February 18, 2017


As swift as sand, passing through my fingers
Is time that runs, it does not linger

As people grow and join the race
I’m still learning to find my own place

I see their passion in what they do
But for me, that simply isn’t true

And perhaps that is what, I fear the most
The future that’s coming all too close

I have so many wishes, hopes and dreams
But in nowhere it fits, or so it seems

Sometimes I question, is this how growing up is?
To do what you must, and not what you love

But then, I stop and reflect on my thoughts
Life has a way of connecting the dots

Although I am stuck in a crossroad
I know this phase is just an episode

Although I am filled with doubt and pain
They always say rainbows come after the rain

Having faith in His plans is the key
At this moment in time,

I am exactly where I am meant to be.

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