December 7, 2009

Football frenzzzyyyy

Damn, where did my bottle of "blog juice" go to?

I mean, seriously! I don't seem to have any idea what to blog about lately. Sighs. I can't seem to pull out anything to blog about. Ideas used to come so easily, like falling from the sky. But now... sheesh. Boys Over Flowers must have took a large ammount of space from my head. Yeah, maybe thats why i got no space to think of anything else! Curse you, korean dramas! (speaking of which, i have moved on to Winter Sonata now)

*sighs* all i feel like rambling about is Korean dramas. But if i do, i'll get boring. =.=" So yeah, what shall i blog about this time?.......AHA! 2009 Football League recently started. Fortunetly, my dad and brother ended up in the same team! Hmmm.. what are the odds of that? *ahem ahem* their team name is WHITE CEKAP. I know! weird right? But i like it :p Being the good daughter/sister i am.. i became a team WHITE CEKAP supporter!

The perks?

I get my own jersey.. with my name in it! Boo-yeah! :)

Not only that, i also became the official camera-woman for their match against BLACK HAWKS. ( i know.. whats up with the weird team names? O.o) You know, after looking back at the shots i took, i'm considering photography as my career in life. Hahah! i mean, seriously, my shots are good. Ish bangga bangga x)

Behold- shots by yours truly.

White cekap vs. Black Hawks.

This picture.. whoah. Now don't deny it. I know you know that i know you like it.

HAHAHA! This shot is so funny, i took it right after he gave kicked the ball. Thus, explains the upside-down-L shape he is making. x)

Holy.. look at the speed and length of Jeet's legs! The dude in black looks like he's shocked by the speed or something. Buahahahah.

DAYUM! Now this, is a good shot. Look at it. Rwwwaaar fierce! Hahaha too bad its Big guy versus. err.. tiny kid. xP

Right.. this shot. John asked me to take it. Its not like i wanted to take this shot okay??

Yes yes, now tell me you love my shots :)

Next time i become a camere-woman, remind me to ask for payment. Hahahah i'm just kidding. But really, this job is not all la-dee-da as it seems. It invloves risk! Mainly, when i try to get the perfect shot of the ball, i go near it, and thus, the risk of getting the ball kicked to my head in high speed + force. Ouch.

I am no stranger to getting hit by footballs, turst me. Living in a sports-obsessed place like mine, you would be weird to not get hit my a ball before! I got hit in a head once by Johnathan, and dammit that hurt. =="

But oh well, its all in the name of fun. And i really had fun taking picturres of the match. =) really.
Okay, till next time!



  1. ahaha. get straight As' in pmr and ask ur dad to buy you a DSLR. =) speaking of d results, it'll be out on the 27th of dec (according to ivan's mum) so O_O brace yourself babe.

    and and and i've got rumours abt the A-grading for pmr:

    BM - 70 n above A already
    BI - 75
    MT - 85 T___T

    SC - 70
    Geo - 80
    Sej - 70
    KH - 80.

    I dunno abt agama though. Heh.

  2. wao.. someone just sweep the dust of the blog.. :) update la often.. issh issh.. nice shots btw.. if only i was there.. i bet the picture will worth more than the current price tag it is holding.. :)

  3. Lim, wow.. why math so high one only get A? Scaryyy ==" hahahha but i can assure you, you're getting all A's la! :P

    Bay, yeah.. i'll try to update more often x) but if no ideas then how? Hehehh! and thanks! I had to go tru pains for those shots :P

  4. yeah lah, so scary rite? =( meheheh, not only me la. i got a feeling tht all of us can dpt straight As'. just a feeling. =)

  5. oo.. pain? haha.. you'll be rich by doing so.. :D worth every bits right.. wahaha.. xD