April 22, 2012

Life after SPM




....finally -.-

Hello my loyal adorable gorgeous and fantastic readers (bodek sikit since I disappeared for so long). As you can see, I'm back! And that (referring to the 'knock knock' joke above... is my great comeback line xD I know, lame kan? But what to do.. I haven't blogged for ages. It feels pretty awkward now. Kinda like how I felt when I first started blogging. Clueless and nothing much to say :/

......but anyway! I decided to blog again since people have started reminding me to do so. Plus, I finally have a topic to blog about :3 LIFE AFTER SCHOOL. One of the main things I realized once school is over, is how boring life is without it. I'm not even kidding. School kids reading my blog, here's a piece of advice for you ; cherish school while you can... Once its over, there's no turning back and you will realize how fun it actually was. Oh, and also go do your homework :P

On the other hand, I do have much more freedom now. And by that, I mean my parents are much more lienient to my outings now. Thank you mama papa! So today, imma upload the piczas and summarize a little on what happened on my outings. Wait- did I just say summarize? -____- told you my blogging style is a little off right now. Don't mind me ;)


Natasha Amelia Sofea

I forgot what day this outing was already.. but lets just called it Funday! :D We went and watched Mirror Mirror. It was pretty nice, but all we did was talked about how thick Snow White's eyebrows was throughout the show. Heheheh! To be honest though, I was secretly very jelly over Snow White's eyebrows. Mine is so freaking thin it hardly comes out in photos. -____- 

Oh! But there was one MAJORLY weird incident that happen in the cinema. While we were watching the movie, the cinema suddenly started beeping. Well, not exactly beeping, I don't know how to describe the sound. Kinda like something you would hear in a fire alarm. It was pretty scary actually O.O I don't know if we had to evacuate the cinema or not.. can't even watch the show in peace cause of the sound and the flickering lights. The sound finally ended few minutes later... mysteriously... as mysterious as it started.... *jeng jeng jeng*

This is in the toilet later, where everybody goes after a movie.

Well you know us girls, we just can't bear to leave the toilet without at least having one toilet camwhore photo :P Its compulsory I tell you! So after the movie we decided to eat, definitely not MacDonalds since we're all so sick of it. So guess where? My family's favourite eat-out spot ; Penang Asam House (IOI old wing). Throughout lunch I also took a bunch of photos. Just so you know, I bought a new camera recently (present for my good SPM results ^^) and this camera has a bunch of crazy functions! Fish eye, reflection, beauty mode etc etc. See for yourself! :D

Oh foine! The only camera function I used during lunch was the reflection one ><

I forgot to mention! Earlier before the movie, we went to Guardian and Sasa and tried on the make up stuff there (actually only Sof and I, Ame just give 'advice' haha). Sofea went and bought lots of eye make up. That girl has finally discovered the wonders of make up! I didn't buy anything... lack of funds $__$

Now, the moment you've all been waiting for... *drum roll* Lets take a look at the 'beauty mode' photos!! The Before and The After >:D buahahahahaha.

                    THE BEFORE SHOT




Hehehe and that's it so far. Not bad right that camera function? The beauty mode automatically erases all your pimples and makes your face fairer. A girl's dream come true! Later on, we also did some random shopping here and there but didn't actually buy anything x) Then it was time to go home! Amelia was our driver for the day, so imagine her fear when we went outside and it was raining super heavily!! Hello, new drivers on the road here xD

Driving in the pouring rain.....

But can still smile! :DD

And what are Amelia's awesome and helpful friends doing while she drives in the pouring rain?? Helping her? Looking out for her?? 

Taking pictures of course!! TEEHEE XD

Well, we did that for awhile. But after that, we helped Ame drive in the rain by looking out for her. You can never fool around too much in the car. Road accidents can happen anytime, so always be careful. Team Safety! Hahaha. Well, I wanted to blog about my 2nd Outing in this post, but its getting too long :( So yeah, save that for the next post. Bye guys! Keep reading this blog cause I'll definitely update more often now :D

till next time! <3


  1. My face look freaking round in the second pic omg. wth. :O lol

  2. why you always talk about your face shape one? xD It looks normal la! Hahahaha