisfied with the ending :

SPOILER! SPOILER! SPOILER! (for those BOF watchers who haven't got to the last episode yet)

I can believe, Ji-Hoo got such a sad ending! :'( He still loves Jandi to the very end. But oh well, i guess Jun Pyo got the best ending. I mean, he actually proposed to her at the beach! How more romantic can you get? Awww.. and i love it that at the end ALL the f4 boys and Jandi watched the sunset. Its like.. so.. NICE. Except for the fact Jandi is maybe/gonna marry Jun Pyo. POOR JI-HOO!! Sighs, if only Ji-Hoo really exists. I'd take him any day.. ;)


Ji Hoo. Aww.. he really love her.. till the end :(

In love yet? Because i am..

[Gu Jun-Pyo]
Aww.. sweet much? Jun-Pyo and Jandi is also a sweet couple! <3



I am in love. Deeply Madly Truly in love with both of them.

Jandi is such a lucky girl! She gets the love of TWO of the hottest guys in f4, Jun-Pyo and Ji-Hoo. Its so unfair! I wanna hate her, but she's impossible to hate. Too nice T.T

Jandi and Ji-Hoo



and now, Jandi and Jun-Pyo


Ok ok ok-
I need to stop now. Really, i'm so obsessed with Boys Over Flowers i just posted this whole post about it! Dayyum, talk about dangerous obsessions..

Its late now, and i have to go. So yeah, now you know, Natasha has lost it.


  1. Hahaah and there goes another victim.. =) i know what you mean natasha! I was so obsessed with this show too!! =D

    they are all so CUTE HOT SEXY

    [BoysOverFlowers FOR LIFE]

  2. LOL! I watched the Taiwanese version ages ago, and i agree it's an awesome drama. :) Pretty korean boys? HAHAH! xD

  3. What?? serious Lim?? :) so many versions! Sofea said theres even a japanese version! Lol.

    HAHAH! I used to think they all look kinda pretty too.. but after watching BOF, my whole mindset changed.. :) now, they're plain hot!

    LOL! Alexis great minds think alike. :)

  4. yup! there is a japanese version - original. and i watched that on TV when i was 10 or 11 and read the manga too. :D but the taiwanese actor who played jun pyo is NOT CUTE AT ALL T_T. sebaliknya, the one who acted as ji hoo is the cutest! XD luckily they're both cute in the korean version.