November 10, 2009

The B Word

Ah yes, that familiar 6 lettered word the never fails to send tingles down my spine. Why, you ask? Because I am very much in need of it. I need it so much but at the same time, i fear it. This is because :
  1. First and foremost, i fear the pain.
  2. Then, i fear how i'll look like wearing it.
  3. Thirdly, hmm.. i got nothing O.o
Well anyway, by now i'm pretty sure you've all guessed what I'm talkin about.. I'm.. er..

i am getting BRACES!!


Yes, The Braces.

Surprise? Shocked? No? Yeah, i'm not so surprised too. I mean, HELLO?!  Its not like i'm blind. I have notice my two front tooth that so unattractively juts out from my mouth. But its strange, my lower half of the mouth is straight and normal. My upper part of the mouth is straight until suddenly the two front teeth stands out. Like, BAM! (Boo-hoo) Oh well, nobody ever siad beauty comes for free. (except for some of those freakishly gorgeous models who are born beautiful, i hate them xP) 

Well lately, i have been going to various dentist(s), i've gotten my X-ray done just now.. and yeah.. its finally setting in, i. am. getting. FRICKING. BRACES! Omg omg omg omg.

Yes, braces. Me wearing braces.

Heheheh. dentist said i might have to pull out FOUR teeth. What the heck, four?? 2 up and 2 down. (AAAHH!!) Heheheh their joking right? I mean, seriously, FOUR? Hahahahah!!! their joking? RIGHT?! Thats it, i'm going insane. I bet their just kidding me. I mean, yeah.. I bet their sitting down in their offices now laughing and lauging and laughing at me as i slowly and painfully lose my mind. Yes, that is! Their just kidding. I'll let myself believe that.. hahahahahaha... silly dentist! hAHAHAH play jokes on me..!! HAHAAHH ahahah ha..ha..ha..


somebody, help me.


  1. thanks for the linking? haha.. xD i will link yours later on.. :) hmmm.. braces.. well.. it is a good way to divert your thoughts on the 4 tooth plucking issue.. hope it works.. HAHA!! btw.. why are you having your braces.. natural is the best beauty.. haha.. XD

  2. Hahahah :) to tell the truth.. i'm not sure why i want braces too. Probably to improve my chewing? xD lol! cause when your teeth is half crooked, it also effects your chewing. Thats what the dentist say. Hah, not sure if i believe them though :P anyway, thanks! I'll try not to think of the tooth plucking session =="

  3. holy. PLUCK FOUR FRIGGING TEETH?!?! niways, if you get your braces done before we watch new moon, flash them RIGHT infront of my face.


  4. Lol.. I'm getting braces too,this year-end. And four of my teeth will be pulled out as well. I wonder how we'll look with braces..haha

  5. Michelle - Yes, four teeth!! :'( i feel like crying man!! i thought my teeth weren't that serious also.. :( yeah, when i get the brace i'll meake sure i blind you! :p

    Jasmine - you are?? YEAH! now i got teman! :) first thing we do when get the braces is to camwhore xD

  6. ahahahahahahahaha! its yoyr turn! muahahahaha oh gosh~ you'll look just like me =)

  7. hah! i pulled out 4 when i needed to do my braces... xd

  8. o, u gonna have braces?!? woohoo...rmb to show us hw u look...u r going to look like me...^^