September 1, 2014

Thank you, mama.

"Tasha.... this is the ubat you take in case you get headaches there."

"And here's the ubat for sakit perut since you always have sakit perut one..."

"This one, you take before you get flu, so you can prevent it."

I watched, as my mom tirelessly took out medicine after medicine from the plastic bag she was holding. A part of me felt slightly irritated as to why she spent so much money on medicine for me. I hate it when she spends unnecessary money on me (well, unless it involves clothes shopping of course :p). Yet, as I watched her take out the seemingly infinite amount of medicine from the plastic... I felt... like I missed her. This may seem odd, since my mom was standing right in front of me. Yet, I felt like I miss her already.

She was and always is looking out for the family. Forever running around and taking care of everyone's needs and current demands. New mechanical pencil for Danny? She'll get it. Someone is craving their favourite food? She'll be there to cook it. Baby Chu has a sore throat? She'll buy the medicine before you know it. Mama's always running around like an energizer bunny, taking care of the family. Sometimes to my annoyance, without taking care of her own health. When I voice out this opinion, she'll say "How can I relax? I have to take care of everyone in this house!" *read that with a really loud angry voice*

But ma.... I want you to know, that everyone in this house loves you so much. I am sure you know that already. I know sometimes you feel you don't get enough help around the house, but please, tell us and we'll try our best to help.

Whoops, i'm slightly straying off topic. What I mean to say is.. thank you. Thank you from the very bottom of my heart. Thank you for always being there for me. Thank you for your constant advice and encouragement to me, thank you for being my listening ear for all this years, but most of all, just, thank you so much for being my mother. You are truly the best mother one could ever ask for. And I hope you know that.

The other night, you watched me pack my bag. You folded all my clothes neatly as I threw more and more clothes towards the floor singing "I'm bringing this! I'm bringing this!". *sigh* I am really going to miss having your presence around me...  I also worry so much that you will become more stress when I am away. I know how naughty Danny and Baby Chu can be together. Their constant bickering can drive anyone nuts! I am worried that I won't be there to help out with Danny and Baby Chu's studies anymore and your workload might increase.

Please take care of yourself. I know that you will do your best in taking care of everyone else. (yes, never stop nagging papa to stop drinking cold sweet drinks okay!). I'm sure nothing will change between me and the family eventhough we are miles and miles apart. In fact, i'm pretty sure you'll be getting bored of me constantly pestering you and papa for a skype session. Hahaha.

I love you always mama.

And I just want to say, I miss you already.

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