November 30, 2010

25 Random Things About Me

A billion years ago I got tagged on Facebook to do this note called '25 things'. Instead of doing it in Facebook, I'm just gonna do it here. So yeah, read on! :)

Everytime I go to a mamak stall or restaurant whatsoever, I always without doubt, will order Milo Ice. Its become kinda a habit I guess. Besides, who doesn't love milo ice? Its the best most delish drink ever invented! Period!

I get leg cramps very easily. In other words, pins and needles. I seriously don't know why. It happens everytime I sit crossed-legged. I know this is bound to happen if I sit too long cause the blood cannot run smoothly and stuff.. but the thing is, even if I sit for like a FEW minutes, I already get em' cramps. Is this normal? D:

Ever since I stared watching this Korean drama called 'Boys Over Flowers' last year. I got hooked on K-dramas and songs. In order words, yes, you can call me a Korean addict :D and I'm proud of it too. For all you anti-koreans, spare me your dirty looks. I used to be just like you okay?  I used to think the guys there were so girl-ish and too feminine, but now.. they look nothing but hot in my eyes. *dreamy zombie voice* come... come and join the Korean craze before its too late... OoOOohh....

This year, I stole took a teachers pass, and never gave it back. I'M SORRY OKAY D: it was an accident! It was a few more minutes before school ended and I seriously could not hold back anymore. In other words, bladder was in critical condition! So I took teachers pass and went to the toilet. When I finished my *ahem* buisness, school bell rang. Despite my frantic search for teacher, I still couldn't find her...

I'm sorry, let me keep this as souvenier of this school?

Okay, a few of you may know this about me already but for those who don't... You know most people eat their roti canai/ roti telur with dal or curry, right? Well, not me! ^______^ I eat mine with sugar. Trust me, it taste way nicer. The reason I started in the first place was cause when I was younger (like, age 6) my parents gave me sugar instead of dal cause they were afraid I couldn't stand the spicy-ness. Tens years later, and whadya know? I'm still hooked on eating roti canai + sugar.

I. am. obsessed. with. my. hair. This is a fact I'm sure most of my friends already know. Early this year my obsession got so bad that I couldn't walk past one car without looking at the glass reflection to check/puff my hair. However! Its safe to say my obsession kinda died down a little after one particular incident -.- its embarassing.. should I tell you? Hmmm.... ahh, what the hell! Here's what happen :

I was walking past a car. Then, it couldn't help it. The glass reflection was calling out to me!! I could hear it, it was saying 'check your hair.. check your hair'. That was it. I went to the mirror and happily puff puff puffity puff my hair :) aaahh, satisfied. And that was when I saw.. him. Starring back at me. From the other side of the car window!! D: His facial expression was an exact replica of mine. We both had this omg-who-the-hell-are-you look on our face. Turns out, in my concentration on checking my hair, I completely did not notice that the car had a person inside it watching me check my hair the whole time. I swear, I got no face at that moment x_X  I quickly mumbled an apology and RAN away. Literally.

You know those lil' photobooths in Sunway Pyramid or anywhere else? I absolutely LOVE taking pictures in booths. I love those moments when you and your buddies go scrambling into another pose as the timer ticks in front, I love see-ing how gorgeous our face turns out (due to the good lighting) or it could be vice versa, how hilarious some of the facial expression will turn out x), I love edditting the pictures later on and adding those funny stickers and words, in short I love everything about those photobooths!

Oh there's more, trust me. I just malas wanna show all :P

I have a tendency to read back what I wrote very often when I'm writing something. Like, for example, at this moment itself, I'm gonna read back what I wrote from the beginning of the post..................Ok, I'm done. You see? This is so annoying but I can't help it. I will always have this urge to read back what I wrote every few minutes. =S

Once, I ate half an insect body when I was happily munching on choclates. Bleeeehhhhh. It tasted like.. shit! Not that I would know how shit taste, cause I never ate shit before.. but ahh, screw it you get what I mean. It tasted horrid! Who knew insects had such a metal-ish bitter taste about them?

Also, I once stepped on a...omigod.. COCKROACH! And I was barefoot D: Now that was honestly the most disgusting feeling ever. I have goosebumps even as I type this out. You see, I've always had this phobia for cockroaces. Ask any of my friends, I'm sure they know my fear for cocroaches, right Lim? Hahahah. Needless to say, that accident made me even more terrified with cockroaces then I already am.

The truth is, I stalk random people whom I find interesting on Facebook. I can spend like, hours going trough their photos and stuff. The saddest part is, I don't even know this people and they probably don't even know I exist either! D: But as long as they're interesting, then I enjoy browsing trough their stuff. Hey, you there. Yes, you reading this right now. Be careful, I might just be stalking.. you.

Be careful folks...

Stalker on the loose!!

I just finished re-reading my post from the top. (again -.-)

I recently developed a fear towards my own hand phone. Well technically, more like my... number? I should explain. Recently, my OWN number has been calling me at night. The first time it happened I was shocked o__O Like, I didn't know if I should even pick it up or not. In the end I didn't. (cause I'm chicken :P) It was so scary when  it kept ringing.. and ringing.. and ringing.. and ringing... then it stopped. 

Omg pheww. I was puzzled but thankful it finally stopped ringing. Then, I got a message stating this : You have received a voicemail from 012-*******. MY OWN NUMBER. What the heck?! So I dailed 1313 and listed to the voicemail. Man, I'm brave. Well anyway, the voicemail was.... weird. I could hear shuffling, as if the person or thing that called me was doing something. And breathing sounds. Scary. Then, the voicemail ended. 

The following night, I got a call from my number again. I didn't pick up again. Why is my phone doing this to me?! I'm seriously jumping into conclusions. Is my phone possibly.... haunted?! *dramatic music*

When I was younger, I had this stuff toy rabbit that I love so very much. However, I've been neglecting her since I've grown older and stuff.. Anyhow, her name is Abbit! Don't ask me why that's her name, cause I can't remember either. My theory is, she is a rabbit. Take away the letter 'R' and what do you get? ABBIT! Haha, I was a kid okay? Probably my creative juices weren't fully developed yet :S

Told you Abbit was old :P

This rabbit name Abbit has been everywhere with me when I was young. I even took her to Korea and other holiday destinations.. sighs, I miss her, but we'll probably never be as close as we used to be. I've grown up now. :(

I care way too much about what other people think of me and their impressions about me. I wish I don't, but I do. I always try my hardest to please everybody and I hate offending people. Its so annoying cause I end up hurting myself in the end. Thankfully, over the years I have toughen up a little and I don't try to please everyone that much anymore. I still do, but not so much :) Push me to my limits, and I will snap back at 'cha.

If there's one thing I can sum up about what I learn in life, its : 
You can't please everybody so stop trying too hard , and just treasure the ones that are worth it.

I realized my mom told me many tales (that I actually believed) when I was a kid, in order to make me do something. Now that I'm older, I realize their all white lies and seriously illogic. Here are some stories I can still remember her telling me :

One time, she told me if you don't blow your really hot soup/water, steam will come out from your ears. I was like "weaaallly mama?" and she said yes, cause she saw steam coming out from my brother's ears once when he ate something hot.
REAL REASON : She didn't want me to burn my tongue when I drink hot soup/ water.

Another time, when we were eating rambutans/durians, she told me if I swallow the fruit's seed, the seed will grow and a plant will sprout from my head.
REAL REASON : She didn't want me to swallow the seed and choke.

Anyway, as years passed. I learn science and stuff in school and I realized the stories were all just plain.. weird. But I know, the real reason she told me the stories were cause she was just looking out for me. Who knows? Maybe in the future I'll be telling my kids stories too :)

It is a known fact that I truly enjoy shopping. Give me extra money, and I'll go out and get a new shirt or something. But don't get me wrong, I can control my urges. So take note i'm not a shopaholic, okay? However, I must confess that I was a shopaholic when I was in primary school. There was this teeny weeny bookshop that sells pretty things. As a girl, I use to go GAGA over the things they sell there. Eventhough now, I'd cringe thinking of how silly I was last time. 

I have impulse buys there quite a number of times. But probably the most huge and silly impulse buy I ever purchased there was this HUGE stack of 'calling cards' I bought! I mean, seriously? I still have them you know D: What to do with it anyway? Why I buy it in the first place horr?

Looks pretty, doesn't it?

Does it still look pretty to you?! Not to me. There's so many D:

What was I thinking when I bought this?

I hate cooking. (repeat that statement 100 times) Its more like, I fear cooking. I'm scared on the hot oil that jumps and pops. What if it hits my hand?! D: OUCH. Dammit, I'll never be good wife material now.

When I was younger, I used to take ballet and piano classes. One time, I even performed at IOI mall with my fellow ballerina friends. Aaaah, those were the days when I was flexible. Now I can't even do the split! I stopped when I was about to take my UPSR cause time was an issue, but I never regret taking ballet classes. It was a huge part of my childhood, really :)

As for piano classes, man, those practical exams really scare me. Waiting for your turn to come before you enter the room. Just the examiner and you.  In one room. I can feel my heart beating so hard it feels like its about to fly out of my chest. But the relief you feel when its all over is awesome. As for theory, its not so scary as practical. I can still recall my mom forcing me to memorize piano term like allegro, crescendo and more. P/S - I got distinction for my last theory test! :D Unlike ballet, I still continue playing the piano up till now. Its a great stress reliever :)

Initially I was suppose to make 25 facts about me but imma stop at 20. This post is getting way too long and besides, I'm not gonna reveal all my facts in one post, you've just gotta find out the rest yourself >:) Bahahaha. Anyway, here's one last fact for you : I hate chocolates that has nuts inside it. It totally spoils the taste don'cha think? I love chocolates that has jelly fruits in it d: DELISH!

I hope you've enjoyed discovering the side of Natasha you never knew. Finally I'm done with this post, took me ages to finish it cause I kept doing it halfway and saving it under drafts :p Till next time, BYE.



  1. baha. BAHA. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! you used to collect calling cards? ME TOO! :D I collect like so banyak for no reason also, basically because it's so pretty and colourful. heheh.

    btw, that fact number 13 is seriously freaky. imagine it's the natasha version of one missed call? :O FREAKAYYY.

  2. I am waiting for 5 more facts! or maybeee more x) Nice post (Y), I don't know how you people can write facts about yourself, and and elaborate them! O.o?

  3. michelle - HAHAHAH you too?! Thank gawd I'm not alone on this one xD AND YEAH! scary right?? Seriously have trouble sleeping with my phone beside me now D:

    pam - Yes, I will reveal them to you slowly trough me other post(s) :D Haahah and this call 'skillz' xD why don't you do it??? I wanna read too :D

  4. and someone noticed! :D good eye~!